My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 402

"So," I spread my hands, "it would be better to think about these things early."

"Ah woo-"

But at this point, I have come to think of the meaning of going to worship-with my sister’s ability, I am afraid that when I ask for a visa next year, my academic level will be determined to be unable to improve. Even "good luck" may not change the fate of failing the ranking, so I can give it today She went to ask for a sign to improve her studies so that her sister would have room for rescue in the next year.

"In short, let's go!" I patted my sister on the shoulder, and I said in a deep voice.

"Hey, Xiaohe doesn't need me to comfort you? No, you should be lighter, my clothes are not ready yet! Will you help me organize if you mess up?"

"If I help you organize it, I'm afraid it will make it worse!"

"Then don't touch it indiscriminately!" My sister muttered, stepping lightly on small steps, and followed my footsteps.

Of course, when I walked into the crowd, I soon regretted it-this is also a daily routine every year. I tried my best at home to think about a reasonable reason to participate in the New Year’s worship, and then forced myself to go out. , But he was discouraged in the face of the turbulent flow of people.

However, when you become a part of this stream of people, it feels like going backward is not as good as going forward-backward will be flattened by people who keep moving forward.

I can usually endure it at this time because my sister is next to me, and because I am in the motivation to protect the old sister and talking with my sister, it is not very boring, so I can barely survive this long waiting process, but , This time is different.

Sister Yui found out that her clothes had not been adjusted shortly after she left, so she hurried home to adjust her clothes.

"Xiao and you go first, I will catch up with you immediately." She only said that at the time.

However, twenty minutes later, she sent me a new email.

"Sorry, Xiaohe, the problem here seems to be more complicated than I thought. Mom has already gone out. It is very troublesome for me to adjust by myself. Xiaohe, you don't have to wait for me. You have to learn to participate in New Year's worship by yourself! "

I really want to reply to her "what the fuck" if I can, but considering that Yui sister may struggle with this English for a long time, I finally gave up doing it and reluctantly accepted that I would participate alone. Facts about visiting worship in the New Year.

In this way, I think I may also be one of the loneliest people I know who attends New Year’s worship, because I think that even the lonely person without friends in Biqigu has his own sister to accompany him, but it doesn’t seem to be Then Yubihama Kazuya, who was separated from the social group, didn't even have a person to meet temporarily at this time. Thinking about it, I feel that the world is so sad.

Therefore, a lot of time can only be spent on things such as observing what kind of lottery the people in front get and how they will react.

For example, the happy face of the middle-aged uncle probably predicted that he might get a long-lost promotion in the new year, and the calm expression of the old lady probably means that the New Year will still be easy and flat. Young people usually yell at the good or bad luck of the lottery. Whether you believe in the so-called fortune or not, getting a good lottery at this time will still make people feel comfortable.

Of course, young people who are particularly calm cannot be ruled out. For example, a girl with long black hair who walks in front of me with a blank face, or even a little pale, and who doesn’t even know what to do when she comes to the stage-wait, The guy's back looks familiar.

There were not many people in front of me, so when it was my turn, the girl was still standing in front of the shrine, and I was finally able to confirm her identity.

Dongma and Sae pursed their mouths, gritted their teeth, looked down at the ground stubbornly, and moved her feet uneasily. She was still dressed in a usual casual dress, which looked a little out of place compared with most of the formal people around. Probably because of this reason, she did not dare to talk to the people around her and asked what she should do next.

——Although she doesn't talk to others even in normal times.

"Hey, just follow me." I squeezed to her side calmly, and I whispered.

Touma and Sae glanced at me in amazement, but nodded quickly. She didn't care about the awkwardness at this time. Waiting so long in front of the shrine was a torment to her body and mind.

Tuck the money into the treasure chest-by the way, give Dongma Hesha a bunch, I guess she definitely didn't know to bring these things.Rattle the bell, bow 90 degrees, stand upright and bow twice at 90 degrees, give high fives to the chest, and then make a wish.

While whispering to Dongma Hessa "This is the time to make a wish", while absently praying that Yui sister in the new year can get rid of the fate of scumbag, I wish to put down my hands and bow again at 90 degrees, and finally bowed slightly. .

Actually, I’m not very familiar with this set of processes. I did it with my sister before, but I know a step more or less. It’s much better than the winter horse and yarn who don’t know what to do. Especially when I watched her stiff look when she did the action, I even wanted to laugh.

Finally, after the embarrassed Dongma and Yarn draw lots, the whole process is over.

Bringing Dongma and Sae out of the shrine, I could hear her sighing clearly.

"Thank you!" For Dongma Hesha, it is already very rare to squeeze such a sentence out of his teeth.

"It's nothing, but you are also very courageous. Haven't you been to worship before? You came here alone. Such a good opportunity is called Harunuki Uekitahara. He will definitely come with you very happily."

"He looked for me, but I refused."

"Are you stupid?"

"He said he would call Xiao Muzhen again, because he heard that she was in a bad mood."


"But after I turned him down, he seemed to say that it is not too embarrassing to go to meet Xiao Muzhen alone, so you don't need to worry too much.

"Uh, uh-so I should say, thank you?"

"As you understand, I didn't refuse for you either." Dongma and Sa turned their heads and said casually.

"Okay, but thanks anyway."

"So, there is no need."

"But you still came out alone. You have never come to the worship before. Is there any reason you must come out today?"

"Can't you come without a reason?" Touma and Sa gave me an annoyed look.

"If it's someone else, it's possible. You're not the kind of person who will join in the fun?"

"Yuhihama, don't you think you talk a lot of nonsense?"

Uh, maybe Yui sister is gone, her gossip thinking is inherited by me or something?

"Well, then I won't ask."

"Just don't ask?"

"Uh-" Isn't it normal to not ask?Touma and Sa have too weird personalities. I'm afraid you will be directly irritated and have an accident in the shrine on the first day of the new year!

"Forget it, don't ask, don't you mean that the wishes made in the shrine will not work if you say it?"

Uh, you all know this, you can see that you still checked the information carefully, so by the way, check the etiquette and practice of visiting worship in the New Year!

"So, what's the matter with you Yubihama? How come you are reduced to the point where you come to worship alone?"

"My sister released the pigeon."

"Your sister? Oh, that's the one who won Xiao Muxiao before."


"I don't think she looks like this kind of person, right?"

"Who knows? But girls--"

"——I am also a girl."

"Uh, sorry."

"But I think you can pay more attention. Girls will not release your pigeons for no reason. Maybe she is hiding somewhere to observe you at this time."

"How can it be so terrible? Is this your personal experience? Where did you hide and observe Haru Kitahara secretly, oh, maybe you came to this shrine for the purpose of encountering Senior Kitahara--"