My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 401

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The days after the sweeping is the day of hiding in the stove waiting for the New Year. It seems that we have repeated this kind of thing until the night before the arrival of the New Year.

However, for me, this is also the first time in several years. The New Year’s Eve of the previous few years was also the eve of the final preparations for the middle school league. I didn’t have so much time to hide in the stove and enjoy the winter and outdoors. Different temperature.Although there will definitely be a holiday on the last two days of each year, there are only two days. There are too many things to do and there is no way to fully appreciate the leisure.

So, this kind of long time around the stove with my family, watching my sister's mobile phone and my parents watching TV is also quite interesting.Of course, when you become a bystander rather than a participant in the middle school student league, the emotions are still quite complicated.

"Xiaohe hasn't paid attention to the middle school student league recently, right?"

"I paid attention to the high school league, but didn't the General Wu Gao fail to qualify again this year?"

"Oh, Hayato seems to have told me before the last game if he could ask Xiaohe to help. He said that he could reduce the lack of running-in problem by just rushing up the bench in the last twenty minutes. "

"But old sister, you didn't tell me, did you?"

"Uh, Hayato mentioned it to me when he was absent from school and traveled, and a lot of things happened when he came back, so—"

Although my sister explained this, I know that she rejected Ye Shan for me in advance because she knew what I thought, because Ye Shan himself came to me later.

"Although Yui said that you are definitely not willing, but if you can, it happens that we now have a player injured and have a chance to make up the registration, so Kazuya, if --"

Although it was very tactful, my answer was the same as before. Of course, as my sister said, I didn’t think about the free time for this kind of thing at the time, but I often went to the football club to play in the football club during the worst days. In the days when he invited me, I might take part because of my face.

Of course, having said that, if I lack systematic exercise for a long time, my physical fitness is estimated to be enough for 20 minutes of high-intensity confrontation, right?

"By the way, I actually didn't pay attention to the middle school student league. After all, we are no longer middle school students, but a few students who have been in contact in middle school mentioned that--"

"—Boy or girl?"


"——I believe girls care about football, and girls still miss the football team of the previous school so much, I would not believe it."

"But they don't seem to be talking about Qingquan Middle School. They are talking about another school in Chiba, Cherry Academy. This year seems to have a super first grade, maybe it is about the same as the first grade. The Cherry Academy is out of the county qualifier."

"Ha—so there are a lot of geniuses. Every year there are newcomers. It’s more obvious when you look at the high school league. The MVP of the general league is not the third grade, because the powerful third grade has already been poached by professional teams. The senior team’s game."

"This kid understands better than me. I'm only interested in the name of the first-year freshman. That kid is also called'Heya'!"

"Ahem -" I was a little surprised, I poured a glass of water to moisturize my dry throat, "Well, probably because the name is very common?"

"But that kid is also called Xiaohe. If Xiaohe is one year younger, then this year's competition will be a match for him. I don't know which Xiaohe is right to support?"

Is this a fool?This must be a fool, right?The elder sister looked at me with a smile, she must be waiting for me to complain, right?But this slot is so hard to vomit that I don't know how to reply?

"If I repeat the grade now, can I play with that Heya when I wait for the third year of high school?"

Well, it feels like I'm getting cold.

Finally, under the embarrassing words, our mother's voice came over to resolve our embarrassment.

"By the way, Yui and Kazuna, do you want to go to Nagano hot springs after the New Year? Mom wants to see the monkeys over there."

I have to say that this proposal of my mother is also very magical.

"Let’s not say that this kind of hot spring trips are usually made years ago. What is going on in Nagano to see monkeys? It’s more reliable to find a few monsters there when you have time, isn’t it?"

"Originally, it was expected that the whole family would go there for Christmas, but Xiaohe and Yui had activities on Christmas, so it was delayed. Mom was very helpless too!" Mother mother looked at me with a bit of dismay, her head down. , "And shouldn't I go to Nagano to see monkeys? Isn't that reason?"

Uh, this kind of "Your mother worked hard for a year. She wanted to take a good rest and relax at the end of the year. She decided to go to the hot springs and also wanted to take her family with her. But because her child had temporary activities, she cancelled the original plan. But mother It means that I am a considerate and good parent, so I don't mind, but you are not willing to make a sacrifice for your mother because of the sacrifice you connected." The expression is indeed very sorry.

Looking at the father on the other side, he didn't say anything. It is estimated that he has agreed to his mother's request. In this case, there is no need to protest.

"Actually, I have no opinion." I lowered my head.

"Kazuya agreed, Yui is fine, right?"

"Xiaohe promised that I will be fine!"

"Then it was decided so happily. I have already booked the ticket and hotel for four days and three nights. Is it okay?"

My mother nodded contentedly. Seeing her like that, she almost took out the tickets she had bought and showed us off like magic.

Well, on days like winter, a trip to the hot springs is still quite comfortable.

Anyway, during the winter vacation, there should be no major events, right?

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Chapter 37: New Year's Visit

I have always disliked New Year's visits. On the one hand, I hate going out in a formal dress at night. On the other hand, I don’t like occasions where there are too many people and I don’t understand the meaning.To put it bluntly, if there are no activities other than New Year’s visits, I don’t understand why people like to spend a lot of time in groups to wait in line at the shrine, just to ask for a lottery and hit a clock. This is in addition to the sense of ritual and symbolism. Meaningless things other than sex.

"But, the sense of ritual is also very important!" Yuihama Yui said, as she approached me to help me organize my clothes, she said something that seemed to have repeated to me countless times, "And Xiao and you clearly two years ago Are you all willing to go to the New Year’s worship service?"

"Tsk—" I took a breath.

"Ah, sorry." My sister reacted very quickly.

The reason for attending New Year's worship two years ago is now gone.

"However, maybe you can ask for a visa this year, and you can find people who are willing to visit together next year, haha!"

"I will definitely go tomorrow, Yui sister is going to go to school, of course, if you say you are going to work directly, I didn't say anything--"

"Hmm, there is still a whole year, don't mention this kind of panic thing so quickly!"

"Strictly speaking, you will be in the third grade in only four months. When you reach the third grade, you have to worry about this kind of thing, but I have a way to help you solve this trouble."

"What can I do?" My sister looked at me with bright eyes.

"It's fine to repeat the grade. We can go to school together."

"Isn't that even more embarrassing?"