My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 404

"I also reserved tickets for the game for you, and the place is next to them."

"Uh—" I looked at Dongma and Sa in surprise, but she just went on talking calmly and self-consciously.

"Of course, I told them that I only need two tickets, so if you want to go there, you have to pretend to be completely unsympathetic. You don't want Xiao Muzhen to know that you and I have this or that. Contact?"

"Understandable, but does this coincidence really not arouse suspicion?"

"At most, I suspected you, didn't you? Couldn't you just know that Kitahara and Xiao Muzhen are going to the concert in the previous period, so from various channels-of course, it may be that I found out their location and made a special reservation? Did I have a ticket next to their location? Anyway, I have no problem, right? In their opinion, do I need to reserve a ticket for you?"

"Uh-is this throwing all the pot on me?"

"No, this is a risk you have to take, and, to be honest, Yubihama, if I didn't prepare a ticket for you, would you do it yourself?"

"Not sure, but this possibility cannot be ruled out at all."

"That's not enough, you might do it, then you do it, I just help you omit the process of finding a way to buy tickets."

Speechless, Dongma Hesha's approach has already provided me with great convenience. She didn't want Kitahara to notice that she was helping me, and that was natural.

"Thank you, thank you very much, when is the concert?" So, I have nothing to worry about.

"Just two weeks later, on the Sunday two weeks later, I didn't expect to see you when I went out today, so I didn't bring the tickets. You give me an address of your home, and I will send you the tickets then? Will there be no time?"

"Of course not, why can't you spare time during winter vacation--"

My subconscious reaction was quickly interrupted.

On Sunday two weeks later, I took out my phone to confirm the date.

That's right, the Sunday two weeks later happened to be the penultimate day of the hot spring trip by the Hihama family.

So, is there any god who is deliberately making trouble?Why do I always encounter this kind of problem of choosing one of two?

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Chapter 38.25: Objects that can't be hated

I don’t know when it started, Yuihama Yui felt that she would always consider more and more complicated issues-she has always been a carefree person, even if she applied for the exam on impulse two years ago to prepare for the exam. It's the same when it's a little burnt.

It can always be resolved-this is Yui Hama Yui's thoughts when facing doubts and entanglements.The chosen volunteer school is too risky and can always be solved. If you work harder, you will actually have a chance. If you have conflicts between friends, you can always solve them. If you act more cautiously, the problem will no longer exist. He stopped treating himself as a sister once and for all, and always ended occasionally. As long as he encountered difficulties, he would still rely on himself.Yuihama Yui is certainly not a hard worker. Like most ordinary high school girls, she is easy to slacken off, but as long as she wants, she can still work harder, so the problem can always be solved.

However, there are some problems that can not be solved with hard work-because she will find that she doesn't know where to work.When Kazuya kept mentioning the name of Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai in front of her, she would find that she was vaguely jealous of each other. She was obviously her younger brother, and she should care about each other, but the child took the other The girl treated as an older sister, which made her unhappy.However, this problem can always be solved. As long as she works harder, behaves more reliably, is more like a sister, and is more proactive when there are difficulties in harmony, she always has a chance.

She did it too.That night, when Kazuya, who has always been stubborn, finally showed embarrassment in front of him, and finally asked for help, Yui Yui’s reputation as an older sister reached the highest level-after all, only a sister can be unreserved. To cheer you up, this is something that even the senior Xiao Mu Shu you admire can't do.

Therefore, the next time I meet Yukina Yukihama, Yuihama can proudly raise her head, proudly as an older sister, to accuse that senior's poor attitude towards Kazuya-perhaps deep down, she may not necessarily I want Xiaomu Zhaoxuecai to become as caring and friendly as myself, because this way my younger brother may leave him again, maybe, before that conversation, she has more, just want to show off in front of the senior, show off himself better than her Better and more able to win Xiaohe's trust, she just has the competitive spirit of this kind of girl.

However, what if the other party doesn't care about the dispute that he provoked at all?What if Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai didn't care about the struggle with herself as "elder sister" at all?What should we do?

Isn't this actually good?If she likes Xiaohe, then she and Yukisa Yukina should have no conflict of interest. Yuihama Yui can continue to be Yuihama Kazuya's only sister. Isn't it the best?

But why is she still unwilling?

After a long time, maybe not too long, she realized that, maybe, she also likes Xiaohe—not the kind of elder sister to younger brother.Of course, there must be a large degree of like that is that kind of like, but she knows that this kind of like is a bit bad.

Because, if it’s just the elder sister’s liking for her younger brother, she wouldn’t worry about it. Yukihama Kazuya was taken away from her by Yukihama. She would not be like this, she would always think when she saw her younger brother. "How good would it be if we could all be together in the future".

Life is short, let's fall in love with girls!

——If it can be as simple as that, if you can change to any other boy, Yuihama Yui can confidently launch an offensive, but, after all, it is Oto, isn't it his younger brother?

She is indeed working hard, and cautiously continues to narrow the distance between herself and Xiaohe, cautiously no longer showing the appearance of a sister in front of him, and slowly and carefully to get rid of the "sister" that she has worked so hard to establish. Image, of course, with some physical contact and some clumsy tricks, slowly let Xiaohe realize that he is also a girl, and slowly let Xiaohe begin to contact herself as a girl.

She should have had some small successes. She has seen it more than once and backed down because of her physical contact-not impatient, but backed in panic, which shows that he has begun to notice his existence as a girl. Not to mention the somewhat abnormal eyes that occasionally show.

All of these were seen in her eyes. She was trying to catch up with the predecessor's position as a woman in Heye's heart, and it was very effective-just when Xiaomu Xiaoxuecai stopped.

Yui understands Xuecai's thoughts, but she doesn't understand Xuecai's behavior. In her opinion, Xiaomu Yu Xuecai has stopped moving forward after she has thrown away her whole feelings without hesitation.Of course, He Ye’s rejection of Xuecai was too much at first, but when He Ye went back, why should he give him more tests like now?

If he wants to prove that he likes himself more, he doesn't need to be hypocritical at this time, right?After the declaration of war, she made so many efforts, but Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai did nothing.This made her very happy, but it also made her a little disappointed.

Xiaohe's character, don't Senior Xiao Muzhen know?For him, admitting the mistake at the beginning is a great concession. If he wants him to do more, doesn't the kid know what to do?If you just wait blindly, don't you just give him up to yourself?

Those who need to race against time are slow to act, and those who need to delay time are actively launching an offensive-what a funny struggle is this?

It's only three months before Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai will leave this school. As long as there is no change in the situation within three months, he is the winner.She doesn't even need to work aggressively as she does now, just slowly guide her around Xiaohe.After all, only in time, she has an absolute advantage.

But why does she have an unhappy feeling?

After finishing the New Year's worship respectfully, she looked at the lottery of "Xiao Ji" in her hand, a little stunned.It's not bad, but I can't tell myself what to do.

Yuihama deliberately separated from her younger brother to pay the worship. She didn’t want her wish to be seen. As an older sister, her biggest disadvantage is that if her thoughts are discovered by her younger brother before the final success , The previous efforts were completely ineffective.

Therefore, she could only be very careful, estimating that the time was about the same, and after Kazuya left, she hung up the Ema with her wish of "being with Xiaohe forever"-she did not write too straight. Bai, even if something unexpected happened to others to see, this wish of his own was not too bad.

Of course, there is only one exception-when she turned her head, she happened to see Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai with a stunned look.

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It seems that some naturally walked out of the shrine with Yukina.

Probably, what should I say?Yuihama Yui thought so.

However, I still don't know what to say!After all, as two opponents, do they still need to report their current status to each other at this time?

"Well, didn't you come out with Heya?" After a long time, it was Xuecai who broke the deadlock first.

"Ah, there was a little problem with my clothes, so we came separately."

"Well, that's it, so, how did the club’s Christmas event do?"

"A Christmas event?"

Yui blinked and quickly reacted.

The Christmas activity that made Xiaohe vaguely do a multiple-choice question was her first adventure before. Although she was very careful, she still prevented Xiaohe from being able to use club activities and Xiaoxue’s requests as reasons. Because of the impulse to find the possibility of a senior in front of him on a Christmas trip.

Perhaps this is impossible in Xiaohe's opinion, but Yui believes that if he didn't say a word before, the situation may be different.

However, Xuecai still knows about this event-so, she is also getting a good understanding of her own situation, isn't she?

Does she know her behavior?Will she be angry for her actions?

Probably not, after all, this is a war — of course I can fight for myself, so Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai will not be angry with myself.

However, as she had considered before, when she worked hard, has Senior Xiao Muzhen ever fought for it?