My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 392

"Where is Isshiki?"

"Classmate Isshiki said that she was too emotionally infected and couldn't calmly evaluate the level of drama, so she could only serve as my deputy."

——Isshiki said that her emotions are too easy to be infected. This is simply the biggest joke I have heard today. She obviously has not yet assumed this kind of responsibility mentality, so she subconsciously threw the hot potato to Xuexia , If it was under the snow before, I would definitely find this kind of problem in Isshiki.

But, as I said before, under Xuexia, the emotions are a bit richer, so the relative will be gentler) Although I don't know whether this kind of gentleness is good or bad.

"If you have an opinion, it's best to say it in advance, don't look at me with that kind of eyes-I don't know if you are comforted or regretted."

"Uh-it's mainly gratification. Anyway, if you are a director and you are also satisfied with Tsurumi, then you can just talk to Tsurumi? A serious child like her will definitely agree."

"Although you say that--"

"——Although you say that?"

Yukinoshita's hand was raised, and she waved it meaninglessly-as if she was venting her own dissatisfaction. Even now, this is a rare expression of her uncomfortable expression.

However, she calmed down quickly.

"Sorry, I should have noticed."

"What should I notice?"

To be honest, watching her series of inexplicable speeches and actions, I don't understand her behavior at all.

"Yuhihama doesn't want to see me like this, right?"

"Actually, I don't want to see you do a lot of things. You don't explain it clearly--"

"--I mean you don't want me to ask you too much for help, right?" Xuexia quickly interrupted my speech, staring at me seriously, and said.

Under her pressure, I nodded subconsciously.

"Well, I know, I did it subconsciously just now. I'm sorry, I shouldn't do it." Xuexia seemed to explain to me, and it seemed to emphasize to himself, "So, sorry, I won't be next time. I did it."

"Next time, when is it?"

"It's the next time for the Ministry of Service, but you can see it at Christmas."

Yukinoshita continued to say things that made me feel unclear, but the firmness in her eyes did not seem to be false.

"However, I still have to say, this Christmas event, thank you very much for staying, Yubihama."

Of course, the words at the end are a bit strange.

So the current Xuexia is a bit unpredictable, this is based on it!

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Chapter 29: Gaffes in Daily Life

Yukoshita finally chose Tsurumi as the heroine. Tsurumi didn’t seem to resist and agreed. As for the actor, he was a boy I didn’t know--but it shouldn’t be the first isolation of Tsurumi in the forest school. One of the people.Of course, I also have to admit that Tsurumi Liumi is better at acting than I thought, so the talent does exist, and Yukoshita seems to be lucky to choose a girl with stronger talent.

Of course, this kind of talent will also bring some troubles. For example, compared with Tsurumi, the boys who acted with her are really dwarfed by her. Tsurumi certainly hasn't retracted to the extent that he can converge his acting skills to cooperate with each other. Therefore, the boys had to work harder to keep up with Tsurumi's performance.This is the time to test Xuexia’s cold-faced supervisor, letting the boys who only have the sixth grade of elementary school keep pushing down again and again with a blank face. If it weren’t for the child’s good temper, he was somewhat afraid of the majesty of the senior If that happens, I think he will give up soon.

Of course, at this time, the role of Isshiki's lubricant is manifested. Every time Xuexia is about to scold that boy who is about to collapse, Isshiki's classmates will always appear at the right time to comfort each other with good words.

Of course, Yi Hueiyu's personality is also attractive compared to her much younger boys. This is also beyond my expectation-at least in my impression, she is good at acting that kind of "female" role In order to arouse the other's sympathy and protective desire, but she seems to be doing a good job playing the confidant big sister in front of the little boys?

Under the reluctant combination of Xuexia and Isshiki, the drama rehearsal proceeded in an orderly manner. Of course, without those two people, the work pressure of the logistics team has become a lot more-after all, it is not Renren and Xuezhi I am also good at making handmade products. Therefore, I had an appointment with my sister to go shopping on the weekend and choose the birthday present under Xuexia. We had to put it aside first. We had to use the weekend to make the props and curtains for the drama. background.

However, we had a good time with the rest of the student council members who rushed to make the props.At the beginning, the other cadres of the New Student Union, which were mainly first-year members, lacked experience, and were a little daunted in front of the seniors.Especially after Yuukishita's resolute speech, they were even more restrained in front of Yui sister.

However, at this time, the natural stupidity and small mistakes Yui's exposed from time to time have played a very good role in regulating. Although Miss Sotake Take's reputation is good, people who have contacted Yuihama Yui will know that she is actually a Very nice girl.So, soon, at least in front of my sister, the other members of the student union no longer felt restrained as younger generations.

Even one of the boys started to secretly ask me about my sister's contact information.Of course, to this kind of fool who thinks he can do whatever he wants with the old sister, my answer is simple: "Sorry, it is good to have a dream, but after all, dreaming is just a dream."

——Then that guy left with his face ashamed, and then seemed to avoid Yui sister deliberately.

However, Yui sister, who seems to be Miss Chief Takeshi, is still used to this situation. After asking me the inside story, she just blinked her eyes and looked at me with a smile: "Xiaohe, actually You can help me refuse to be more gentle."

——Said so, but you seem obviously very happy, right?If it were my former sister, I would probably feel guilty for several days, and now she has become black abdomen!

However, this is just an episode in the production team of the props. Most people didn't pay attention to this detail. Everyone got along with each other more harmoniously, and the atmosphere during the chat became more relaxed.

Therefore, it will inevitably involve some topics that make me more sensitive.

"So, Yubihama-senpai is really good-even if you become Miss Chief Takeshi, you can get along with us so kindly." When Yui sister went out shopping, another boy in the student union took the initiative to talk to me .

"Probably it was an accident for her, right?" I looked at this guy more or less vigilantly—according to my understanding, this may be another fool who wants to know the contact information of my sister through me.

However, it seems that this boy should simply want to chat.

"But this is still amazing. After becoming Miss Chief Wu Gao, I can still maintain such a relaxed relationship with people."

"Well, so what do you mean?"

"That's it, my brother is two years older than me, and he is also in the general military high. Moreover, he is in the same class as that Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai-you know Senior Xiao Mu Shu?"

"I know." Fortunately, the rumors between me and Senior Xiao Muzhen seemed to be limited to the third grade, and did not spread to other places after that.

"Well, it's the senior Xiao Muzhu who became Miss Chief Wu Gao for two consecutive years-this year she said she will win three consecutive championships. At that time, the president-ah, I mean that the president of the city has already done the promotion. Prepared for an unprecedented three consecutive championships, but in the end she only finished second."

"I have heard of these things."

"Yes, yes, but even if it's only second, Senior Xiao Muzhen is still very good!"

"So, why did you mention Senior Xiao Muzhen?"

"Ah, I'm sorry, I'm a little excited, so I talk a little bit too much." The boy shook his head a little embarrassedly. This kind of seems to be because he knows more about strange things in the student union and subconsciously feels that he can be in front of others. It’s so easy to show off, "It’s like this, according to my brother, the senior Xiao Muzhen, after becoming the Miss Chief Wu Gao, is very cautious in dealing with people."

"Maybe she was very cautious when interacting with people before." I frowned.

"I don’t know the specifics. My brother didn’t share the same class with that senior Xiao Mu Shu in the first grade, so he didn’t know what she looked like at that time, but when he was in the same class in the second and third grades, according to him anyway, Xiao Mu Shuxue Although Senior Cai is very kind and has no pretensions at all, he is obviously showing a kind of aura that does not want people to be too close-I don't know if it is because he is worried that his identity will cause too much unnecessary trouble or because For other reasons, everyone in the class felt that some couldn't be very close friends with her."

——Of course, I know, but that is indeed the restraint of Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai, because I have seen her real side outside the school, that was the happiest period when I got along with Xiao Mu Shu’s predecessor, but, in After that, there were various misunderstandings between the two, and then the gap grew wider and wider.

"Uh, does Yubihama think there is a problem with what I said? You seem to be thinking about something--oh, yes, you were one of the leaders of the cultural festival at the time, then you should be with Xiao Mu Shu Seniors met, did you feel the same as I said?"

"Uh, almost--" I replied absently.

"Yes, yes, that's it," the guy on the opposite side continued to immerse himself in his own words. "The reason why I mentioned Senior Ogisuo, I just wanted to say that Senior Yuihama and Ogisuo are completely different! After becoming a Miss Chief Wu Gao, it is understandable to keep a distance from other people for various reasons, but if you can continue to get along with other people without any barriers, it is really difficult!"

"Well, that's right." I nodded carelessly, and the blushing face of the guy opposite made me think something was wrong again.

"Well, so, I really think Yuihama-senpai is a very good senior and a very good girl. If she is to run for Miss Chief Takeo next year, I will definitely vote for her."