My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 407

"I don't think it makes any sense for you to say this after I have made a choice."

"No, it is meaningful," Yuihama Yui replied seriously, "because you still have a chance to make up for it."

"What's the opportunity to make up for, now take a ride home from Nagano to the concert?"

"Can't you do this?"

"Hey, old sister, are you crazy? Make this suggestion?"

"Then why are you bringing the tickets here?"


"Well, sorry. When I went out, I found that Xiaohe's suitcase was not properly covered, so I wanted to help you cover it. I accidentally saw the ticket inside."

What? So, my sister knew it from the beginning!My careful concealment is actually meaningless.

"So, Xiaohe, why can't you do a little crazy action? Why do you have to follow your previous plan so routinely?"

Yes, this question, I have asked myself many times before-the answer is that it can't be done, but why can you say it so easily?

Whether it is your character or your position, this is not what you should say!

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Chapter 40: Waiting

Reluctantly dealing with the parents who were surprised by the disappearance of his younger brother, Yuihama Yui slammed himself on the futon and covered his head with a pillow.

But soon, she stood up again, put on a bath towel, and walked towards the hot spring pool again.

It's better to soak in the hot spring for a while to ease your emotions.

"Now, I said you are really a fool, old sister!" The younger brother's words echoed in her ears again.

"Yeah, I'm really an idiot!" She nodded heavily, only this time, when He Ye made complaints about herself, she did not refute, but nodded heavily.

Because, only fools would make such a choice at this time, right?

Xiaohe had already left, and she was personally persuaded to leave when he was hesitant.Obviously this is a better opportunity to deepen the relationship, and as a result, she gave up on her own, even, she pushed Xiaohe to the other side as the opponent.

She didn't know what they would say when He also saw Xuecai under another night sky, and what kind of relationship they would develop into. She didn't dare to imagine the result.

It was like a long-distance race. She didn't start fast, but she tried desperately to catch up, and finally caught up with the opponent, and then passed her, and finally found that the opponent was unable to act because of the injury, so she chose to give up and move on. , She is also ready to return to the injured opponent and run up, ready to wait for her injury to heal, and then restart the game.

She didn't want to lose, she just didn't want to win like this.

This was a further clear idea in her mind after meeting Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai in the New Year.She could see that Xuecai was still hesitating, so, at least for this concert, she knew that Xuecai would not make any positive actions yet.

So, I took this opportunity to hold Xiaohe thoroughly by my side. Isn't this possible?

Of course it is not possible.While waiting for the trip, watching the scene where her brother was in a daze from time to time, she knew that this was not possible-Xuecai was evading, and He was also evading, and only herself was actively fighting for it, which seemed too Cunning.

At the start, she lags behind Xiaomuzhu Xuecai, so she has been working hard, just trying to make up for this gap in the start, and after making up this gap, what she wants to do is actually fair competition, not Use unexpected circumstances to continue to expand the advantage.

But, these words, she can't say to Xuecai, she can't say to Xuecai loudly: I want to compete fairly with you.Yui knew that this sentence seemed to others, so it was a kind of motivation, rather than a kind of irony, a kind of irony that the leader is full of surplus.Therefore, she would not say that.

Therefore, if Yukina Yukina cannot take the initiative to find Yubihama Kazuya to meet, she can only actively push Kazuya to the other side—at least, she wants to break the hardship that the two of them had been unable to melt before. Bing, only when the relationship between the two of them also progressed at the same time, could she move on, she thought so.

But even so, there are obviously better and more secure opportunities, isn't it?I can also stand still in this hot spring trip, and then at a more secure time, let the two of them have a more secure opportunity to break the ice within their own control.

According to the current model, Heya, who rushed back eagerly, and met him in a pleasant surprise, the excitement of this encounter is far beyond her estimation!

"That's why I'm a fool!" She muttered softly again, and sank her head into the hot spring water.

Isn’t it a matter of course to choose this uncontrollable situation?Watching Yukine Yukina, who bit her lip and pale face when she was visiting the shrine in the New Year, she knew her hot spring trip, and Yubihama Kazuya who looked at the concert ticket in her hand and picked it up and put it down even before leaving. She didn't want to let these two people become so entangled anyway.

So even though this was incorrect, she still did.

Because Yuihama Yui is such a kind person, kind enough to disgust him.

It would be great if there was a friend who could talk at this time-she suddenly thought so.

However, when she was about to walk back to the locker room to get her mobile phone, and halfway through, she gave up.

Because Yuihama Yui, who had a good social network, suddenly realized that he had no friends to discuss this matter.

Generally speaking, if you have troubles in love, it’s best to find Yuko. If you like any other person, then maybe you can find Yuko, but it’s Xiaohe, it’s yourself. My brother, I always feel that if you are a Yuzi, you will feel that this kind of thing is unreasonable, and will eventually develop into a preaching to yourself.

If the time could be a few months earlier, Xiaoxue would be very suitable-but in this situation, on that Christmas night, she seemed to let Kazuya and Xiaoxue leave alone at will, and it was rare to see Snow again. After Yukino's not so calm state, how could she call that girl to ask about this?

Of course, there will be other friends, but no matter who they are, they are not the kind of people who can discuss the topic of "sister likes younger brother, but wants to drive him away and let him meet another girl."

So in the end, I can only continue to soak in the hot spring silently by myself-until some can't bear it.

She actually wanted to experience what it was like to feel faint, because if she fainted, she could probably go to sleep, so that she wouldn't have to worry about it at least tonight.

As long as you fall asleep and wake up tomorrow, you will be able to know the result of Xiaohe's side-in the end, no matter what, the ending may have been determined!

Of course, Yui still didn't faint directly in the hot spring at the end, and when her body was a little uncomfortable and looked a little shaky, she left the hot spring leisurely under the care of others.

However, the result did not seem to be much worse, and after returning to the room, she quickly fell asleep in a drowsy state.

When she woke up in the morning, she saw a missed call and a few unread messages on her phone.

If it's just a missed call, it probably means that the result is satisfactory. For Xiaohe, if the result is not satisfactory, then he may be more anxious to talk to himself.She thought calmly.

Picking up the phone, she was about to open the unread message, but after hesitating for a while, looking at the sleeping parents beside her, she put on her clothes and came to the hotel porch. If she was gaffeed, she did not want her parents to see .

After all, liking your brother is not something that makes parents happy.

Really, it was as if she had already determined that she had lost—she rubbed her eyes and thought helplessly.

However, the moment she makes a choice, she should be ready, right?

Finally, she leaned against the wall, shaking hands, and opened the mail box.

Afterwards, his legs softened naturally, and slowly slid down the wall feebly, sitting somewhat lacking manners.

"What is this called?" She looked at the phone screen, not knowing what kind of expression she should show.

Probably, there is no more ironic ending, right?

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