My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 398


Although it's good to be straightforward, it always feels a bit complicated to say these words in such a grand manner in front of the person involved.

However, Yukoshita Yangna didn't seem to care about it.

"However, even though you thought of such a result, Brother Kazuya, did you really refuse so decisively? Although my Xiaoxuno's personality is still so regrettable, you saw her but changed a lot for you! "

"Please don't speak so ambiguously, as if Xuexia are all changing for me."

"It can be said to some extent, isn't it?" Xuexia Yangna raised his eyebrows and said with a serious face.

To some extent, it can be said.I looked at her unconvincingly, but finally bowed my head to admit this fact.

No matter what the reason, Xuexiaxue is developing in the direction I hope. Of course, this is because of my request of her, which is changing.

"So, for such a good child, I originally thought that you should at least have some enthusiasm for her, and my family Xiaoxuna is actually a great beauty!"

To be sure, although looking back from now on, rejection itself is understandable and natural, but at the time, I reacted a little too quickly.After all, it is undeniable that as a boy, I also had a moment when I was moved by Xuexia.

"So, why do you reject her so decisively? Can't you think about it?"

"Think more about it before rejecting it. Wouldn't it look terrible?"

"This is not a suitable excuse!"

Yes, it is not a suitable excuse, but if you have to say something, it is because there is no reason to refuse.

"I just felt that I shouldn't agree, so I refused. I never thought about the possibility of agreeing from the beginning to the end. That's it." In the end, the answer is this-this is also a true reflection of my heart.

"Why haven't you considered it?"

"So, if you didn't consider it, you didn't consider—"

"--Or, still didn't give up on that goal?"

Of course I know what that goal is. I have missed countless times, a goal that I thought was irretrievable.

"Impossible, I have already given up, I have wasted all the opportunities given to me, and now I am no longer qualified to pursue it." I shook my head.

"Really? But, in my opinion, your idea of ​​brother Heye is still very strong!"

"Why do you say that?"

"So, go back and think about the reason why you rejected Koyuki so decisively — it's true, my Koyuki is not worthy of your consideration. Or, there is another person in your mind, so you can't To consider her?"

Rejecting each other, missing each other, misunderstanding each other, repeated scenes countless times, flashed in my mind one by one, maybe it is really because of such misunderstandings and too many misses, which made me have a fatalistic idea: Yubihama Kazuya and Ogizuna Yukina cannot come together.

And this kind of fatalism always makes me feel that even if there is the next chance, there will be various accidents, let us continue to pass by, if this is really fate, what is the meaning of persistence? ?

However, the key to the problem may not be the meaning of persistence, right?The key to the question is do I still want to persist?

Even if you know that you will be misunderstood next time, do you still have to stick to it?

The answer seems to be very simple, but am I real, do you want to give up?

Maybe, in my subconscious mind, I still can't give up. Otherwise, why would I just refuse as Yukoshita Yono said, and I can do it as it should be?

"So, why did Senpai tell me this? I thought--"

"So I thought I should be more biased towards Koyuki?"


"I have indeed been helping that child, but if I see that there is no chance, it is my sister's duty to stop her from being obsessed with it?"

"It's not like the serious words that Senior Yang Na can say!"

"And, more or less, for Xiao Muzhen, sometimes, he will feel guilty?"

"Senior Xiao Muzhen's guilt?"

"A good boy shouldn't inquire about things you don't know?" Xuexia Yangna blinked.

I understand that I may never know the reason for this guilt.

So, can I, as she said, do one more step for the unwillingness in my heart?

Try harder, maybe it's really possible?

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Chapter 34: Gifts

Christmas is the New Year. This continuous holiday is a good time for holidays. Sometimes I think that if Jesus and his old man were not so coincidentally born on December 25, but in October, that doesn’t mean abroad. There will be an extra holiday in October.It is said that many countries have a one-week Easter holiday, but the meanings of Easter and Christmas are different after all.

Well, in fact, there is no need to think about these things. Starting to think about these things, after all, means that I have nothing to do. Yes, I am in a situation where I have nothing to do with my sister.

In the end, I had to accompany my sister to the street to pick out Xuexia’s birthday presents. This was a good thing promised before Christmas. Even if such a big thing happened during Christmas, this agreement cannot be changed.

I don’t know if my sister knows that something has happened between me and Yukinoshita. With her recent keenness, I don’t believe that she is unaware of it, but if she doesn’t say anything, I can’t say anything. "Xuexia confessed to me that night and then I rejected her" and so on.

Christmas holiday is also a good thing. At least there will be no club activities for a while. Whether it is me or Xuexia, I can spend some time to adjust my mentality and adjust the state of getting along with each other-although even so, I Still lack confidence in club activities after school starts.

Of course, more free time will also give me more time to think about what Xuexiayangna said to me.However, so far, my mind is still blank on this issue-even if I want to work hard, but if I can't start, what should I do?

These seemingly simple but difficult to deal with the backlog of problems in my mind, making me a little difficult to think.

However, one thing is certain, and that is, I definitely can’t safely choose a birthday gift from a girl I just rejected with my sister, so whenever my sister walks into the store to choose, all I do is stand In a daze at the shop.

——Of course, sometimes my sister will be forcibly dragged into the shop.

"Xiaohe, do you understand the meaning of'together' picking gifts? Even if you don't take the initiative to pick, you have to help me as a staff, don't you? Don't stand stupidly outside!"

"That's what you said, but you also know that if it were me, it would end with "I think it's okay", "As long as my sister finds it suitable, it's almost the same," right?"

"Nine times out of ten will be like this, but as long as there is one small and other opinions, there must be something special about that gift."

"Uh, I think the other time I will speak will be'I don't think this gift is suitable for Xuexia' or something--"

"—Well, anyway, come in and have a look before you make a judgment. For example, how about this dress? I think it's good. The fluff on it can be removed and it is easy to match."

Well, even though it is like this-I looked at the orange cotton coat that my sister was holding with joy, and had to frown-this kind of warm-colored clothes, you are sure to choose a birthday gift for Xuexia , Or buy yourself clothes?Then don't start looking at the men's clothing you like, it will become a gift for me.

I opened my mouth and tried to remind my sister of this-but in the end I gave up. Yui sister should not be confused to this level, and it is a very dangerous signal to start giving opinions. If I shut up at the beginning, I will do nothing. What she said, her sister would naturally give up in the end, but if she said anything, then at least there will be no rest for a while.