My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 386

"No, it's just a different question just considered."


"And I just think it would be better to determine the timetable earlier, and then make the process more detailed, considering all the special circumstances."

"Special circumstances are unavoidable, so just set a deadline and a directional form. The specific form can still be changed temporarily according to the situation? There is no plan to follow the plan at all times, and contingency is also very important. "

"I know this, but I still want to try my best to consider the details clearly, and, don't you think this is necessary, Yubihama?"

Xuexia emphasized the word "you".

"I should think it's important?"

"After all, in the latter part of this timetable, you might not be there? It is impossible to adjust the time according to the temporary situation when people are gone, so it is better to plan ahead." Xuexia said naturally.

"Wait a minute, so why am I not here?"

"I just considered a possibility." She turned her head, seeming to explain casually.

However, I quickly understood what she meant.

"I will not go, I have promised my sister to stay here."

"I'm just considering special circumstances." Xuexia continued to explain seriously, "I don't mean anything else."

"I'm just explaining an objective fact. If you understand it, it's best."

"I understand what you mean, and I also know what you think I am thinking, but I just want to express the importance of planning in advance. That's it. I will always be there, but if my department in the middle I need to take precautions against the psychological problems of the employees and resign from the ministry."

"Well, then you can emphasize your precautions." I took the checklist paper that Xuexia handed over.

If you don't want to admit certain things, no matter how much you persecute, it's useless.

However, it seemed that Xuexia's spirit was refreshed a lot.

In detail, the small things are constantly accumulating and strengthening, and finally, unexpected changes will occur.

I can feel the changes happening in Yukino under Yukoshita.

In this regard, I can only hope that this is a change in a good direction.

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As a spring black, I don’t even want to leave Dongma to Brother Chun, but within the framework of this book, it feels almost impossible for Dongma’s feelings to change, so I can only leave this pitfall here. Anyway, what Dongma thinks at that time is all up to everyone's imagination.

In addition, I caught a cold and bounced tickets for two days, and the number of words in this chapter is not enough. I still hope to bear it a little bit~


Chapter Twenty-Four: Deliberate Suggestion

It is not too difficult to organize budgets and formulate plans, especially after the themes of acting and acting are determined-Christmas planning for the whole society naturally cannot use the normal script of cultural sacrifice-"Romeo and Juliet" or build on it For the above magical changes, under Yukoshita’s suggestion, Isshiki finally decided to use "The Magi’s Gift" as the script for the script. Considering the limited characters and uncomplicated background of this story, in the absence of time , Is indeed a good choice.

——Although the story still makes people feel a bit sad.The two people who value each other can obviously give what they value most for each other, but, by mistake, their kindness did not bring a good ending.Of course, we can say that this story focuses on the deep feelings between husband and wife, and the rise to the level of social criticism is to expose the miserable life and so on-but no matter how the story looks, the couple is receiving a gift from each other. After a moment of moving, after all, there are still most regrets, right?

Therefore, this story is still a tragedy, and it is a great tragedy. There is no longer a tragedy that has a greater deviation than the affective performance displayed by the two people who value each other-but Isshiki chose this script should only consider it. It is easy to rehearse, although this story does give me some bad memories.

"So, in order to celebrate the determination of the theme, and continue to work hard for tomorrow's rehearsal and prop production, let's go to karaoke and celebrate today!" After confirming the plan, Isshiki said.

Celebrate before starting work, celebrate after solving a problem, and celebrate after finishing the work-celebration seems to be a necessity for this type of girl to relieve the huge pressure of work and study, and when it comes to celebration, it is Desserts and karaoke, considering the damage of desserts to the body, karaoke has become the best choice.

My sister agreed decisively, and Yukoshita, who had been unable to resist Yui's request recently, did not seem to be too resistant, so my opinion was naturally ignored.

Of course, I don’t hate karaoke. After I finish my part-time job and frequently carry out the two-point and one-line life at home from school, it’s not impossible to go to other places if I don’t choose this karaoke.

"The environment here is very good, and what is more important is that you have worked here? You can give us a discount if you meet a familiar clerk, right?" Yi Huhuiyu was proud to bring us here when , Is so explained.

"Even if you are an acquaintance, you have to follow normal standards. Do you think this is a small restaurant? Can acquaintances get free orders?"

"Eh, that's the case-but now that you are here, let's go in and take a look? And you haven't been here as a guest, so how do you know that there is no discount? Not everyone is the same as you to the rules and regulations So straightforward."

"Even if I have worked here, but considering that it was three months ago, there are many temporary workers in this industry, I think it is unlikely that I know the current employees-okay!"

When I saw the figure of Aunt Inoue in the distance, I couldn't help but frowned. Of course I didn't know the temporary migrant worker. The question was, if it was Obasan Inoue, a regular employee.

"Is it right?" Isshiki quickly realized the change in my expression, and winked at me, "I won't go up with the two seniors, and I will leave everything to you!"

I shook my head helplessly-I realized that maybe the strange relationship with Isshiki had lasted for too long, and when she was so proficient in cheating people again, I was a little uncomfortable.However, this style should be the normal state of a color feather, right?

When I noticed Senior Inoue, she also noticed me clearly.

"Unexpectedly, Yubihama, you came here again after such a long time. You came here with so many girls? Have you been so popular before?" The middle-aged Obasan, who was still gossiping, looked at me with a smile.

"Don't tell me the others, do you know my sister? Is it weird that my old sister brought her friends and called me here by the way?"

"But it's weird that your sister's friends would be willing to let her call you?"

"Who knows, maybe I'm playing the role of a particularly weak and easy to be bullied, and easy to deceive seniors' distressed little brother role in the school?"

"Just from Hihama, you--" Inoue-senpai raised his brow and glanced at me, "I'm sorry I can't imagine that look."

"So please don't try to figure out my image without authorization-you just made up my image as a playboy just because I came to karaoke with a few girls, right? Is that right?"

"To be reasonable, this image is possible, after all, you always talked so happily with Xuecai before."

"That's two different things--moreover, small talk is not allowed during work hours. I remember this is an important rule and system that seniors told me. Why are you talking to me so happily now?"

"Ah, sorry, I didn’t tell you until you didn’t work here. I added this system myself, just because I thought you were too happy to have a chat with Xuecai and wanted to limit the unscrupulousness of the two of you. It’s just that."


"And even if I say that, do you guys have a good chat? I just changed the time for you to chat at the counter from 10 minutes to 5 minutes. Objectively speaking, this is very important. These five minutes are enough for you. Many guests have been received."

"If I were still an employee here, I would complain."

"Well, I have to take into account that I am kind, senior!" Senior Inoue said earnestly, "Speaking of Yukina, it seems that soon after Yuhihama finished working, she rarely came to sing. What happened between you? Something?"

"It's okay. The reason for her is the same as mine?" I calmly shifted the question. "I quit my part-time job to prepare for the cultural festival. She also had to prepare the cultural festival performance with her club, and you I know, she is still a candidate, and there is not much time."

"I remember Xuecai has no club activities?"

"Added before the cultural festival."

"Is there any special reason?"


"Okay? So what you mean is that after that, Yuihama's connection with Yukina is weak? Obviously the relationship is so good?"