My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 400

Then buy her these gloves directly next time.

"This pair of gloves is forbidden. I will buy it myself afterwards."


——But, to be honest, even if you want me to choose a gift for a girl who just refused, even if this is just a practice, it’s too difficult, right?

"Well, let's forget it today? I'm still embarrassed to choose a gift for Xiaoxue."


"On Christmas night, Xiaohe must have said something to Xiaoxue, right?"


"Actually, it can be guessed. When I am present, Xiaohe generally does not leave early. You will stay because of taking care of my ideas. If you leave early, something must have happened, plus Xiaoxue's performance. It's too obvious." My sister said calmly while staring at the various accessories in front of her, but she didn't look at me from start to finish.

Although I had thought that my sister might guess all of this, I always felt that she would pretend to be unaware, and then wait for everything to pass naturally, but, I did not expect that she would shake this topic under such circumstances.

"In fact, I continued to let Xiaohe come out to help select gifts to test Xiaohe's ideas. It was just to think that everyone could participate in club activities together after such an accident. If the small business does not come back, Xiaoxue and Xiaohe After the collapse, the society basically disbanded, right?"

"Actually, if it's just a club activity, it's okay. My sister might not be so embarrassed after adjusting the atmosphere."

"Well, maybe!" My sister nodded silently.

Is she saying this just for the community?

"Oh, by the way, just a question by the way. If Xiaohe doesn't want to, he doesn't need to answer. Why does Xiaohe reject Xiaoxue?"

This is the second person to ask me this question. The former is Yuukixia's sister, and now it is my own sister.

However, it was difficult to express the idea that Yonoyuki could barely admit in front of Yukihama Yui.Because, that sentence makes me too easy to recall that in front of the school building that morning, Yuihama Yui and Ogizuna Yukina had no warning but an unforgettable confrontation.

If it is because I still have a fascination with Senior Xiao Muzhen in my heart, then Yui sister will definitely be angry. Although she does not know why she is angry, she knows that she is angry.

"Well, if you don't want to answer, then you don't have to answer."


The elder sister shook her head seemingly tolerantly, but silently refused to answer. On the other hand, it was actually an obvious hint. After all, the fact that Yukoshita Yono has already felt, Yuihama Yui again How can I not realize it?

So, the question that I had forgotten for a long time was put on the table again. Slowly, I understood the thoughts of Yukina, Yukoshita, but it should have belonged to the person closest to me. , Yuihama Yui’s thoughts, have I really thought about it?

Because I am an older sister, all the care, all the care, and all the anger for me are all because I value the understanding of my dearest brother. This is of course logical, just as because Yui sister is an older sister, so I will be very concerned about her every move, will care and spoil her unlimitedly, and will be picky about her possible boyfriends. This should be the case.

But is it really that simple?

Just like just now, when I saw my sister's dress, my heart beat faster at that time, and I can't forget my sister's dress just now for so long. Why is this?Or, at that time, in what capacity am I looking at Yuihama Yui?One step further, when I did not hesitate to reject all suitors who asked me for her contact information for Yui sister, why did I "do not hesitate" so much?

Is it the same as when I didn't hesitate at that time, was the same as when I refused to hesitate under the snow?

It can be said that they are different, but what if they are the same?Humans are self-deceptive and self-persuasive animals. Some moral and ethical self-persuasion mechanisms will firmly restrain some dangerous ideas.

For this, I am not sure yet.

However, because I am not sure about myself, I am not sure what my sister thinks of me — another, dangerous possibility also exists.

Remember that since a certain period of time, the intimate actions between Yui sister and me began to increase. What if this meant some other thoughts?

Sure enough, it's a bit unacceptable. Even a top sister like Biqigu will only say that she wants to stay with her sister and let her raise herself instead of falling in love with her sister or marrying her sister.Those who would say such a thing would only be the kind of relatives who have no blood relationship at all, who just treat their sisters as delusional objects.

Therefore, if someone asks me if I will fall in love with Yui sister, or marry Yui sister, I will not hesitate to tell them that this is a joke, even if I carefully analyze my feelings and my own After thinking about it, I will still say that.

But will my sister be so sure?

However, if I negate all that, is the rest of my strong possessiveness towards Yui sister just because she is my sister?

"Xiaohe——" Yui sister leaned over again.

I jumped away again, this time, not simply surprised or subconsciously, but a little nervous or even at a loss.

"Uh, shouldn't I mention Koyuki's thing?" Yui sister looked at me with tears in her eyes, "Do you make Xiaohe sad?"

"Not really."

"That Xiaohe looked so depressed just now—"

I turned my head guiltily.

Thinking about whether your sister will have a relationship with you?Speaking of this, I am afraid I am going crazy, right?

"It's nothing, I didn't think about anything, just think how to make myself able to face the snow more calmly, haha--" Panic looking for a reason.

"Well, the winter vacation is still very long, you can think about it slowly." My sister nodded, she didn't delve into it just right, and I was relieved.

"Xiaoxue's gift, do you still want to pick it?"

"Keep on picking, whatever, whatever."

"Ok, what do Xiaohe think of these cat-like indoor socks?"

"Yukixia's character may be secretly worn, and it may fit unexpectedly."

Some thoughts that are too dangerous must be buried in the bottom of my heart. This is self-restraint as a person.

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Chapter 36: Holiday arrangements

After selecting the gifts under the snow, it basically means that the last task that belonged to us has been completed a year ago, and the next step is to clean up in the New Year.

It is said that when cleaning the New Year, you will always find something unexpected when cleaning the room, long dusty childhood memories, old black history notebooks and so on-but I think this is actually the plot of the story.It's very simple. New Year's cleaning is done every year. Shouldn't your black history notebook and childhood memories have been kept in the same place for a long time? Why didn't you find them during the previous cleaning, but found them when you think these things are important?

Therefore, every year’s New Year’s sweep can only discover what was done the previous year.

Of course, for me, the past year has been exciting enough.In January, I encountered the biggest failure in my life, both academic and emotional failures. In March, when I started to rediscover the value of my life, I met Xiaomu Xuecai. Since April, I have encountered various problems in high school. All kinds of people, all kinds of things.Because there are so many things, giving me a loss in that January game seems to be a few years ago.

Of course, the black history of the past year also exists, such as the uselessness of the talent that made everyone sneer at it and was finally abandoned by me.Talent has never been a factor that affects the progress of things. Human thinking is.For another example, the series of emotional issues dealt with-when did Yubihama become a person with such a rich and complicated relationship?

Of course, all of this has basically come to an end at the end of the year.The so-called past year is the process of frantically digging pits in the previous time and filling them madly in the following time.Because the pit was dug too deep and too much, it always seemed reluctant to fill the pit. Although the task was completed in the end, it was still exhausted and bruised.

Of course, there are still some unresolved issues, but they all require more thinking.

When looking forward to the new year, I hope to get something more hopeful and no longer worrying.