My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 394

"So you are probably a more narcissistic player, right?"


After a long time arguing with Isshiki like this, not to mention how touched I was, but Isshiki looked a lot easier.

"However, what you said is correct. In fact, we don’t need to be nervous. We don’t need to face the audience. The most nervous is the pupils. If we become so nervous, wouldn’t it be worse than the pupils? Bad?" She smiled and whispered.

"This is the truth, you should have realized it a long time ago?"

"Aware of it doesn't mean you can restrain it--but it's okay now, thanks, and Heya."

"Actually, I didn't do anything."

"No, it's just a matter of just being able to talk just a few words like this. Everyone is tensed, and chatting with each other can't provide comfort. It's very effective if you join in this way."

"It sounds like I'm someone who just wandered around and had a chance to make a difference."

"Eh-aren't you in such a role now?" Yishi tilted his head and asked me with a snicker.


It feels like speechless.

"That's it, I have to do other people's psychological work," Isshi turned around - and then turned around again, "Oh, there is one more thing, about Yukoshita-senpai."

It wasn't until this time that I noticed that Xuexia, as the chief director, didn't seem to be here. It stands to reason that as the chief director and senior, she should be responsible for supervision in the background. If she is there, everyone will not become so nervous.

"She should still be resting in the cooking room now. She is not very comfortable after baking cakes and biscuits before, saying she is a little tired."

"Well, her physical fitness is indeed not very good."

"So can you go see her?"

"No problem, I know-but why me?"

"Isn't it because of He and you are just a guy wandering around and solving problems incidentally?"

"It sounds like I am a hero of interest."

"All in all, please, hero Sang!" Yishi pushed my back hard.

"Please don't follow me to play this kind of terrible stalk, I feel super twisted."

"Then you just don't play with this stalk at the beginning!"

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Chapter 31: Beginning in the Dark

When she walked into the cooking room and saw Yugoshita sitting in a chair blankly, she knew that her condition was not very good.Although the basic image and sense of etiquette made her not limp on the table even when there is no one, it can be seen that she is indeed not very comfortable.

To be honest, in the face of such snowfall, I don't know what to say. A common sentence of "Thanks for your hard work" seems a little lack of sincerity.

Instead, she spoke first.

"Why are you back?"

"Well, the drama is about to begin, and the chief director is not there, so let's see the situation."

"How do you know I'm not here, did you go backstage?"


"Just appreciate the result, don't go to the backstage without problems!" Xuexia said with a chuckle. It can be seen that although her physical condition is not satisfactory, her mental state is still good.

"The main reason is that the performance next door is too boring. I am not interested in this kind of mashup concert, so I want to wander around and just meet Isshi. She said you stayed here."

"That's not going to go backstage," Xuexia shook his head, "but it doesn't matter, so is there anything wrong with the drama?"

"It should be gone now."

"Mean—just had a problem?"

"The high school students in the Student Union just now were too nervous, and it may have biased the mood of the elementary students, but now they should adjust."

"I guess you should have helped a little by the way?" Xuexia asked, squinting.

"It's not deliberate, although Isshiki said it did help."

"Ah, Isshiki classmate!"


"Actually, do you know? Get along with Isshiki for a while and find that she is still not as unbearable as before."

"Eh, did you and Isshiki have this kind of relationship?"

"Of course!" Xuexia frowned, "That's the one who took away my position as the president of the student council. It's impossible to get along well with her, right?"

"But before I really couldn't see what you had a bad evaluation of her, let alone—"

——Not to mention that the person who caused you to lose the student council president is obviously me, so I can’t say this.

"When I work, I will definitely not substitute my personal emotions. My evaluation of Isshiki's classmates refers to outside the normal judgment of work."


"What's wrong, doesn't it look like my style?"

"No." I shook my head, doing business on an official basis, not substituting personal feelings into my work. This is really in line with Yukoshita's style.

The problem is that because it is too consistent, a sense of dislocation was created for a time. Because, under the recent snow, various words and performances are somewhat inconsistent with my previous expectations. Therefore, when the dislocation always occurs , When you get used to this dislocation, even after taking the dislocation as normal, the other party suddenly returns to normal, which will cause new discomfort.

"So, is Isshiki classmate who asked you to come over?"

"um, yes."

"Really? You know that if you tell a little lie at this time and say that you want to come over, the impression in girls' hearts might be better."

"Sa—" I didn't understand the meaning of Xuexia's words, but the habit formed before made me immediately alert.

"It's not my style to lie at this time."

"Well, I know, I just think Yuihama can be more flexible."