My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 405

"Well, it's not bad! A lot of things have happened." Yui replied while thinking, "How was your Christmas?"

"It's okay. I spent the last time at home. In fact, I was very happy. I guess it would be difficult to come back in the New Year after I went to France. Then I would miss this year's worship. A lottery that allows you to pass the exam will be more at ease!" Xuecai answered with a normal expression.

It turned out that a trip to Strasbourg that might have existed seemed to have never happened before, and Yui did not take the initiative to mention it, and Yui would naturally not ask cruelly.

"So the senior's wish test is going to pass?"

"Well, this is important, isn't it?"

She sensitively noticed Xuecai's ambiguity at this time.

Senior Xiao Muzhen hangs up the picture horse after herself, she probably has seen her wish, and she will not understand it wrong.

——But, obviously she still can't do anything, even if Yuihama Yui has worked so hard, Yukina Yukina is still stubbornly waiting for the only ending.

Yui suddenly felt that Kaya and Yukina were too similar in this respect.

Really, just like Xiaohe, once you get more vigorous about something, even if you know that it might be wrong, even if you know that it will bring you bad results, you still have to stick to your own principles to be true.

It's as if the final victory is not important.

However, victory is really important!

Yui found out that she was actually doing nothing for Yukina as her opponent, and she was also angry that the other party looked at all of her actions as usual.

Sure enough, even though the senior in front of her was the one she wanted to fight and defeat, she couldn't hate it anyway!

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Chapter 38.5: When surplus disappears

Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai is a bold and reserved, easily contented and very greedy person.The opposite traits were perfectly combined in her body.

Because of her boldness, she can express her wishes in public occasions such as cultural festivals, and because of her reservedness, she chooses not to take any further actions or statements after that.Because of the ease of contentment, she can fall in love with a person just because she knows the true side of her heart. Because of her greed, she can stop when she can reach out her hand and wait for the other's initiative.

This is actually a kind of personality that makes people feel headache. If someone really understands her personality, Xiaomu Yuxue’s image as an idol and goddess level in the school will completely collapse, because this is actually a lot of people. Favorite character-willful.Maybe just as my younger brother Xiaohong once complained: Sister, you just relied on your capital to act recklessly!

But what's wrong with reckless behavior?Regardless of the cost, this is of course an excellent quality, but this is not the truth of Xiaomu Zhaoxuecai, why did she reluctantly do it herself?

What's more, she is actually a person who is willing to pay for others, especially for the person she likes-but, on the contrary, she also wants to see the other party's contribution to herself.

If you are willing not to hide from me, I must have no secrets from you.

Therefore, for nearly two months, facing the boy's entanglement, even though it was painful and even though she had to make unintentional actions many times, she still just watched cautiously and never took the initiative to attack.

Although she didn't ask much-as long as Heya proactively proves what she likes, give up or strive for, she will be satisfied.

Moreover, isn't she creating opportunities for him?

It’s not that she didn’t know the rumors about herself and Kitahara Haruki, she didn’t see and didn’t like Kithara Haruki talking to herself as usual, but she didn’t avoid Kitahara—in fact, as long as she was with her, it was clear for herself. Although Beiyuan was jealous, although it was emotional, and she naively said to Beiyuan, "Please don't get close to Senior Xiaomuzhu", she was satisfied-but he didn't do it!

It's not that she didn't know the Christmas plan about her that was circulated in the whole school. Although she did not deliberately release it, she did not let the rumors spread. She even took the initiative to imply Kazunari and asked him whether he knew about it. So, as long as he gave up his responsibility for the Christmas club activities and wanted to go to Europe with him, and even as long as he expressed his willingness, she would be satisfied. She didn’t need to and also put this into action-but in After that obvious hesitation, he was still pulled back by Xuexia Xuenai.

Of course, in fact, she was not too angry, because she knew too much and because she knew, so she knew how difficult it is to let that guy do something reckless, she will continue to give him opportunities-this is she is very patient On the other hand, she also believes that Yubihama Kazuya will finally understand.

——If there is no Yuihama Yui.

Facing Yui’s declaration of war, she did not panic too much at first. She also knew Kazunari’s sister. From the usual communication with Kazunari, she knew that Yuihama was a gentle to a bit overwhelming person—— In fact, I don't have her gentleness.Because of her gentleness, at the moment when war is declared openly, Yui will never make any action that hinders her own thoughts. She will only work hard in her own way, without interfering with Xiaomu Sakuna.Therefore, Yui will not hinder and understand her own thoughts.

But, slowly, what she began to worry about was the change in Kazuki herself.

The identity of siblings is a hindrance as well as a kind of maintenance. Although the relationship between siblings can be unimaginable for a long time in the relationship of love, once such a relationship occurs, it basically means that it has been firmly established. Now, Xuecai knows this well.Although Kazuo certainly cannot produce this kind of consciousness quickly, what if because of Yui's performance, he starts to get tired of his behavior?

Xiaohong is actually right. Her willfulness is based on her own capital—because she believes that she is definitely a winner, she is looking forward to a more perfect and grand victory. However, looking forward to such a victory, there is The final result will slip from your fingertips.

She slowly began to worry about gains and losses-what if the rumors between herself and Beiyuan brought Heya not jealousy of Beiyuan, but disappointment in herself?What if the suggestion he implied on him was thought to be deliberately hanging him while he had clearly rejected him?

In some ways, these behaviors of her are really bad, because in pursuit of a more perfect victory, she is willing to take the risk of such bad behavior-but if she really fails, even if she can give up The previous reservations are saved, but is there still a chance to save?

After completing the New Year’s visit with her family, she chose to run by herself to write the New Year’s wishes, but she was unable to write down for a long time. She didn’t know whether she should become more cautious or more greedy during the New Year. some.

She saw Yuihama Yui in this situation.

She suddenly envied Yui.This is a girl who is truly fearlessly struggling for her own wishes. She doesn't care too much and desire too much like herself.

Actually, she used to be like this-at least, on that stage, when she sang "" wholeheartedly, she did the same, but after that, she encountered various In all kinds of unexpected situations, her mentality has changed!

In fact, after that, the distance between her and Heya was widened. However, she did not want to forcibly narrow this distance. She hoped to get a more perfect result, so she became the current dilemma. The situation is over!

She took the initiative to find Yui, but she didn’t know what to say. She pretended to make up a lie that she wished to pass the exam. In fact, she didn’t write anything in the end, pretending to inquire about that time. I have been uncomfortable for several days of Christmas activities-I seem to have plenty of money.

The acting skills that I usually practiced in front of other people are once again presented in a pure and innocent way-in fact, they are all lying and pretending to be calm.

For a moment, she even suddenly felt that if you can give up, it is not impossible-after all, Yuihama Yui is really a kind girl.

However, Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai was still greedy.

"What are the arrangements after the new year?" She continued to ask cautiously.

She knows, she also knows Yui knows, she is taking the opportunity to inquire about Kaya's actions.

"I'm going to a hot spring trip in two weeks! I'm probably going to stay in Nagano on weekends." Yuihama Yui answered calmly, as if she was telling herself about her efforts. Even Yukana felt a feeling, Yui. Yi is dissatisfied with her stopping-this is telling Xuecai in her own way: Senior, you should work harder.

Xuecai feels that she can indeed work harder. For example, she wants to give He also another hint about the concert of Dongma two weeks later, she knows and also know Dongma, maybe the relationship is even more than she knew it is good.If she tells Heya that she and Kitahara are going to watch Dongma's concert together, she thinks He will also react.

But two weeks later?She froze for a moment.

"When was the hot spring trip, sorry I didn't hear clearly just now!"

"Eh, is there too many people? A weekend in two weeks!"

"Oh, I see."

Her face was a little pale, so if you told Kazuki about this, would it be forcing him to choose one of the two again?

This kind of multiple-choice question has already been done once at Christmas before. If it is done again, will he and he feel that he is forcing each other?Or, just like the worst possible possibility that I just thought of, mentioning Beiyuan again will not bring the other party's dissatisfaction with Beiyuan, but the anger at his own frivolous behavior?

Xuecai suddenly discovered that when she felt that she had no room left, all her actions were wrong.

So, what gave her such a strong confidence in the first place?Heya rejects himself because that guy is sometimes a fool who can't turn his head, but why should he refuse Heya?At that time, why should I be immersed in that unrealistic desire for a perfect ending?

"Uh, so, what's going on in two weeks, senior?" She heard Yui ask in a low voice.

"No, nothing, nothing." She shook her head in a panic, "Nothing will happen. I just feel a little envious of you going to Nagano together. Both of my family will prepare for the exam this year and can't go out together."