My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 395

"Obviously you haven't worked around, so don't complain about whether I have worked around."

"By the way, do you really think I haven't changed?" Xuexia asked coldly.

I looked at her face, which happened to match her deep gaze, and then subconsciously avoided her gaze.

"Yes, has it changed?" I answered cautiously.

This is not under the normal snow, nor is it a misplaced normal under the snow, but another one, an elusive one.

"So, does Yuhihama appreciate this change?"

"Uh, bad."

I really hate this feeling, this feeling of being unable to make things clear, and one more explanation will make me a bit self-righteous, but just such a moderate answer makes me feel like a throat.

I can only passively wait for Xuexia's question and then respond, but as long as she remains mysterious, I can't get out of this vortex.

"By the way, the drama is about to begin now?" However, Yukinoshita didn't seem to want to end this suspenseful drama.

"I thought you didn't want to see it!"

"If no one tells me the time, maybe I won't go, but since you have come to tell me about this." She spread her hands and asked, "Do you have a reservation for me?"

"In the audience, my sister did reserve one for you at the time, but since I have already run out, I'm not sure if she can protect two seats by herself."

"Anyway, go and take a look. If your sister doesn't protect the seat, we will find another place to look."

"Okay!" I nodded helplessly, although I was a little nervous about Xuexia's last words.

"We" just look for another sense of position. This "us" seems to be taken for granted.

----------------------------------------split line-------- ---------------------------------

I would also think about what would happen if my sister could do everything possible to protect the two places next to her-but the world has never allowed this kind of boring assumption. When Yuuki and I returned to our seats and saw When the seats that belonged to us were occupied by others, we were helpless.

After all, this is not a formal performance, and no tickets are sold to the outside world. Even the seats used as the auditorium are placed on temporary chairs. In this case, if there is no one in the front row for a long time, it will end. It is also difficult for Sister Yi to protect the position for two people, so when she looked at me with her hands folded in tears, I could only wave my hand to indicate that it was nothing.

"Or, let's go find a new location with Xiaohe and Xiaoxue. I'm not embarrassed to be here alone. It will be embarrassing if I don't have anyone familiar with me."

"It's okay, the drama is about to begin? We estimate that it will take a while to find the location. Just don't affect Yubihama." However, Yui sister's initiative was rejected by Yukoshita. "Not to mention, look for Two connecting seats together should be easier than finding three connecting seats together."

"Really?" Yui sister took a deep look at Yukoshita, and finally nodded.

I just follow the snow to find a new seat.

"By the way, it's not easy to find two seats together? It's better to separate them and find a seat for each. This is the most efficient way." After leaving my sister, I was like this. He Xuexia proposed.

"The three are already separated. Wouldn't it be great for the two to split?"

"Because the three people are already separated, it doesn't matter if the two are separated again?"

"That's what I said, but," Yukoshita turned around and looked at me, "Although I'm not sure if it is my illusion, you shouldn't avoid me deliberately and keep a distance from me, Yubihama? "

"Uh-" As I said just now, some ideas can be hinted and considered by myself, but if I want to really express them, it would seem that I am too passionate.

Therefore, at this time, I can only deny the other party's speculation.

"How is this possible?"

"Really? I'm also worried that Yubihama will misunderstand me because of previous events, so I deliberately distanced myself from me!"

"Haha, this kind of thinking is really—" I scratched my head and replied with a wry smile.

"But if you don't want to deliberately keep a distance with me, it's okay to find a place to sit down together?"

"Well, no problem." At this point, I can't continue to remain indifferent-unless I directly pick out the question and ask the other party "Do you want to sit with me", but such words cannot be said. of.

"Sa, then go find a location together!"

Although there are some words that I cannot take the initiative to speak, some strange feelings are still obvious. For example, it is clear that the drama has begun and the lights have been turned off. In the darkness we have not been able to find a seat, but Xuexia did not respond to it. Don't worry, even, some enjoyment.

"If you can't, you can only stand behind." Finally, she said.

"Aren't you tired just now? If it doesn't work, if we find a place—"

"——It's okay, isn't it because I got a good rest and came with you?"

Snow under the snow blocked my last temptation. Finally, after the drama started completely, and continuing to walk in the auditorium might affect the sight of other audiences, we had to stop looking for action and stand obediently at the end, Looking at the stage.

Tsurumi Rumi wearing a golden wig slowly stepped onto the stage, and the theatrical performance of "The Maggie's Gift" officially began.


Chapter Thirty Two: The End in Darkness

"The Gift of the Magi" itself is a short enough story. Because it is narrated from the perspective of the heroine Della from beginning to end, the original story has only two main scenes, one is the heroine’s home, and the other is called "Suo Mrs. Ronnie’s hair store has only three characters, the heroine Della, the actor Jim and the lady Soroni.Although the scenes are simple and dialogue dramas require less material to prepare, but the relative plot is a bit too pale.

Therefore, in the official drama, in addition to Della’s perspective, he also originals the perspective of her husband Jim, which is not mentioned in the original work. The original work hides Jim’s perspective to highlight the unexpected ending. However, in this story, As everyone knows, this is no longer necessary, so it is better to add the actor's perspective to make the feelings more fully manifested.

"Did you also write the new story? It's really hard work!"

"No, the entire script was written by the vice president of the student union. He really worked hard." Xuexia shook his head and replied.

I don’t know if the vice president of the Student Union was one of the boys who was hit by my sister’s wishful thinking, but if so, please allow me to show him a little respect, at least he is He is very serious and responsible in his work.

——Although he will not apologize, the boy who is wishful thinking about Yui sister still needs to improve his knowledge level.

On the stage, Della played by Tsurumi appeared in the hair store and began to communicate with the owner.

"I remember that the heroine in the original work seemed to have sold her hair without any bargaining. Now has the story of the dispute increased?"

"There is no bargaining because of the eagerness to change the money. But if the disputing scenes are written, it can also reflect that the heroine wants to do more for her husband. I think both behaviors are understandable, so since the screenwriter decided to add drama, then No problem."

"However, it is very difficult to show that you want to gain greater benefits for yourself, but you don't want the other party to see that you are very embarrassed. Can Tsurumi do it?"

"Tsurumi is okay, but the guy on the other end has some difficulties facing a similar situation."

"Is this girl suitable to be an idol?"

"Well, maybe." In the darkness, I couldn't see Yuukishita's face clearly, but I heard her gentle voice and continued to ask, "By the way, what kind of mentality does Yuhihama think the heroine should be compared? Okay? Should I be more anxious, or spend more time testing?"

"Didn't you say it? Both are understandable."

"I mean you can choose a character you prefer, or how do you want Della to behave at this time?"

"I definitely like the calm type, but I don't hate the anxious type. After all, I didn't stand directly from Della's point of view, saying that her performance was too anxious. There was always a mockery of bystanders."