My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 406

"In fact, we only had the opportunity this year. Last year and the year before, either me or Xiaohe had to prepare for the exam, and I will have to take the exam tomorrow, so it is still very rare!" Yui scratched his head and smiled embarrassedly. Said.

"That's even more important to cherish this opportunity!" Xue Cai replied softly with her mouth pursed.

In fact, she didn't care what was next for Yui, because she was making a new determination-Xiaomu Yuxuna, and she couldn't calmly continue to make adventurous behaviors.

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Chapter 39: Concussion

Although there is still two weeks of waiting time in name, when my mother happily prepared the travel arrangements for the whole family every day, I knew that I had to refuse this trip with an appropriate reason. too difficult.

Choosing to participate in a concert is a crazy enough action. Only at the moment when the news is learned, because of unwillingness, anxiety, anger, and various emotions are intertwined, will such a judgment be made.However, after calming down, reason will bring various obstacles to people-for example, there is no suitable excuse to explain to the family, for example, there is no suitable two people who are expected to attend the concert. An excuse for the explanation-also watched the game because of the result of the match between Dongma and Sha?Such an excuse is too bad.

So, in all kinds of hesitation, two weeks passed quickly, but the impulse never prevailed.

Although before leaving home, I quietly carried the tickets Dongma sent me with me, but what use is this?

Soaking in hot springs in winter, especially when it’s snowing, is a very artistic behavior. Watching the snow outside is falling, and the whole person is immersed in a kind of extra warmth. This kind of contrast makes people always want to Write some better poems or articles to praise this sight.

——But I have never been a good at Chinese, and I cannot do this.If you are someone like Xuexia or Biqigu, maybe you can write some articles that mention scenery and some philosophy?

And what I can do now, apart from feeling about it, is to lie in a daze on the bamboo wall separating the hot springs for men and women.

The hot spring hotel I came to this time did not have mixed bathing-it should be said that normal hot spring hotels should not have mixed bathing such a frenzied existence, that is, it is also specially prepared for older grandpas and grandma, young men and women , There are still few unscrupulous to this degree.

Somewhat unexpectedly, there are not too many people in the hot spring. Although it is not enough to let me book the venue by myself, after the old man soaked for a while and said that he could not insist on going out, I could still get a fairly spacious room. I am thinking about the waters alone.

People like to pay attention to right and wrong, if there is no absolute right and absolute wrong, at least like to emphasize a kind of relative rationality.For example, if a king loses his grasp of his responsibilities because he loves a woman, he is doing it wrong. For another example, if a scientist betrays the country in order to realize his scientific ideals, he is also doing it wrong.So we discovered that right and wrong are brought about by the conflict of identity. The identity of the king is higher than the identity of the lover, and the identity of the patriot is higher than the identity of the scientist. In other words, the cultural ethnic group is higher than the social position. Human emotions.The sense of responsibility to the society is higher than self-consciousness, at least this is common in East Asian cultural circles.

And my choice does not seem to deviate from this category-I promised the Christmas activity under Xuexia because it was agreed in advance, and belongs to the collective responsibility of the community. Participating in the hot spring trip at home is for the family. obligation.Although the facts are not so cold, but this emphasis on collective commitment undoubtedly has a great influence on my judgment.

And I call this judgment rationality.

So, he acted coldly that made him feel uncomfortable, and finally called it a good name-but I had no choice!

This is so ridiculous, in fact, it's just that I gave up another choice.

I buried my head heavily in the hot spring.

What's more ridiculous is that even if I know I have such a problem, I still can't break through this kind of restraint on myself.

It's like feeling in the hot spring, holding your breath until you are about to suffocate, but you have to force yourself to continue diving, just because I can persist.

But there will always be times when I can't hold on, I resurfaced and looked into the distance with a little crying and laughing.

It's just that I don't know when this time is, and I don't know if I still have a chance at that time.

"Well, Xiaohe, is Xiaohe over there?" From the other side of the wall, my sister's familiar call came.

So, the legendary exchanges with each other across the wall in the hot springs, this also exists in reality?

"what happened?"

"Hey, Xiaohe is really over there, and I can still hear it. I want to just give it a try."

"It happens to be leaning over here to think about things, Yui sister, you just want to try if you can talk like this, think it's interesting?"

"Well, it's actually not the main thing. If I can't say it now, I will find a chance to say it later. It's just that my parents may not hear that the timing is better. Dad should have gone out?"


"Yeah, I just saw my mother can't hold on anymore, so I think their adults should have been holding on for almost the same time, hehe."

Leaning against the wall, talking in the hot spring is a very magical feeling. It feels a bit similar to making a phone call. However, compared with making a phone call, the other party’s voice is more vague and you can’t appreciate the other party’s feelings. Because there is only a wall apart, I feel closer to each other in my heart.

This feeling of distance and proximity is a magical sense of intimacy.

"Xiaohe, it feels like something has been upset since here?"

Is it seen?But, after all, it is Yui sister, such a straightforward performance, it is impossible not to be seen?

"It doesn't feel like a hot spring. It's a vague feeling after the New Year, but it's especially obvious these days."

It is very accurate, but what can I say?This is not something that I can tell Yui sister. I still don't know what the declaration of war between my sister and seniors means-of course, I may be a little conscious, but I dare not pursue further investigations.But one thing is definitely true. I shouldn't have mentioned anything about Yuki Yui Yuihama about Yuki Sauna.

"Well, in fact, my thoughts are not on myself. After the Chinese New Year, I was thinking about my sister's life in the new year. In a blink of an eye, I was in the third grade again. I haven't enjoyed my high school life. I'm about to start to be confused and entangled about my future and approach-knowledge in high school is not as simple as in middle school, and I can't help you with counseling. I feel very pessimistic about my sister's future!"

"I will feel pessimistic in one year. What does Xiao mean to you? No," It was only a little bit that my sister was going to be swayed by the new topic I started, but she finally reacted, "Xiao It’s okay to tease me with you, but you shouldn’t worry about this aspect of me to such an extent now, I still know that."

"Uh, sister, are you suspicious of your brother's love and concern for you?"

"Two things, two things!" Leaning against the wall was beaten hard.

"If you don't doubt, then why does the elder sister suspect that your younger brother will have trouble sleeping and eating because of your affairs--"

"——Xiaohe, I didn't tell you before, I met Senior Xiao Muzhen when I visited the worship in the New Year."

The ridicule was interrupted, and the atmosphere became a little strange.

This time, Yui Hihama took the initiative to bring up Yukina.

"Although I didn't talk with her for too long, but when I mentioned the hot spring trip, she was obviously stunned."

"Well, I probably envy us that we still have the opportunity to travel to the hot springs. Seniors are candidates, so--"

"--It's not that. She specifically confirmed the time of our trip with me. When it was confirmed that it was this weekend, she became a little strange."

When he is serious, Yuihama Yui can always show a particularly good observation and concentration on topics.

"Although she said it was okay at the time, but seeing Xiaohe's current situation, I still think, this weekend, Senior Xiao Muzhen, is there anything to invite Xiaohe?"

"No such thing, she hasn't taken the initiative to contact me for a long time."

"So, does she have any activities this weekend?"

"This has nothing to do with our travel, right?"

"But did her activities affect Xiaohe's mood?" My sister asked nonchalantly.

"Even if it is affected, what can be done?"

"Although I don't know what the event is, if Xiaohe is really worried, why not go check it out?"

"Because I chose the hot spring trip at home!"

"But, you don't actually have to make this choice, right?"