My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 397

This should be the limit of what she can express, very rich in the style of Xuexia, until the end it was only a hint.

"There are other possibilities." I interrupted her.

"After all, I am actually more casual than you think. If I accidentally do one thing wrong, I have to do more to make up for it. In many cases, the cause is just that."

——This is the truth. In the summer vacation, when I said those things triumphantly and under the snow at that lake, what was my mentality?Maybe it's just being stimulated by other people and want to express his own point of view, or maybe the young man's vitality surges up, seeing the light under the snow like a fairy in the forest, wanting to show it in front of her.No matter what the reason, it finally led to the changes under Xuexia, and finally put a heavy burden on me to solve the problem and nothing more.

As for why I have to solve the problem by myself after getting into trouble, it's also because I haven't gotten to that degree casually, and I still have a sense of responsibility that is obsessive to a bit awkward.

"But don't you think that being casual is a very irresponsible word?"

"Yes, I did some irresponsible things, so in order to make up for it, I have to take the responsibility in the end-but when the make up is over, the responsibility will end. Don't take responsibility as something that requires too much emotion ."

"Should we continue to be held responsible for the accidents that occurred during the responsible process?"

"But if all the responsibilities are to be carried to the end, it would be too heavy, isn't it?"

"This is another terrible scumbag speech, Yubihama!"

"Maybe so."

"But, is there no way? This is your final answer, right?"


"Well, it's actually pretty much the same as I thought, except—"


Xuexia did not answer, because, somewhat abruptly, the light suddenly turned on.

Without our attention, the drama is over.

The children on the stage showed cheerful smiles and threw golden confetti down the stage, saying "Merry Christmas" together.

"Actually, the original plan was for the children to share cakes with the audience, but this worked well." Xuexia watched the stage and said softly.

"Everyone is happy, right?" I followed her gaze to the center of the stage, and echoed - as if nothing had happened.

"Yes, everyone is happy, so, just barely pass the pass! Thank you, Yubihama." Yukoshita turned around.

"Why do you want to thank me?"

"It's nothing, I just feel that I should thank you, and I'm sorry." She took a few steps forward, tilted her head slightly hesitantly, but did not turn around to look at me in the end.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have left you to participate in this event."

Leaving such a sentence, she stepped on the ground vigorously, then raised her head, lowered her head, slowly raised her hand and stretched it out in front of her, but then let it go, and finally, she continued silently Go ahead.

I don't know where she is going.

From beginning to end, I have never seen Yukoshita's expression.

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Well, in fact, this plot can be written in two chapters if it is a little bit more watery, but I think it is almost the same after one chapter.Regarding the ending of Yukino, I actually conceived several modes. In the end, I chose this relatively introverted one. The emotional explosion is not the style of Yukino in this book, and the previous characters were abusive when issuing cards. This implies that it will be more comfortable to issue the card (escape)?

So I'm worried about whether this chapter is a little bit unreadable. If I don't understand, I can talk about it. I can write a Xuenao perspective as a supplement in the next chapter...But it’s too much to torture it again from another perspective.

Finally, the Yukino line has no ED. The reason is rather embarrassing. I have searched for wa2 and Harumono, and even Saori's songs. For a while, I couldn't find a song that fits the current Yukino's mood. Of course, if you have a recommendation, I can try to add it. ...


Chapter 33: One More Step

I don't remember exactly what happened after that Christmas party.I vaguely remember that Yukoshita reappeared after disappearing for a while, and together with the members of the student union, we distributed the cake to everyone. Although some sensitive people noticed some tears on her face, the other is that Isshiki took her once subordinates in the aftermath After the work was completed, he appeared in front of us again and again, as if holding a second meeting.

Of course, I rejected this gathering, but everyone including Xuexia agreed to attend this gathering.

So, I left slowly alone, under the not bright street lights at night.

Since the day of the collapse, one of my biggest wishes seems to have ended-about the change of Yukino under Yukoshita. However, I did not have any joy of success at all. I just felt that I finally let go of a burden and finally don’t have to bear that share. The burden of responsibility puts on me, and finally I don’t have to worry about guessing the psychology under the snow.

In fact, I should have been sure for a long time that if that betrayal could not cause complete death and heartbreak, then the feelings would only recover. Therefore, I carefully avoided any substantive discussions with Xuexia. However, this There is no escape after all.The sentence "I won't change and leave you to participate in this event" contains how complicated her emotions are, and I can't fully understand.

It's just that I still feel a little ridiculous. After I broke down, I re-energized and worked hard. In the end, what I want to achieve is such a goal?

Only then did I realize that I am actually a very bad plan executor. When implementing my plan, I often regard the completion of the plan itself as everything, and finally forget the original purpose of the plan, and I set a virtual time for myself Table, and then immerse in it, without considering the final result.

Actually, for Xuexia, I can handle it better, right?

Looking up at the end of the road, a woman named Yukoshita Yono was standing there. After all, without her fanning the flames, perhaps the problem would not have become so complicated.

Of course, I don't know if she and I happened to meet here or she was waiting for someone here, but when we meet, we always have to talk.

"That kid, did you tell me?" Xuexia Yangna asked straightforwardly.


If it's someone else, I might have to argue with her. This sentence is completely unclear, but if the other person is Yukoshita Yono, then it is completely unnecessary.

"How do you feel that you are more depressed? I regretted rejecting Koyuki. That sister encouraged you to chase her back, but it probably takes a little bit of thought. After all, it is difficult for people to accept someone who has rejected him. People!"

——I know that Xuexiayang is definitely talking about his sister, but this description easily reminds me of another person.

Yukoshita said, I'm sorry to keep me, what if she didn't show up behind me at the time and didn't keep me behind?

"It seems that Brother Heye still wouldn't do this!" Xuexia Yangna stared at me for a while, shook his head, and said helplessly.

"Sister Yangnai is here waiting for me to say witty things to me, right?"

"Of course not, I stayed here waiting to comfort my dear sister, but I didn't expect to see a dejected little brother first."

Only then did I realize that Xuexiayang knew what her sister was doing tonight as it should.

"Actually, it’s easy to guess. If you know my dear sister like I do, you can basically tell that she is going to do something tonight. After working hard for so long, she proudly made her own After the proof, of course she has to take advantage of this momentum to express her thoughts, otherwise, with the character of that child, I am afraid that it will be bored for a long time, although if it is me, I feel that if it is me, I think the chance of winning is better if it is a long time. ."

I opened my mouth and looked at Xuexiayang who said all this as a matter of course. This person is still very powerful.

"Senior sister really knows her own sister!"

"It's a matter of course, isn't it? How else would you call it my sister?"

I nodded. Actually, there are quite a few people I know who have the identity of sisters, and they all seem to know the character of their younger brother or younger sister very well.

"It's just a pity that I couldn't realize her wish for her."

"Her wish?"

"Isn’t it just tricking Brother Heya? Didn’t this fail in the end? Because of me, she started thinking of ways to get the two of you closer, and kept the kid from making detours. The child stopped taking a detour, but in the end he wanted to take a shortcut, he was too anxious!