My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 403

"——Yuhihama, if you continue, I cannot guarantee your personal safety."

"Hmm." Looking at Dongma Kaisa's casual clothes that are easy to kick, and my generous kimono that is not easy to escape, I still closed my mouth.

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I wish you all a Happy New Year in advance. These chapters are quite atmospheric. It just so happens that Christmas is the Christmas plot, and the New Year is the New Year plot hhhhh.In the end, I suddenly discovered that the best friend of the protagonist in this book is Dongma. He is a loyal dog from another angle (laughs).


Chapter 38: Choking Multiple Choice Questions

I and Dongma and Sa are a pair of magical existences. From the misunderstandings we met at the beginning, to the similarity of the situation, to this kind of comical alliance at the end, it is impossible to say how good the relationship is—at least not at all. The type of friends who can think of helping to solve problems when they have difficulties-but they will naturally help each other on issues of mutual interest, that's it.

Although I feel that Dongma and Sha can help me more now, the only thing I have for her so-called help is to constantly encourage her and Haruki Kitahara to confess-and this is something she is absolutely impossible to do for the time being.Therefore, when I get some help from her occasionally, I feel a little guilty.

In love comedy novels, this kind of relationship due to the same hatred and hatred may change. For example, I help you become more nerdy, you help me dress up more current, just to pursue each other's ideal objects, and then In the end, they found that each other was the most suitable for this kind of kingly development.

However, what we are in is not a love comedy after all, or even if there is a love comedy plot, these are two separate stories under the same worldview, nothing more.

I watched from a distance while Dongma and Sa were writing down her New Year's wishes in Eima. When she hung up her wishes, she turned around and looked at me, presumably to make sure that I would not steal. Looking at things like that, under that skeptical look, I stepped back a few steps, holding my hands high to show my innocence, which made her turn around contentedly.

To be honest, it doesn’t make sense to do so. Ema will not automatically disappear after hanging up the words written on it. As long as you are looking for it, it’s easy to find the wish you just hung up, but I really don’t want to peek at her. That's it-anyway, it's a wish to say a few more words with Kitahara in the New Year!With Dongma's character, even if she makes a wish to a god, she is not willing to make that extravagant wish.

"I don't have the wish to be with Kitahara." When he returned, Touma and Sae explained seriously.

"Oh, I know."

"Anyway, Kitahara is an unrelated wish."


"——If you don't believe me, I will kick you."

"Well, believe you, believe you, there will always be some things more important than falling in love, such as winning a prize in a piano competition in the New Year, etc. -" I said casually.

However, looking at Touma and Sa's pupils that suddenly widened, I suddenly realized that what I said casually seemed likely to become a reality.

Isn't it?Didn't this guy say several times that he would not touch the piano again?Could it be that the time at the cultural festival broke her heart and found that the piano is indeed an irreplaceable cherished thing for her. You can never abandon such a kingly development.

"I really didn't look at it, I just said it casually." Seeing Dongma and Sa's increasingly cold eyes, I took a step back subconsciously.

"I know."

"Ha, that's good."

"Relax, I won't kick you, don't hide, I am not the kind of unreasonable person."

Sorry, I can't believe this alone.

"I wanted to find a chance to talk to you about the piano. I will explain it to you when I happen to encounter it here."

"Well, there is no need to explain, I understand, that, I will never reveal this wish, so Senior Dongma—"

"——Yuhihama, I didn't joking with you!"

"I didn't joking with you either, but how can you feel relieved just now with the kind of eyes that'the person you know knows the New Year's wish, that person should die as expected'?"

"It's one thing to be known about New Year's resolutions. It is another thing to be prepared to tell you that I have a game."

"Well, that's okay, I know you have a game now, how should I say, I wish you the game, and besides—"

"——This matter is still related to Xiao Muzhen."

I closed my mouth in time. Although this reaction was a bit bad, I must admit that as long as I mentioned the name of Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai, my mentality would naturally become unbalanced.

"Don't you argue when you mention Xiao Muyan?"

"Don't argue."

"You guy, even the basic persistence-forget it," Dongma and Sasui shook their heads dejectedly, "Anyway, I usually have nothing else to do with you, just Xiao Muxiao, so it can be understood."

"Thank you for understanding."

"I won't talk about you making a similar expression again."

"Ah, sorry."

I tried my best to show a well-behaved expression. Although Dongma and Sa were obviously very dissatisfied with my behavior, she finally talked about the topic at the beginning.

"I'm going to go to the university of music for further studies. Before that, Kitahara and Xiao Mu Xiao had always helped me with the results of tutoring cultural courses, and now they should be able to barely pass the scores of the voluntary schools."

"Well, isn't that great!"

"So next is professional. There will be a piano competition in two weeks. As long as you win the competition, you can pass the school's professional test. Therefore, I am preparing for this competition now."

The New Year’s resolution probably means winning in this game, which is understandable and understandable, but what does this have to do with Senior Xiao Muzhen?

"The competition is open, so all contestants can invite relatives and friends to watch it."

"But I remember Dongma's parents--" I frowned.

"Yeah." Dongma Hesha nodded, and I didn't continue. After all, I don't know who his father is, and the relationship with his mother is very stiff. This is not a family environment worth boasting about.

"So I can only invite friends. Although it’s okay not to invite them, but Kitahara helped me so much, it’s impossible not to invite them. There is also Xiao Mujun. Even if I don’t consider Xiao Mujun, that guy will definitely let me be called Xiao Mujun. Right?"

"So, this is going to be a situation that might have happened during the New Year's visit now--"

"—In fact, there will be scenes where I am playing on stage and those two people are watching under the stage. Although I don’t think too much when playing the piano, even those two people will not affect my performance. But Yubihama, you might be unhappy, right?"

"Yeah." I nodded honestly.

"But this time I can't refuse, and I don't want to refuse."


"But Yubihama, you will be very pitiful."

"Well—" I squeezed my temples. Indeed, this is not a happy thing. Strictly speaking, if this happens, it will make me even more unhappy than the three of them who come to participate in the New Year’s worship together. During the hours of the game, Kitahara Haruhiri and Xiaomu Shu-sen were alone. Even if they had a common concern, the performance of Dongma and Sasha would only last more than ten minutes after all. Other times-I don't want to think about it anymore.

"So, Kitahara Haruhiro and Senior Omuki have both accepted?"

"Well, accept, they should go to my game together."

"That's really regrettable--ah, it's not against you, I mean I'm embarrassed."

"I know this," Dongma and Sa raised his eyebrows, and said, "but do you think I just want you to know that this incident deliberately stimulates you?"

"what do you mean?"