My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 393

"My sister shouldn't run for the election next year-but what do you mean?"

"Ha, that's it, that, Yubihama, if you can—"

Okay, I withdrew my foreword, this guy, after a long talk, even hesitated to bring up Senior Xiao Muzhen to improve the image of my sister, the final goal is still the same.

Probably I think I will be satisfied with her by saying a few words about my sister in front of me-what a superficial idea!

Not to mention that this little trick is too naive, and the method he chose is a bit too much.

——If you don’t understand the real Xiaomu Yuxuecai, don’t use yourself to devalue her image based on some so-called hearsay and your own thoughts. If you don’t understand the real her, why can you feel that the other party is not enough? Is it kind to people?

"Uh, Yubihama, don't be too nervous. I mean, people like Yuihama-senpai are actually really good-look at Mr. Ogihama-senpai, in fact, I feel a little bit incomprehensible. Before, she decided to give up the prize of going to Strasbourg, which was drawn at the cultural festival. Obviously, many people had been speculating about why she kept the prize, but she gave up so indifferently. This is too emotional, compared to—"

"——So, if you don't know what's going on, don't speculate on other people's thoughts without authorization, don't belittle others' image without authorization!" I gritted my teeth, lowered my voice and shouted.

"Uh-what are you talking about?" The boy looked at me in surprise.

Of course I know why Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai kept the prize until the last minute, and why he would give it up at the last minute-I certainly know the reason.

I need to be responsible for this from start to finish.

However, I cannot tell anyone who does not know.

Therefore, the misunderstanding of the boys in the student union is excusable-but even so, even if it is not his original purpose to belittle Senior Xiao Muzhen, it is more of a strategy for him to praise his sister’s image in front of me. I also don't allow him to comment on Senior Xiao Muzhen in this way.

"Hey, do you know?" I tried my best to resist the urge to rush forward and give him a punch. Turning my head, I lowered my voice and said, "The relationship between Yui sister and Ogisaki-san is still very good-just With those words you just said, you never need to improve your relationship with Yui sister."

However, it was still a bit too much in the end, I still borrowed the name of Yui sister-I ignored the surprised expression of the boy behind, and took the props in my hand to achieve a corner far away from other people.

Really, after that, I have consciously restrained and avoided getting in touch with the news in that regard, but the way I get the news always makes people feel so helpless.


Chapter Thirty: Activities

When you know a lot but can't do anything, it is better not to know. Maybe many people will accuse this behavior as an escape. But when escape is an effective choice, why can't it be used flexibly?

So, when Yui sister asked me again if I let another student from the student union make trouble again, I just shook my head and didn’t say anything. I didn’t know if I didn’t care or didn’t notice. My sister just nodded, too. Did not continue to question.

In fact, this is also pretty good.

This is how time passed quickly, and it came to Christmas very quickly-although there are not many days before Christmas itself.

On Christmas Day, there were some accidents and it started to snow unexpectedly.It hasn't reached the terrible degree of a blizzard, but it can be regarded as a lot of snow.

"It is estimated that the snow will accumulate in the evening!" The optimistic sister estimated that, "When the evening activities are over, it will be very beautiful!"

"Probably!" I said uncertainly, staring at the oven in front of me.

"The event tonight is over. You can ask Xiaoxue to come out to play in the snow tomorrow, right?"

"Are you a kid? Just forget this kind of thing. How can Yixuexia's character agree to it—"

"--But how do you know if you don't try, hey, Xiaoxue--"

I quickly rushed forward to cover my sister’s mouth. It wasn’t that I was worried that she would make this suggestion with Xuexia, but that I had noticed that the baked cookies in front of my sister had faintly emitted a little Burnt.

Yes, as the final preparation before the Christmas event, we are also responsible for baking cookies and cakes.

God knows who came up with this plan. The budget for making biscuits and cakes by yourself may be slightly less than buying directly, but where can this be less-considering that half of the materials have been used by me and sister Yui Such hard work is wasted.As for the so-called "hand-made" intention, please, isn't this making Valentine's Day chocolate?The object of the gift is not the person you like.

I pointed to the irretrievable biscuits. My sister yelled and forcibly turned off the oven. Listening to the faint scream of the oven, I could only be thankful that Yui sister at least did not have the attributes of an electrical idiot.

So, why did Yukoshita agree with her sister to help bake cookies?

"Sister and Brother Yubihama, you will be responsible for making cookies together!" Recalling the scene at that time, thinking of Yukoshita's emphasis on the word "together" and the meaningful attitude towards me at the time-good Well, although I noticed this, my own cooking ability is definitely negative. Doesn't she know this?It's a little weird to let me control my sister, right?

——Well, she does not seem to know.

Of course, Yui sister yelled and called Yukoshita from another angle, looked at her elder sister with a complicated expression, and then glanced at me.

"Well, you two should be responsible for bagging." She said simply, "Don't touch the rest of the materials, never touch them!"

"Actually, I think I can still work harder—" My sister was halfway through her words, and she took it back after facing the expression of eating people under the snow.

"Reassure—" Looking at the busy cooking room, I pressed my sister's shoulder, "For us, it is the biggest contribution now if you don’t add chaos, and I believe if you continue to add chaos to Xuexia , The last possibility that you will ask her out to play tomorrow doesn’t exist anymore."

"Woo-" Yui screamed again, but finally fell silent.

--------------------------------split line---------------- --------------------

In the evening, the Christmas event finally began.

In fact, if you look back at the planning and organization of the entire event, although in the end you still need to work overtime on weekends due to lack of time, the whole event is still very simple, unexpectedly simple.The reason for the problem is more because the previous argument wasted too much time, so human beings are actually a very inefficient animal-if there are not so many intrigues out of volition, the efficiency of problem solving Can improve a lot.

After the dominance of the event was taken away by us, Isshi seems to have made a little compromise with the Haibin Comprehensive High School and agreed to organize their own activities. In the end, their performances were a hodgepodge of concerts, one for classical music performances, for another. It was a pop music performance. They performed fairly well, and the reaction from the audience seemed not bad.

So it's divided into two waves long ago, and don't you just have to do their own thing?There is also a performance to be held together, so there is an awkward situation of fighting for dominance-there are originally two schools, and the styles and ideas are completely different, and they cannot be put together.Although such complaints came a bit late, this is indeed my true thoughts.

I think many people, including Xuexia, should be surprised by this result. After all, the previous Haibin Comprehensive High School looked like "the two schools must hold activities together and organize the same performance." This is also The biggest reason for the lack of progress in the previous negotiations, the result has now evolved into this kind of result, which is too far from everyone's initial expectations.

However, this is not too surprising. The biggest feature of high school students’ activities lies in the uncertainty of the process and results of the activities. To put it bluntly, no matter what kind of intrigue and calculations, high school students’ life experience, experience and planning are comprehensive. In terms of degree, they are really too young. It is very unlikely to organize an event that follows the plan without the help of others.However, it is precisely because the activities of high school students are not too organized and rigorous, so everyone's response will be more tolerant-to put it bluntly, as long as it is lively.

For example, the ridiculously ridiculous performances of Haibin Comprehensive High School on the stage, the performances were also very blunt, although the atmosphere was warm, it also won more and more applause from the audience.

Even my sister seemed to be more and more devoted to this performance.

Of course, this still couldn't attract me. I was very boring, and I wandered into the background casually, watching Isshiki and the others who were doing the final preparations.

The scene at the backstage is completely different from the lively scene at the front desk. It seems that because the program of the Haibin Comprehensive High School was unexpectedly successful, the members of the student council of Zou Wu Gao took a certain amount of pressure, and everyone’s face collapsed, as if to It exploded immediately.

"Is this bad for you? As the seniors and the director team, there is such a lot of pressure to scare the primary school students. You can't increase the pressure on them!" I looked at the same sullen face and said helplessly.

"No way," Isshiki rubbed his hands. "This event is the first event independently organized by the new student union. If it fails to shine at the beginning, then everyone doesn't have much confidence in themselves, especially like This year's student union is still a first-year student like me."

"But didn't you perform well during the rehearsal, there is nothing to worry about."

"The rehearsal is completely different from the official performance-when you play football, you usually play well in friendly matches. Will you be able to play well in the finals?"

"Well these are two different things—"

"It's the same thing—" he snarled his lips in dissatisfaction. "So how did you adjust your mentality before the finals, and treat your opponents as carrots?"

"Think of the opponent as a carrot, are you forcing me to underestimate the enemy? It's almost the same to treat the audience as a carrot—"

"——Then you see the audience as a carrot?"

"That's not the case. I still enjoy the cheers or boos from the audience. I am a player who likes to interact with the audience."