My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 396

"But does this question make any sense?"

"It's nothing, just think you should exchange opinions when watching a drama?"

"Is this impolite to the actors on stage? Are you really the eldest lady?"

"Hmm. To be honest, I haven't watched such a drama, so I don't know the stage etiquette-is there a rule that the audience cannot discuss the plot?"

"This—not really."

Indeed, this kind of informal drama can cause discussion in a sense and is also a victory.

The play continued. In the original work, the scene where Della agreed to the other party's offer without hesitation became a scene in which Della had a dispute with the store manager, although the final money was the same: twenty yuan.Next, there is a more original scene where Jim, as the actor, hesitates to sell pocket watches.

I don’t know if the script is somewhat weak because there is no reference to the original work, or because the actor’s acting skills are worse, or both. I have to say that the performance of this section is much worse than before.

"It's mainly the actor's problem. Tsurumi is too good." Yukinoshita said flatly because he could detect my doubt.

"Do you seem to like that little girl?"

"It's just an objective evaluation. To be honest, if I were to perform, I would definitely not perform as well."

"If you perform on stage, then the little boy who plays with you will be more stressed, right?"

"Are you kidding? If I perform, how could other actors still use elementary school students? They must be high school students? Refer to the male to female ratio in the student union, it is not realistic to use boys from the student union as the actor, so the actor is probably You, Yubihama."


Fortunately, it’s in the dark, so Xuexia must not see my embarrassed expression right now, but the sentence just now is a bit too ambiguous — of course, because I can’t see the appearance of Xuexia, so I don't know if she is aware of the ambiguity of this sentence, and whether she has reacted to it.

The choice of male and female protagonists in elementary school performances may not matter, but in high school, it all has a specific meaning.

However, Xuexia did not continue to speak, nor can I continue to explain.

Then, without knowing it, the drama came to the last scene, when the husband and wife met and discovered the scene they had missed.

Although a lot of plot was added, the time before it passed quickly because the story itself was very short.

"To be honest, there is only this ending, which I don't like." Xuexia took the initiative to speak. This was the first time she took the initiative to comment on the content of the drama.

"Of course, I'm not talking about the scene where the two sides continue to smile and smile after they discovered their misunderstanding, but that they are not satisfied with the last comment."

I looked at the stage, the pupils were speaking the last lines.

"Of all those who give gifts, these two are the smartest."

"Of all the people who send and receive gifts, they are the smartest."

"No matter where they are, they are the smartest people."

"So, why do you say that?" I turned to Xuexia and asked.

“It’s really a noble thing to think about the other person. It’s really a great thing to sacrifice what you cherish for the other person. However, this kind of consideration for the other person is actually just oneself. Wishful thinking? Didn’t think about what the other party would like to do. In the end, although they understood each other, it was just a beautiful ending-the story could end in another way, right? The couple found out The other party bought the gifts that they didn’t need in the end without discussing with them, and then quarreled. If so, can they be said to be smart people? So-called smart people, just because they silently accepted their losses in the end That's all, this is actually a bit sad."

"It sounds like what Biqigu said."

"This is not imitating someone's words, but my own thoughts." Xuexia's voice raised a little, and his voice sounded more serious.

She put an extra emphasis on the word "own thoughts".

I immediately understood what she meant.

It belongs to Yukino under Yukino, and belongs to her own thoughts. This used to be the place I wanted her to change. Now, she obviously realized this and tried to tell me her change.

"Actually, if we go back and have a better ending, isn't it because the husband and wife are aware of each other's minds? The hair I donated, the pocket watch you donated, if we can buy some together after paying such a price More precious, something that two people can cherish together instead of paying attention to this stupid Christmas surprise, wouldn’t it be better? Knowing each other’s expectations and meeting each other’s expectations, isn’t it better than yourself to make some self-righteous behaviors Is it better?"

"But the protagonists in the story also think that they understand the expectations of the other party, don't they? When they do this, they don't think they are self-righteous."

"Yes, yes, maybe so. But if you clearly know what the other person wants of you, what should you do?"

"Uh, these two questions are somewhat inconsistent in direction?" I suddenly noticed the reason for Xuexia's tirade. I was worried since the beginning of the drama, but during the performance, I was somewhat overlooked because of relaxation.

Xuexia has not changed his mind from beginning to end.

From the beginning in the dark to the communication in the dark, before the end of the dark, she reacted so fiercely, in fact, she wanted a result.

"Now, Yubihama, can I ask you a question?"


Ignoring my silence, she continued to ask.

"Why do you do that when the student union is elected?"

"There is no reason."

"Then, can I guess the reason? I know, you don’t hate me. Even if you hate me, you are not the kind of person who will carefully design such a big scam just to embarrass me. You are definitely not the kind. People who like to change their minds temporarily just to make fun of me, then I can only understand that you did this for a certain well-intentioned purpose."

"The reason for the good intentions is because, Yubihama, you have never done anything deliberately hurting people. This is something I know in the communication with your sister."

——Sister Yui, when did you say that?

"Then, you did such a terrible thing to me. If you want to find a good reason for you, that is, what do you want me to learn from this thing-thinking of this possibility is very It’s easy to understand your behavior, because this is a very rich Yubihama style behavior. Planning a complicated event, in fact, in the end, you just want to get a very simple result. You like to go around the curve to achieve your goal, although you don’t know the end Have you overlooked direct solutions."

"It's really hard for you to take such a long way!"

"This is—" Xuexia's eyes darkened, but she continued, "My sister mentioned it to me at the time."

Heh, Xuexiayangna, was that what he did so hard that day?

"So, what exactly does Yubihama want me to realize-if I understand it correctly, then it is the mode of self-thinking! When you have the worst attitude towards me, you are actually the most unable to control my behavior as you want. At that time, no matter what I think, at least, I seem to be acting according to my own ideas. You admire those who you can’t see through, and you look down upon and act in accordance with your ideas. People who enter your frame, right?"

I still didn't speak.

"So, I changed. I have been changing since I promised Isshiki's classmates to help. And everything I have done is the proof of my independent efforts-is this proof enough?"

"Well, if you understand that." I nodded slowly.

"You mean, are you sure of my change?"


"But—" Suddenly, Xuexia's voice became softer, as if the confident speech just now was just pretending to be a force.

"But," she repeated the word, but still she said nothing.

"But I still can't understand, why did you spend so much effort to help me?" Finally, for the third time, her voice came in a low voice.

"I mean, I don’t understand your approach very much, because you are not a person who spends so much thought on people you don’t value. Of course, I don’t mean that I think you seem to value me very much. Meaning, if there are other possibilities, or, if there are no other possibilities—"