My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 385

I have no reason to blame my sister — I have no reason to blame her for not giving me the opportunity to choose, because the choice does not start from now, from the beginning of the war, or even earlier, when Xiao Muzhen decided to receive the award. , The selection has already begun.Senior Xiao Muzhen's active silence gave her sister a chance, and her sister also took advantage of this opportunity with her own methods.

As they said, they are just acting in accordance with their own behavior patterns.

I have promised my sister to participate in the Christmas activities of the Student Union, which means that I can no longer propose to join her on her Strasbourg trip to my predecessor. Even in my heart, I believe that I am more inclined to the latter. .

However, I will still be sad—at that moment, with the help of so many people, I feel that I may have understood Xiaomu Yu Xuecai’s thoughts, and I may have understood her request to me, but I But I can only watch myself unable to respond to the thoughts I have understood.

If this is the case, I don't understand it from the beginning, maybe it will make me more at ease?

"Hey, Yubihama, are you okay?" Touma Kazuya's voice came over in a vague way.

For people who are not her friends, this is the greatest kindness she can show, right?Thank her very much.

"No, it's nothing," I shook my head at Dongma and Sha, "I'm just sorry, I can't help you."

"Then you are probably sure that something is wrong! Yuihama apologizes to me or something-it's incredible!" The opponent's brows were locked deeply.

However, I don't mind the rich expression that Dongma occasionally shows.

"Even if I have not been rejected by the seniors now, I cannot join her on the trip. I am not allowed to go, but not allowed to go, so I am sorry for you," I spread my hands, "Then, thank you for asking I provide this news."

Senior Xiao Muzhen and I have experienced my stubbornness and her unwillingness to admit defeat. When the two people's awkwardness is resolved, they still cannot communicate with each other. Maybe it is the so-called no fate, right?

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Chapter Twenty Three: Slight Changes

"To be honest, you are so stupid." This is Touma Kassa's evaluation of me after I explained the reason.

Of course, I only told her about the arrangement of my club activities at Christmas. As for the deeper things related to Yui's thoughts, I did not tell her.

Moreover, even though I have understood the meaning of my sister’s actions, I still can’t know what she did it for—this is not the simple past "Sister Controversy" between Yuihama Yui and Yuki Sauna. "In the follow-up, I only know this. If the thoughts of predecessor Xiao Muzhu gradually become clear in my heart, only the thoughts of my sister are still in a cloud of mist.

"You are so stupid. For club activities, just for simple club activities, you gave up such an opportunity," Touma Kazuya tossed her hair impatiently, and said the second time, "You are right. Does anyone in this event have too much guilt?"

"Uh, that's not the reason."

——To be honest, just because of guilt, whether it is Xuexia or Isshiki, there are good reasons to ask me. However, the two people will not use this opportunity to ask me anything.

"That's hard to understand!"

"You have not confessed to the senior teacher Kitahara for a long time. You are not qualified to say this about me. You can clearly admit this fact in front of me."

"The thing between me and that guy, my thoughts about that guy, are different from yours. Don't make any comments on my choice without authorization!"

"Then the same thing can be applied to yourself."

Dongma and Sa's face instantly turned gloomy.Maybe it's because her attitude towards me has improved for too long, which made me forget her original character, an awkward girl who was extremely aloof and could not tolerate any insult to her dignity.

For a moment, I almost felt that she was going to kick her on the piano to vent her dissatisfaction-but I soon realized that it was impossible, she could not treat her as a piano for life, on me It is quite possible to perform a round kick that she hasn't done in a long time.

In the end, however, she still did not do it—and of course she did not apologize.

"My situation is different from yours. You could have done better." She still insisted stubbornly.

I don’t know why, but I have a strange feeling. This person’s attachment to the matter of bringing me together with Senior Xiaomu Shou has surpassed his attachment to preventing Haruno Kitahara from being "robbed" by others, although these two things From now on, they are similar, but they are indeed different.

Just as I kept babbling in front of her to emphasize her "like" for Kitahara, Touma and Sae seem to have become numb to many facts and are unwilling to continue thinking.

Not only because of her awkward character, but because of her confession to Haruaki Kitahara, is she really bearish?A terrible thought popped up in my mind.

——It should not be possible. I quickly denied my opinion. Dongma and Sa's character is persistent enough, so persistent that liking someone can become a kind of inertia. Until she completely establishes herself, she will not May change the feelings towards Kitahara.

"But, you don't change your mind anymore, do you?"


"In this case, there is actually no way, so you won't care what happens next?"

"I can't care about it, right?"

"I said, Yubihama, you are such an idiot!"

"Yeah, just a fool."

"I always thought that Xiao Muyan would not like your type."

"I used to think so for a long time."

"But it's actually not incomprehensible."


"But, in any case, you don't have to live so persistently."

This evaluation was made by the stubborn, arrogant and terrible Touma and Sa, I think this is probably one of the most embarrassing things in my life.

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No matter how embarrassing Dongma Hessa’s final evaluation is, her prediction is still accurate. As Christmas approaches, the travel companion of Xiaomu Zhaoxuecai has evolved from a small chat topic in the third grade. It's a hot issue for the whole school.

Although it is said that Senior Xiao Muzhen once said, "Probably it would be better to go with the family", but some eagerly pointed out that "Xiao Muzhen's younger brother is now an exam candidate and will definitely not travel at this critical moment." Under the guidance of people—the person who pointed this out seemed to have never considered the question that Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai himself was also a candidate for the test — increasingly believed that Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai was waiting for the right time to invite a certain boy.

The other person at the center of the topic, Harunuki Kitahara, continued to firmly deny the idea that she might travel with Xiaomu Yu Xuecai."I still have to help people make up lessons-if Xiao Muzhen is willing to add another person, I can consider it." Kitahara Haruki said this half jokingly.

——Although the subject who was supposed to make up the class, as far as I know, started to have an awkward relationship with Kitahara.

Of course, if you want to offer an odds for Yu Xiaomu Yuxuecai who travels with Xuecai among the boys in the school, Yubihama Kazuya's odds must be the highest. At the same time, I will try to shield this information.

Although this matter has fermented to the point that many people who are familiar with me will mention it to me more or less.

Including Xuexia Xuena.

Although the method is somewhat excessive, the relentless reprimand of Yukoshita was unexpectedly effective. The president of the student union of Haibin Comprehensive High School finally gave up his humble desire for control and let go of the leadership. We have deleted almost all unrealistic fantasies on the other side, and the Christmas event is also determined to be acting.

Then it was to reformulate the budget, determine the required items, determine the timetable and work flow chart, and proceed according to the actual pace. Xuexia and I had already cooperated on the same thing during the cultural festival, and now we are doing it too. It's easy to drive.

"Here are some of my personal suggestions for drama." Xuexia seemingly casually handed me a densely written list. "You can see what you can add."

"I'm not good at detail processing, so I guess I can't find anything wrong after looking at it—"

"——Forget it, I'll give it to Isshiki directly." So he quickly collected the list again.

"Well, it's not right, because if you want to prepare some of the materials in it, you need to make targeted adjustments in the timetable. It's better for you to confirm it." After a while, she seemed to think of something again and put the same list Passed it over again.

"Ah hello-so do you have anything nice to tell me?"