My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 408

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Chapter 41: The Ridiculous Impulse

There is no passionate background music on a snowy night, hands swinging forward with unscientific amplitude, and no accidental and exaggerated fall on the road, but he doesn’t pay attention to his wounds, just wipes his face. The dust on the ground, stood up again and continued to fly, of course, it did not burst out of infinite potential in the final despair because of not being able to catch up with the tram.

Nothing happened, just packed the simplest luggage in an orderly manner, avoided the attention of parents according to the rhythm of the reservation, and then boarded the car to go home-it didn't seem like an act that should be crazy to the extreme. It should look like it.

The fact should be the same. There are not so many coincidences in the world, there are not so many passionate actions, and people are not so easy to fall when they are running in a hurry. The reason why we are for those simple bridges Duan was moved only because we did not realize the feelings that this bridge section possessed.

However, to be honest, if I can, when I sit in the car safely and worry-free, I hope I can be more urgent as in the bridge section.When running, all I think about is how to persevere and how to get to the point quickly without missing time.When sitting in the middle of the car in silence, all that was left was completely useless thoughts to calm himself down.

Moreover, this kind of wild thinking is not even true for the person I am about to see.

I can't understand my sister's behavior.Although I didn’t see my sister’s face, I can still imagine her on the other side of the wall, kneeling slightly in the hot spring, holding up a handful of hot spring water and throwing it towards her face, so that I can act calmly. .I can imagine Yuihama Yui showing her familiar but disgusting smile, pretending that she doesn't mind, but clearly encouraging me.

And I didn’t care about it just now. It seemed that I was given a stimulant by my sister. Although I knew that this was not Yuihama Yui’s normal performance, I was a little too excited, like the protagonist of a brainless boy manga. The same Li jumped out of the hot spring pool, and did everything he had done so far.

However, when this momentary enthusiasm cooled down, and when I started to recall the reasons for my sister's behavior, I felt as if I was deeply burned.

No matter what Yui-san is thinking, only one thing is certain. She actually doesn't want me to meet Oukisao-senpai.Previous clues can prove this, such as reminding me of the Christmas party very early, such as always interrupting my thinking intentionally or unintentionally when I think of Senior Xiao Muzhen.

-From the back to the front, many of my sister’s behaviors can be explained in this respect.As for why I don't want me to contact my seniors, I hate that Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai has robbed her of her sister's identity, and feel that I shouldn't get stuck in this emotional entanglement. I can find many reasons.

However, when even I myself had almost given up, she made this choice.

This is simply incomprehensible.

But, in retrospect, didn't she often make such incomprehensible actions?Obviously he is a person who likes to tolerate very much, but in elementary school, he will help me, even at the expense of the senior elder sister. Obviously, it is very stressful to be admitted to the general military high, but he will choose to apply for a very low possibility Here, he is obviously a person who does not pursue too much, but because he wants to prove his ability in front of me, he will not hesitate to cooperate with someone like Yukoshita Yangna who can’t handle it, and with an academy idol like Xiaomu Shu Xuena. Confrontation, I don’t know how many times I was ridiculed for not having the appearance of my sister, but in the end I proudly stretched out my hand when I needed help the most.

Really, there are many things that Yuihama Yui has done, which makes people feel incomprehensible.

Moreover, it seems that everything she does is related to me!

Even if I applied for the exam for General Wu Gao, I still vaguely remember that she also mentioned the trip to Strasbourg that "it would be best if we could go together"-in fact, that was my earliest joint trip The intersection.

Will the relationship between other siblings be so close?Other sisters, without the pressure of life, would be willing to give to the younger brother like this?

I don't understand it.

This is no longer just the degree that my sister likes my younger brother, this degree of effort, I feel a little too hard!

The voice of the station rang abruptly.

I rubbed my eyes, stood up staggeringly, and walked out of the car.

Obviously I came back to find Xiaomu Yuxuecai, but, why on the road, I think all it is for Yui Hihama!

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I did not choose to enter the venue with a large group, but chose to go in last when the performance was about to begin.Moreover, after entering the venue, I wandered outside the performance hall for a long time, until the lights of the venue dimmed, I cautiously walked in.

I don't want to see Haruhiro Kitahara and Yukunayuki before the start of the performance. The location of the coincidence, the appearance of the coincidence, no matter how I think about the reason, it will still make the other party moved and doubted.Entering after the show starts, although the other party will be surprised, at least they will not say anything while the show is going on.

As for what to do after the performance, it can only be done by chance.

However, what surprised me was that when I found a seat, the two seats next to me were empty.

Have Haruaki Kitahara and Senior Ogishu be absent at the same time?In this important concert of Dongma and Sha, the two of them are absent at the same time-no, it’s impossible. Even if something unexpected happens, they shouldn’t be absent at this time. Disrespect to friends.

So, it was Dongma and Sa that gave me the ticket for the wrong place?This is impossible and unnecessary. Since she made such a choice and asked me to come over, she would definitely not make such a low-level mistake.

I really want to call Dongma and Sa to find out what happened, but considering that she must be preparing for her performance in the background, the phone must be unreachable.

At this moment, I saw a figure hurriedly appeared in the hall.

He slowly approached me and finally sat down beside me.

When sitting down next to me, Kitahara Haruno's figure clearly stagnated.

"Is it Kazuya? Yubihama Kazuya?" He asked uncertainly.


Kitahara Chunxi nodded, and sat firmly in her seat, did not speak any more, just looked at the stage intently.

However, now that Kitahara has arrived, Senior Xiao Muzhen should be coming soon, right?Maybe the two just had some accidents when they met outside?

However, after the performance of the first player, I did not see the predecessor.

Beiyuan also looked somewhat anxious. Taking advantage of the gap between the performances, he kept looking at his mobile phone, as if he wanted to wait for a message or reply from the other side.

This situation lasted for a long time, and it was not until the performance of Dongma Kazuya started that he focused on the stage again.

I don’t understand piano or music. Although Dongma Hesha, who knows that she can get the national gold medal at school, is absolutely strong, and her performance at cultural festivals is also very smooth, but Dongma Hesha’s strength I still don’t know how.

However, when I heard the performance of Dongma and yarn, I could feel a kind of vitality and vitality, as well as a motivation to try to prove my indomitability.

Both Kitahara and I, who were upset, were somewhat attracted by her music. I know that her performance has been successful.

It's really winter horse and yarn!

I looked at Kitahara again. After Dongma Kazuza's performance was over, he was stunned for a while, and then took out his mobile phone, as if he was sending a message.

After a while, he seemed to be unable to wait, and temporarily left the venue.

Of course, although he walked back soon, he still looked sad.

At this time, I have begun to imagine a possibility.

Senior Xiao Muzhen, she missed the appointment.

This fact was proved at the end of the game.

When the organizers announced that Dongma Kazuya won the gold award, Haruki Kitahara was the only one cheering beside me.

Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai did not appear until the final announcement of the game results.

This makes Yubihama Kazuya's adventure and impulse look particularly ridiculous.

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Chapter 42: Stimulus

While the awards were being presented, I quietly left the venue, coming in when no one was paying attention, and leaving when no one was paying attention-even Haruki Kitahara, now looking at Dongma and yarn against that cold one with joy Faces come to the stage and will not pay attention to my departure.