My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 390

After the self-explanation, continue to produce materials for the drama.

I am not good at hand-made products. I usually end this kind of course in elementary school and get the teacher's lower evaluation. The reason is that it is not the lowest evaluation because the teacher usually does not point it out in order to protect the children’s self-esteem Who is that "worst" person.

Those who are not good at hand-made products should do some subtle work as low-key as possible, and must slow down the speed, so that although people will complain about low efficiency in the end, the damage to the collective will be minimized-so I He is also a good person with a very collective consciousness.

Of course, even if this is me, someone will find out.

"The kid who just walked past is Liu Meijiang?" My sister walked to me lightly and asked.

"Well, it's still unflattering as always."

"Really, I think she is quite cute."

"It's pretty cute only in terms of appearance."

"Well, it's okay in terms of personality. You have been not good at getting along with children since you were a child-so what is the matter with Liu Meijiang?"

"It's not that I have something to do. She seems to be looking for Higiya, the sinful man who was unwittingly popular among elementary school students. If I have a chance to see him in the future, I must point out one fact: Higiya Hachiman is better than himself I imagine it will be much more popular, so it is absolutely forbidden to stand among a few people and criticize the reality."

"Small businesses seem to have gone far away. You can find them in our class if you want."

"But he did go far away. For example, Sister, would you feel embarrassed if you take the initiative to talk to Biqigu?"


My sister frowned. Biqigu is a forbidden zone for all of us in a sense. He solved the problem in his own way, but he also excluded himself from everyone. Some things are not brainless. "Let me help you" can be solved.

"Well, but I think small businesses may really be the unexpectedly popular type!" My sister twisted the hair around her ears and changed the subject carefully.

"I have no doubt about this. From the first time I saw him, I thought he was dangerous."

"very dangerous?"

"Looks like a hedgehog and is hostile to others but unexpectedly attracts girls. For example, old sister, you were attracted by him at the time?"

"Eh, why did you mention me?"

"Is that so?"

"Uh, no, I don’t have Xiaohe anymore—ah, I mean Xiaohe’s personality is a bit similar to that of small enterprises. Once you get used to Xiaohe’s character, you won’t be surprised by the situation of small enterprises. , So I'm not interested in him either!"

I always feel that the first sentence is very dangerous, although the explanation afterwards is still reasonable.

"So don't say such dangerous things at the beginning-the relationship between siblings and the relationship between men and women will be confused, and it will have very bad results."

"Well, in fact, I think it's the same. For example, I care about Xiaohe very much. For example, I will be angry about Xiaohe. For example, if Xiaohe has an accident or is gone, I will miss Xiaohe. Isn't it the same?"

——Although my sister didn't say anything wrong, she always felt like she was saying something very dangerous.

And, I don’t know when, my sister’s face has been in front of me, as if observing my dilemma, I can even count the number of my sister’s eyelashes, let alone feel the freshness of her body The good smell of ——yes, the recent old lady seems to particularly like this kind of too intimate physical contact. Although I think it is not a big problem, there is always a strange feeling in my mind.

"But I know, there must be a difference. There is a difference between the elder sister's liking for younger brothers and the girls' liking for boys. I know this very well!" Finally, my sister's body was put back and waited. When I realized this, I found that my body had been bent back by a large arc.

"So, what else did Liumeijiang tell you?"

"Well, what's left is about Yukinoshita's incomprehensible words that are irrelevant." I quickly sorted out my flushed face and replied.

"Oh, Xiaoxue, indeed, Xiaoxue has changed a lot recently."

"Right, right, it became more elusive—"

"——It became quite easy to understand!"


Well, my sister is a girl, and girls can understand each other, I know.

"Can you explain how easy it is for her to understand?"

"It's easy to understand, but I think it's okay to be small and needless to understand." My sister said with a smile, "And I think you might know soon."

"Uh, what was said in the last sentence?"

"—Well, Xiaohe, don't care about these details!" My sister patted my head with a smile, "When it comes to Xiaoxue, I came to Xiaohe for the sake of Xiaoxue!"

"what's up?"

"Weekend, shall we go shopping together?"

"Look for me to go shopping?"

"Yes, it will be Xiaoxue's birthday at the beginning of next month. Let's buy her a birthday present together?"

"Why do I think this conversation is so familiar? Did we buy her a gift together before? Or did you mention buying her a gift some time ago?"

"In short, I must have never mentioned it before choosing Xiaoxue's birthday present together." My sister nodded confidently.

"Even if you are so sure, I am not a more suitable person to help you choose gifts for Xuexia? I know that she has no more hobbies than you, which is Mr. Pan's doll and Mr. Pan's hanging Fall, Mr. Pan's other surroundings? If you don't consider Mr. Pan, then I don't know anything about what your girls would like."

"Hey, how did you buy presents for Xiaochunjiang back then?"

"Ashamed, I always write down what she wants, and then buy it according to the list during the festival-if the items on this list are all bought, then I really have to directly ask her what she wants ——"

"--Wow, that's really pitiful!" My sister looked at me with a pitying expression.

"I don't want to be said by my sister who has no love experience! And this case also proves that I am a painful hand in choosing gifts?"

"It's okay, Xiaohe just needs to go with me, leave it to me to choose the gift!"

"Why don't you go alone?"

"If I go alone, wouldn't the gift I bought become a gift for Xiaoxue by myself? What about Xiaohe's birthday present for Xiaoxue?"

"I actually don't need to give Xuexia a birthday present, right-and you have to consider that Xuexia's birthday is in early January. At that time, she should be in her own home? In the case of her family, If a boy gives her a gift, the impact will be bad, right?"

"I think it's okay? Doesn't this just prove that Xiaoxue's interpersonal relationship is no problem"

"That's right, it's like this, is Yukoshita the eldest lady, her family conditions are better? Will making friends with a commoner family like Yuihama's family will reduce her status? Especially for a commoner like me If a boy buys her a gift, will it make her family feel that this is presumptuous?"

"Xiaohe, you have read too many novels. Don't make excuses. Let's go see gifts together on weekends? That's it!"

"Well, that's good. If you really want to give a gift, you can pick one for me, old sister. Anyway, you said that even if I go with you, the main person in charge of picking the gift is you, so it makes no difference whether I go or not. , As long as the old lady can pick it."

"No--so why did Xiaohe resist going out with me on weekends so much?"

My sister looked at me fiercely.

I held my head helplessly-I can't say that it was because when I was together recently, sister Yui's movements were a little too intimate, which made me a little uncomfortable, so I want to minimize the time alone between the two?