My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 391

"That, so what is the point of saying that Yui sister must let me go out with you?"

"Answer my question first, it's not right to change the subject." My sister had her hands on her hips, with an expression of "I am your sister, you have to listen to me"-this time she started to use her identity that she can't usually show Up.

"Your brother has suffered a lot of setbacks recently, and I want to take a good rest this weekend and adjust his condition."

"If you are depressed, shopping is a good solution to the problem, this is my personal experience!"

"Uh, this does work for girls, for boys—"

"--But Xiaohe hasn't tried it, how do you know?"

Only then did I realize that Yui sister, who was gentle and always tolerant and spoiled to me, would be like an ordinary girl and behave like a rascal and make a petty temper to me.

The current elder sister is not so much the elder sister who wants me to buy gifts with her, but the little girl who tried every means to let me go out with her—or the feeling of a little girlfriend.

I am not good at dealing with such old sisters.

"Well, if you must persist."

After the result, he reluctantly agreed-Yui sister who suddenly changed her style is really difficult to entangle.

Therefore, high school students may not be cute.


Chapter 28: High school students will be elusive

My sister left satisfactorily after getting my consent, and shortly after she left, Yukoshita greeted me—it almost made me suspect that she was actually staring at my conversation with Yui sister, and by the way I subconsciously glanced in the direction of Isshiki. If everyone took turns to chat with me for a while, the scene would be embarrassing.

Fortunately, Isshiki should have completely ignored my situation.

And my approach of looking away when Xuexia came over undoubtedly made the other party very dissatisfied.

"I don't know when I became your unwelcome object, Yubihama."

"No, even if I have an unwelcome object, I won't show it."

"But you just moved your eyes away-you obviously don't welcome me?"

"Like I just said, even if you are not welcome, I will not refuse in this way. If you know me, you should know that I will have a better way to avoid you."

"Hmm—it seems to be the case." Yuukishita frowned and thought for a while, seeming to agree with my conclusion, or she was not really dissatisfied with my performance just now, but incidentally made me owe her A small favor or something.

But I don't think it matters what she is thinking.

"So, what's the matter for me? I declare in advance that if it is about Tsurumi, you can go to my sister. If it is about my sister, then I can only say that there is no comment."

"Is this the more subtle way of expressing rejection that you just said?"

"This is a more efficient way to shorten the conversation."

"Aren't you deliberately avoiding talking to me--have I offended you recently?" Yukoshita spread out his hands in dissatisfaction and raised his eyebrows, "Oh, if it was in Karaoke that day—"

"——Sorry, it has nothing to do with that day."


Xuexia was somewhat silent.

To be honest, even I don’t know why I rejected the conversation with Xuexia. It’s definitely not because her previous spoiler ruined the ice-breaking possibility between me and Xiao Muzhen, and it’s definitely not because my sister just told her to give it to her. I'm worried about letting go when buying birthday gifts.

If I must find a reason, I am avoiding a possibility, a possibility that I think exists in my heart, but I dare not confirm it.

Since I was in Karaoke that day, I have been skeptical, and I will never raise the possibility.And this possibility was magnified by Tsurumi's words of staying in the United States not long ago.

Of course I was not as slow as Tsurumi imagined, but no matter how keen the little girl was, she would never know what happened before me and Yukoshita.I thought that after that betrayal, even if there is a flame of emotion, it will be extinguished by that behavior. The seeming reconciliation and reconciliation afterwards are just two people carefully operating a new friendship relationship-I have always I think so.However, after that day, I became uncertain.

I don’t want to repeat what happened to Yukino Yukoshita on Yukino. Therefore, I would never use the despicable means of suggesting and then rejecting Yukoshita. The reason for restraint and rejection, It is because I subconsciously want to imply that the other party keeps a distance from myself.

However, the reason why I dare not do this completely is also because until now, I am not particularly convinced of the possibility-to like people who deliberately betray themselves. Isn't this Stockholm syndrome in reality?

Therefore, in front of Xuexia, I was actually in a state of failure and wanted to communicate normally, but I was worried that the past would repeat itself, and I wanted to be alienated, and I felt that my worry was a bit too narcissistic.

For example, looking at Xuexia's embarrassed expression now, I am worried about whether I would be too cruel to a girl who had plucked up the courage to re-establish friendship with me.

"Well, no matter what questions you have, let's talk about it first?"

——So finally compromised.

"Strange guy." Yukinoshita glanced at me helplessly-the attitude of not being happy, but with a little complaint made me even more embarrassed about my unprovoked delusions.

"Ahem, it's mainly because it is tiring to communicate with the girls, and I feel a little lack of energy after talking to two girls in a row."

"Don't worry, what I'm talking about with you is about work, not a girl's personal problem. Besides, did I talk to you about personal problems?"

"That's not it."

"So I don't understand why you are nervous." Xuexia sighed.

"I'm afraid the pressure has been too much recently."

"Actually I can't tell."

"So I'm actually very good at cover-ups, but this is no longer the point. What is your problem?"

"Ah, it's related to Tsurumi over there. How do you think she played the heroine in the drama?"


"What's wrong? Isn't it suitable?"

"Uh, I think you don't have to show unnecessary sympathy to that kid!"


"Well, just don't want to help her because that kid reminds you of the way you used to be, and then push her to an inappropriate position. How could that guy with no rich expression be suitable for acting? What about such a gentle, strong and emotional heroine?"

"Do you think I am the kind of person who makes decisions out of this boring sympathy?"

"You didn't do it before." I raised my eyebrows.

——As for the current Xuexia, the emotions are a bit too rich.

"I don't do it now." Xuexia raised his head proudly and corrected. "At least I would definitely not choose Tsurumi because of my personal preference. In fact, children's acting abilities are basically the same, unless they are particularly skilled. The kind of talent, otherwise the stimulation of acting skills is mainly based on the director’s skill, and the most important thing is the child’s own attitude and likes. Among the students in this class, I don’t see anyone who particularly likes theater performances, but is preparing In the process, Tsurumi is undoubtedly the most serious one. With this attitude, she will definitely be able to perform the role."

"From this point of view, aren't you sure you want her to act? Then you don't need to consider my opinion? By the way, who is the director of the act?"

"It is initially determined that it is me." Xuexia looked down a little shyly, rubbing his hands subconsciously.