My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 384

"All said, I decided to participate from the beginning, why should I go back?"

The old sister’s question made me a little confused. I even thought about whether I had any reservations and arrangements around Christmas.

The answer is naturally denied.

"Then, Xiaohe, you have to promise me that even if there is an accident next, you can't go back. This is a Christmas event organized by all of us. No one else can do it!" However, the sister still Seriously and tirelessly confirming with me, she even stretched out her finger to make an appointment with me.

"Okay, okay, I know!" I stretched out my finger inexplicably, and pulled with Yui sister.

Seeing the expression of the old sister withdrawing her hand contentedly, I even had an illusion that I really seemed to overlook some important things.

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Chapter 22: Doomed to give up

Sometimes, not knowing what you have missed, and thus missing the things you cherish in the unknown truth, is not necessarily a kind of happiness, because knowing the truth early but being powerless will make people more hurt.

The day after Yui sister's meaningful words, I understood why she said so.

I am probably a very bad ally in Touma and Sa’s sternness, because every time I communicate with her, I resolve the problem on my own, and will not report to her whether the problem is solved or not. This makes Haruki Kitahara Although the person sitting next to her has always been able to grasp Beiyuan's movements, she still appears passive in a certain relationship-although I think her own awkwardness and inactivity are the more important reasons.

Of course, I admit that I am not a reliable ally. This does not prevent me from being the only partner of this withdrawn school sister. This also makes her ask me questions when she encounters problems-although her attitude is certain It's not good enough.

"I promised to help in front of me, but I didn't do anything-I won't talk about it, but at least you should explain to me what trouble you have caused?"

Dongma and Sa are not a girl who likes to talk nonsense, and being able to make her complain so long is enough to show how bad her mood is.

"Although I admit that it was my fault, do you really think it is a good thing for me to complain to you about my broken love experience in front of you?"

"I also told you about me." Dongma and Sa gritted their teeth and said dissatisfiedly.

"But you haven't lost love after all. I don't know how many times I have said it. Your problem is much simpler than mine. Tomorrow, in class, I will walk to Haruhi Kitahara and tell him: Kitahara, I like you. The problem will be solved. ."

"Can you do the same thing in front of Xiao Muzhen?"

"I did-and I was rejected." I replied blankly.

"Ah, um-okay, sorry." Touma Kazuya lowered her head embarrassedly. She seemed to understand something, but apparently, I confessed to Senior Omusuo that she was rejected face to face. Not spread too widely.

"So you also know now that I can't work hard anymore. If you want Senior Beiyuan to look in your direction, you can only rely on your own efforts."

"Well, for this, well, to be honest, I didn't expect this, but I don't want to do it either. I mean, the situation will become very complicated. What I want to do now is definitely too late, wrong. , I mean—"Because of my unexpected situation, Dongma and Sa seem to have fallen into chaos for a short time, muttering some illogical words, "——Of course, if it’s not possible, it’s actually the same. , Originally that guy had nothing to do with me."

But I understand the latter sentence. In the panic, Dongma and Sa think of not trying to solve the problem, but being discouraged.

This is not her style, but it also made me realize that maybe the problem is not that simple.

"Aren't you going to give up?"

"What can I do?" Dongma and Sa gave me a grieving look. "This was originally a very simple thing. As long as your relationship with Xiao Muzhen is normal, it will definitely be resolved. The result is what it is now. It looks ridiculous."

"Senior and I are normal, the problem can be solved?"

"Well, it's as simple as I think as long as Yubihama speaks, there is no problem."

"So what happened."

"Do you remember what happened at the cultural festival?" Dongma and Sa simply asked.

"There are too many things happening at the cultural festival. Which one do you specifically mean?"

"Well, compared to those things, this matter is indeed a trivial matter. This year's cultural festival has resumed the lucky draw of the previous year. You are the organizer. This should be clear?"

"I remember it."

Of course, I remember that sister Yui wanted to be admitted to the general high school for this boring lottery, but she didn’t expect to stop doing it in her first year of enrollment. When the event was reopened this year, her sister had a new look In the end, for the last two consecutive years, she had forgotten her original purpose of coming to Chief Wu Gao.

This year’s award is the same as the year before, and it was also a trip to Strasbourg that made the old lady dream of at the time. And this year’s winner, I remember it was—

"You are the organizer. Of course, you remember who the winner is this year?"

I nodded hard.

"Senior Xiao Muyan."

"Yes, it's Xiaomu Yu Xuecai," Touma Kazuya ignored my nervous expression, "By the way, she was also the winner of the previous year, as if it was because Xiaomu Yu also won the Miss Zou Wu Gao and Cultural Festival last year. The lottery awards made people suspect that an influential senior in school at the time manipulated the work of the student union, so this activity was only stopped last year-but these are not the key points, the focus is on Xiao Mushu’s different treatment of rewards the way."

"When she won the prize the year before, Xiao Muzhen gave up the prize almost without hesitation. At that time, it was said that she did not even have the intention to resell the air ticket, but just gave up. At that time, she seemed to say,'This kind of place is better than going to lovers "Suitable" or something." Dongma Kazuo held his arms, looked at me, and said seriously.

Although I don't know where Dongma learned these details, I vaguely sensed what she was going to say next.

"But this year, everyone can be sure that Xiao Muyan has already taken the reward, and, so far, she has no intention of reselling the ticket."

"The reward is a Christmas trip in Strasbourg, and now there are two weeks before Christmas."

"Well, let’s refer to what Xiao Muzhen said before — whether she said it or not, but everyone already believes that it was what she said — so everyone naturally thinks that Xiao Muzhen did not give up this award this year. Is it because there are already people who want to go there together, or have you decided on whom to go together?"

"Other people have naturally been hyping the guy in Beiyuan, but I always felt that although I don’t know what Xiao Muzhen thinks, if she really has this idea, then she is only willing to go there with you. Up."

"However, I was rejected by Senior Xiao Muzhen."

"This is where I am troubled. Xiao Muzhen's behavior seems to be something that is obviously expected of you, but why does she reject you?"

Yeah, why?

——I suddenly remembered the same words before.

What if Senior Xiao Muzhen really asked me something?What if she really expects something from me?After I heard about it—even if Touma and Sae didn’t tell me, I would know about it sooner or later—what if her idea was for me to pursue it?

If this is the case, many problems can also be explained, including the unexplained conversation between my sister and senior.Yui Yui, who was expecting me, tried to make me understand the truth in her heart, and Yui sister-wait, what about Yui?

Yuihama Yui went to war with Yukina Oguki.

And yesterday, Yui sister emphatically reminded me.

"Ah, Xiaohe is sure to participate? It's okay, right?"

"Then Xiaohe can't go back!"

"Then, Xiaohe, you have to promise me that even if there is an accident next, you can't go back. This is a Christmas event organized by all of us, and no one else can!"

I can only choose one of the Christmas activities of the Student Union and the Strasbourg Christmas trip of Senior Xiao Muzhen.

And just before I realized I needed to make a choice, Yuihama Yui had already blocked my choice in advance.