My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 387

"There is no way! Seniors are test takers. Candidates are very busy. They can't always chat with a first-year kid like me. She has to concentrate on preparing for the exam, so it's normal for me to get in touch with me! It's normal!"

"Okay, okay, you don't need to emphasize the word'normal' so much, it will make me feel abnormal if you keep emphasizing this word."


"But I still think it's a pity. I think Xuecai values ​​you very much, so I shouldn't just lose contact with you."

"It should be normal after the exam, right?"

Facing these words of Aunt Inoue, I couldn't help feeling a little headache-I was doing everything possible to prevent me from talking to seniors when I was working, but now I am so interested in this topic. Does she like seeing others feel embarrassed?

Fortunately, Inoue-senpai did not delve into this issue in the end, and seemed to realize that there were still a few people waiting behind me with their necks stretched out, and she quickly gave me the key to the room.

"Now, room 23, it happens to be a room for 4 people, is it more suitable? I can give you a cheaper price!"

So, do acquaintances really have discounts?

"However, relatively, the adjustment of the equipment or something is left to you. It's just that you haven't worked for three months, so you shouldn't forget it?"

"This is definitely not."

I took the key to the room and returned to the crowd-by the way, I explained the long conversation between me and Senior Inoue for how I tried to get a discount price.

"Xiaohe is still working hard! Who do you hate bargaining the most?" For this, my sister looked at me with tears in her eyes and thanked her sincerely.

Being able to see my sister's expression also eased the discomfort caused by the long conversation with Senior Inoue.

Although I am deeply dissatisfied with her reluctance to even open the door to adjust the equipment to help-if the layout of the karaoke changes during the three months of my absence, we will get lost, right?

Of course, the layout of karaoke has not changed, and when I took everyone along the familiar passage to the door of room 23, I realized that Senior Inoue, why just gave me the key and let me be myself Solve the next problem.

Next to Box No. 23, Box No. 21 is the single box-the exclusive box of Xiaomu Yuxuecai.

The sound insulation of the karaoke walls is very good, but if you stand at the door, you can still hear the vague melody and the voice of singing people in the box.

If I heard it right, it is the familiar melody of "white album" and the singing of Xiaomu Yu Xuecai.

That Obasan, arrange box 23 for us, this is no accident!


Chapter 25: Irreversible Hesitation

I curled my body into the corner of the sofa as much as possible to prevent others from noticing myself. Although in this small space, it seemed meaningless to do so, but I still couldn’t restrain the idea of ​​wanting to do it. I hope other people can ignore me, as if they would ignore the predecessor Xiao Muxiao in the next room.

Everyone sang it for the time being and it was pretty fun-of course, it mainly refers to my sister and Isshiki. Those who are good at this kind of activity easily adapt to the environment here. They also sang one or two songs with the embarrassed Yukinoshita. Moreover, it also ignored me gorgeously.This kind of thinking as I wished was a bit frightening. In a box with only four people, one person did not sing for a long time and did not move. This is a very unusual thing. Other people don’t say it, but always take care of my knot. Sister Yi rarely paid attention to me. This feeling cannot be explained by reasons like "I am happy to sing."

This also makes me more and more suspicious whether they have discovered the extraordinary in the next room. Whether it is Yukinoshita or Isshiki, they are particularly sensitive people, and Yui sister’s radar in this area is even more unmatched. Although it seems that the atmosphere in Box 23 is a bit high, but, although it is not ruled out that this is my psychological effect, I still feel that this upsurge is like a false prosperity.

However, everyone still seemed to be singing happily, as if nothing really happened.

"Um, let me go out for a while." I raised my hand.

"Really, Xiaohe doesn't need to ask us if he wants to go out!"

"Ha, ha, I just think it's better to talk to everyone, so that it won't make everyone anxious to find me." I looked at Yui sister's smiled eyes, and felt that there were other thoughts behind these eyes.

This also made me leave the room quickly. If I continue to stay here, I think I will be out of breath.

"Well, then I'll go out too, I'm a little uncomfortable with the environment here." Xuexia also stood up suddenly and left the room following me.

Yubihama Kazuya and Yukoshita Yukino, this is not a very strange combination, but this time, it is still very strange where we reached a consensus.

I walked aimlessly through the karaoke aisles, and Yukoshita silently followed behind me.

——Why are you following me so naturally?

"Now, so where are you going to Yukoshita?"

"Me? Well, I want to wash my face, the air in the room is not very good."

"If you want to wash your face, the bathroom is in another direction!" I pointed to the direction behind me and said helplessly.

"Eh, but I thought Yubihama, you are going to the bathroom too—"

"No, no, no, I just feel a little uncomfortable and I want to walk around, but it is very strange that you feel that the air in the room is not good, you should have been here with your sister before?"

"But at that time, it was only me and your sister. That feeling was normal. This time, I always felt—very strange."


"It feels like that kind of general club style, where to get together after normal activities—"

"——You also said that it is a general club style, shouldn't you be congratulated that the Ministry of Service has finally been upgraded to a general club?"

"But Isshiki-san is not a member of the club, right?"

"Uh, don't care about these details."

I was chatting with Yukoshita one after another. She still followed me unhurriedly, and she didn't mean to leave because I told her the direction of the bathroom.

I know that the feelings of the two of us are similar. We both feel that it is very depressing in that space. I am worried about the situation next door. Under the snow, I probably simply do not adapt to this kind of obvious air. Group activities.

"Speaking of the general club style, I often see the local tyrants in the club contribute money, or use club funds to organize members to live together. It seems that the Ministry of Service has never been before?"

"Should the previous forest school be of this type?"

"The forest school has also added too many non-community members."

"But that is indeed a dormitory, and if it is a lodging of the Ministry of Service, only the dormitory of the members can not reflect the role of the Ministry of Service at all?" Yukoshita explained seriously.

It’s very real in the style of Xuexia. However, this kind of words at this time can relax my mood. Changes occur in everyone, and everyone’s emotions have become more and more unpredictable. It seemed that when Yukino was under a yoke, a familiar Yukino Yukino was so rare.

"If you want to refute, please give the reason, don't just show that kind of mocking smile."

"Ah, that wasn't mocking you just now, but simply felt that there was no change under the snow, which is good."

"No change?" Xuexia frowned slightly.

"It means that you love the same as before!"

"But is love really a good habit?"

"It may not be a good habit all the time, but what I mainly emphasize is that this is Xuexia's habit—"

"——My habits, are they good habits?"

"This question is meaningless, right? I'm complimenting you obviously, am I?"

"Yuhihama doesn't want me to change?" She asked persistently.