My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 388

I didn't expect that such a casual sentence of mine would make Xuexia have such a big reaction-I also boasted that only Xuexia had not changed much, and I didn't expect the flag to be fulfilled so quickly.

"Actually, Yuukishita just keeps himself."

"I don't need this kind of perfunctory answer."

Why is this girl suddenly stalking?Please, like before, the wind is lighter and the mood swings are lower!

I don't know how to give Xuexia a satisfactory answer-but I immediately realized that I can't think about it for the time being.

At the corner, when Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai appeared in front of me.

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I admit that I escaped the room with the idea of ​​"If I could meet Senior Xiao Muzhen".Karaoke is a place where people like to live, and in a sense it is also a place where hormones are excessively distributed. I even think that if I can "coincidentally meet" a senior, I will boldly rush forward and ask her about her Real thoughts.

As for how I would choose after learning her true thoughts, I don't know, but maybe it will become the kind of romanticism that doesn't care about it, it's not necessarily.

However, now, there is no such possibility.

I don't know what the expression of Xuexia is behind me, but her appearance undoubtedly puts a restraint on my impulse.

It is impossible to pretend to ignore each other when you meet each other in a narrow aisle.

Senior Xiao Muzhen was stunned for a little bit, but she still greeted me: "It's been a long time—in fact, it's not a long time. Heya, are you back here to work again?" However, she immediately noticed the school uniform on my body. With Xuexia behind me, "Ah, it seems not."

It’s really not a long time since I saw you, but when you met before, you just confronted Yui sister and hardly said anything to me—and, although it hasn’t been a few days since then, it feels like the time has passed too long. It doesn't seem to be wrong to say that it's been a long time.

"Well, the club activities have achieved some results, let's celebrate."

"The specific meaning is that the Ministry of Service is helping the Student Union organize Christmas activities. Now that the plan has been finalized, Ishiki students proposed to celebrate." Xuexia immediately added coldly behind me.

"The Christmas event of the Student Union, I didn't know it before!" Senior Xiao Muzhen raised his head just right, and quickly glanced at me, but quickly, over my shoulder, looked at the snow behind me.

"The joint Christmas activity with Haibin Comprehensive High School has always been dominated by the other side. Our students will be very passive, so the seniors may not know that it is normal, but now we are responsible for determining and executing the plan."

"Well, it seems that Xuexia has done a lot of work! So, the student union is mainly responsible for that Christmas event, right?"

"Yoshiki has worked very hard, but she lacks some experience as a manager, so we will definitely help her."

I don’t know when it started. It was supposed to be my conversation with Xiao Muzhen’s predecessor. It evolved into a conversation between Xuexia and her—just like the communication between my sister and predecessors before. I feel that I have become in the play. The outsider.

"Is the Christmas event on Christmas Day?"

"of course."

"So, on the same day, is Yuukishita also going to help?"

"Responsibility must have a beginning and an end," Xuexia pursed his lips. "Moreover, all members of the Ministry of Service participated in the activities of the day."

"Oh, everyone-join!" This time, I clearly realized that Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai's slightly sharp eyes pierced my body.

However, the coolness was only a momentary event, and soon her eyes became a little moist again

"However, there is no way. After all, it is a club activity. If it is not a club activity—"

"Everyone will participate because this is a club activity."

"I understand that I have also joined a club. I understand that because it is a club activity and a relatively small club, the problem of missing a member is much greater than that of other large clubs. Because it is a small club, So it’s even more impossible to ask for leave. It’s like this, yes, I understand, I understand.”

Senior Xiao Muzhen looked a little irritable.

I have completely understood her feelings. If it was only speculation before, then that speculation has been confirmed now.

At this time, all you need to do is to speak out—regardless of saying “I’m actually not good at acting, I can take a leave of absence if I finish the day’s activities as early as possible”.

Just say it, it’s not difficult.

——If Xuexia is not there.

The existence of Xuexia has always reminded me of my promise to my sister and my promise to Xuexia. Even if I don’t want to remember these promises, as soon as I feel Xuexia’s sight, I will always remember those promises. .

However, the expression of Senior Xiao Muzhu in front of him was even more uncomfortable.

Obviously it is not incomprehensible. Obviously, I understand, and I obviously want to respond. Obviously, I just need to work harder.

If you can work harder, you just need to become more impulsive.

I gritted my teeth, avoiding the gaze of Xuexia behind me, and took a step forward slightly.


"——Sorry, when I think of it, I still have things to do. I will leave now. I am very happy to see you here, Heya!"

Xiao Muzhen Xuecai just turned around and ran away.

I still kept the funny posture of taking a step forward and leaning forward slightly.

"Yubihama, should you go back?" Yukoshita's soft voice came from behind.

"Well, it's almost time to go back, my sister has to wait anxiously." I turned my head mechanically, and saw that Xuexia also left me with a simple back.

Sometimes, there is only half a second of hesitation, some things are already irreparable, right?

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Chapter 26: The pupils are not cute at all

The lights in the karaoke aisles are not bright. I never know why this is, whether it is for people coming out of the room not to feel too dazzling, or purely to create a blurred atmosphere.However, at least for now, this dim light does not play these two roles for me. It is like walking in a tunnel in a cave, quiet and depressing.

Xuexia was just walking forward slowly in front of me. I didn’t know her thoughts. I suddenly remembered that in the summer vacation, by the lake, my evaluation of her "fairy", mysterious and noble fairy, now Although the mystery and noble temperament have faded away, but at least just now, her elusiveness has given people a similar feeling.

Xuexia’s elusiveness is different from other people’s. A color feather, or Xiaomu Shuxuecai’s elusiveness, allows you to clearly realize that the other person is teasing you, but you don’t know her truth. The helplessness of her thoughts, Yui sister’s uncertainty is simply that you can’t realize her thoughts, but you can perceive her mood, but Yukoshita’s elusiveness is that you don’t even know whether she is joking. , Or just speaking bluntly, even if the outward appearance of incompatibility has faded, that kind of natural cold and arrogant temperament can still show her uncertainty to the fullest.If the script for the Christmas performance is a fantasy script, she should be the best choice for roles such as the elf princess.

However, it is precisely because of this that I am completely at a loss for Xuexia's series of practices.She is indeed the kind of person who will run out to relax because of the muddy air in the room, and she is indeed the kind of person who will continue to walk with me even if she knows where the bathroom is, and she is indeed the kind of person who can tell the truth. The person who tells the whole thing about the Christmas activities of Mr. Xiao Muzhen frankly.However, it is undeniable that it is precisely because of her existence of this "coincidence" that the previous conversation between me and the predecessor ended without a problem.What exactly Xuexia wanted to do, and how far she achieved her goal, I still don't know.

It seemed that she would obviously not take the initiative to tell me.

In the twists and turns of the karaoke aisle, I am like a traveler exploring the tunnel of a cave. I don't know where the light is, fearing the front, but I have to go forward.

"Now, Yubihama, do you still want to go back?" Yukoshita's voice came.

"go back?"

The meaning of going back here is so rich!