My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 399

However, I feel that if I don't say anything, the situation will become a bit out of control.

"How does Xiaohe feel about this one?" My sister took the clothes in her hand and looked at me with interest, "This year's popular style!"

"Um-ahem!" I had to cough to express my horror at this dress.

The clothes in Yui sister's hands are the legendary open-back sweaters-I have only seen people wear them like this on the Internet. It seems that it is a popular style. Some female stars like this type.However, if you see it in normal times, I have to say, this is a bit too exciting, right?

And Xuexia would never accept this kind of clothes, right?

"I'll try it on!" However, before I could question my opinion, the energetic old lady ran into the dressing room.

I feel more and more that she seems to be just shopping for clothes for herself instead of buying gifts under the snow.

However, since they have all gone to the locker room, I must not be able to drag her out. In front of the salesperson's sincere smile, I was embarrassed to leave like this.

"Sir, don't be embarrassed, this is a very popular style nowadays, don't look at this dress with a special eye." The salesperson said with a smile-as if I was the kind of little boy who had never seen the world.

Well, in a sense it is true.

"I know."

"Moreover, your girlfriend has a very good figure. Wearing such clothes will definitely suit him!"

"Ahem, ahem!"

Only this point must be refuted.

"Um, sorry, that's my sister!"

"Uh, isn't it?" The salesperson was also stunned for a moment, but she quickly reacted, "Then the relationship between your husband and your sister is really good, and the dialogue between your sister and brother is as harmonious as a couple. "


There are so many slots that I can’t talk about it. For example, the subtext of this sentence seems to be that the relationship between couples is more intimate than the relationship between siblings and brothers, but this is very debatable, right?For another example, how is the dialogue between normal sisters and younger brothers like a dialogue between lovers?Finally, for example, you have already seen that we have the same red hair. Why would you mistake us for a couple? Isn’t it true that couples don’t wear couple clothes, but dye couple’s hair?

"Now, Xiaohe, is it suitable?" My sister walked out embarrassedly, stood in front of me, and asked.

"Uh-" I took a step back subconsciously.

But, I have to say, very suitable.

My sister chose not the kind of halter sweater mentioned on the Internet to expose the whole quilt, including both sides of the body, and only cover the front part of the body. Instead, it is relatively conservative and only exposes the shoulders and the upper half of the younger generation. Part of it, but even so, wearing such clothes on Yui sister's body adds a touch of seduction.

Of course, I mean, it’s impossible for me to have any wrong thoughts about my sister. I just stand on a male’s point of view to fairly evaluate the effect of this dress on my sister, and my smooth shoulders are exposed. Although it is indoors, in winter when everyone is wrapped tightly, it still makes people shine. With the lightly turned around, the exposed back also has a unique allure. Of course, the most attractive may be The exquisite figure, the open-back sweater itself is the kind of clothes that can show women's curves very vividly, and Yui sister wears such clothes-uh, I will emphasize it again, I will just evaluate it objectively.

"Um, Xiaohe, your blushing!" My sister's body leaned forward, and because of this dress, even if it didn't close, I felt that I was more sensitive to the softness of sister's body and the taste of her body. Do not know how many times.

Very bad, I feel that this is really causing strange emotions to my sister.

"Very suitable, I mean, very suitable," I still staggered away from my sister, and lowered my head.

——Although I still want to continue to look at my sister.

"But is it a little out of season? Although spring styles are on the market ahead of schedule, but in winter, such clothes can only be worn indoors? Isn't it weird that this kind of sweater is outside?" , The most important thing is to let my sister change her clothes back.

"Actually, I think it's okay, because it's possible that this birthday gift will have to be given to Xiaoxue after school starts. It will be February. Maybe it's almost time?"

"Uh, if you want to choose this dress, you may have to consider your figure. I mean, a better figure can reflect the beauty of this dress, so Yui sister is more suitable-well, I am not talking about snow. The figure below is not good, I mean, um, ah—"

Oops, already a little incoherent.

"In short, probably, that's it, I think this dress may not be suitable." So in the end, I can only force the finishing process in this way.

But the sister who seems to be having a good time will not let it go.

"Well, since Xiaohe said so—" But my sister nodded unexpectedly.

"Uh, uh?"

"Xiaohe disagrees. I still don't buy it. To be honest, I think the impact of this dress may be too big for Xiaoxue, hehe."

"So why did you fancy this dress in the first place?"

"Because I want to try it on? What's wrong, can't it?" My sister looked at me with gleaming eyes.

"It's not impossible--" I avoided my sister's sight.

"But Xiaohe said that if I wear a suitable dress, I have a chance to buy it next time? After all, today's budget is only enough to buy a gift for Xiaoxue." My sister said with a smile, and then briskly walked to the dressing room.

Only leaving me standing there embarrassed.

"Um, sir, the relationship between your siblings is really subtle!" The clerk on the side added silently.

Hey, didn't the store manager teach you not to talk nonsense during your training?


Chapter Thirty Five: The Shackles of Self-Binding

"Speaking of gifts for Xiaoxue, it's better to have something to do with cats!" Coming out of the clothing store, my sister continued to take me around the mall.

Now I’m not in the mood to think about other things, but the problem is that I’m all thinking about the appearance of my sister just now wearing a halter sweater—maybe the clerk is right, I’m really right. Have seen the world.

It seems like this. It is said that adolescent boys of my age should more or less have one or two small yellow books or secretly treasured adult magazines, but I have never considered this aspect, more or less All places should get together to talk about the girls in the class and express the little fantasies "If XX is my girlfriend", I have never done this before. Of course, I have been in love, but, Recalling the experience of interacting with Xiaochun, the most intimate act was the simple kiss when the two were alone. They had never even acted too frivolously. They were so pure that if they didn’t say it, no one would think it was one. Spiritual communication between lovers.

Considering all this, and then experiencing the shock that my sister just had, even if it was Yui sister, some bad thoughts would appear in my mind.Of course, fortunately that was Yui sister, otherwise I think there will be some worse delusions.

Of course, even this is embarrassing enough for me.

I tried to focus my energy on observing the cat accessories pointed out by my sister, cat ornaments, cat paw gloves, cat paw socks, cat ear headdress, if Yui sister wears such a headdress, well, it is more suitable for sister. Obviously it should be around the puppy, the kind of canine gloves, and finally the earrings of the dog West, plus the halter sweater just now-why go back again!

However, if my sister puts on this type of gloves, she will be very cute. For example, the way her hand in the puppy glove grabs my hand-eh, is this reality?

"I think this glove is also very cute and not expensive. I really want to buy it. What do you think of Xiaohe?" My sister appeared in front of me with a big smile.

"Well, it's cute, it fits my imagination, ah, I mean, it fits the way my sister should be in my imagination, well, it's not right—"

Oops, incoherent.

"--Really, what is Owa thinking about?" Yui sister's face flushed, and she quickly put her hand back.


In fact, this should be a normal reaction of adolescent boys?But why does it seem so abnormal to me?

"Xiaohe, you have to be careful when choosing gifts for girls. I'm teaching you this. Even if you think it’s better to choose gifts for Xiaoxue a little bit more casually, there will always be girls who want to carefully choose gifts with their hearts. Don’t let me choose gifts for you at that time, I won’t help you, absolutely not!”


"Also, the birthday gifts you used to choose for me are the ones that are too everyday and have not been chosen carefully. Starting next year, you must choose birthday gifts for me with your heart. Today is your opportunity to practice. I understand. ?"