My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 409

The outside of the venue was unexpectedly deserted, except for twos and threes of pure onlookers who came out to catch the tram before the awards were over. Before entering the stadium, the crowd of Xixi Mong was already small, and even when the cold wind blew through the body, it was still There will be a hint of chills.

I looked around the venue, and subconsciously glanced at the entrances of several venues, but in the end I didn’t find anyone I knew—it’s only natural. Why did I just hold that hope and feel that Xiaomu Yuxue? Can the dish appear miraculously at the last moment?

As a result, the heat in my heart was completely extinguished, a vigorous action, and finally a result that could not even be called an ending, it was like a game, before the game, I hope to win the opponent with confidence, but in the end However, because of off-court factors, the game became fragmented, and he couldn't use his energy, and finally ended inexplicably.

Of course, if there must be an ending to this action, the ending is of course a failure.

However, no one can blame for this failure. Can I blame Touma and Sa for kindly providing me tickets for the concert?Can I blame my sister for plucking up the courage to suggest me to come back?Can I blame Senior Xiao Muzhen for not attending?Everyone is not wrong, and I don't think I am either.It was just a series of coincidences that brought about a tragic ending that people can't let go of.

I began to believe more and more that there is an invisible force in the dark to prevent me and senior from explaining my mind.

In my impression, my sister liked a movie called "Serendipity". The heroes and heroines in the movie are also repeating the process of finding and passing by. When watching this movie with my sister, I even complained about the director's arrangement. The repetitive and old-fashioned sections may make the audience feel bored, but when I encountered all of this in reality, I realized that some sections may be old-fashioned, but they may not appear in reality.

Of course, in the movie, the heroes and heroines are tired after missing many times and are about to give up. They met when they missed the last time. The inevitable ending of a romantic comedy.However, in reality, the last kind of coincidence is impossible, right?The final result, perhaps because of exhaustion and finally give up.

So, how long can I hold on?

The number of people leaving the venue began to increase, and the award ceremony was probably over.I also seized the time to prepare to leave the venue-every time I squeezed a tram to watch a football game, it was torment. Although the people at this concert were not as scary as the audience, it is always right to get in the car early.

——If I am not stopped by the people behind me.

"Kazuya, Kazuya, wait a minute!" I wanted to ignore Haruki Kitahara and exchange my voice, but when he caught up with me at an amazing speed and put his hand on my shoulder, I could only Looking at him helplessly.

There is no Dongma and yarn beside him. Looking behind him, Dongma and yarn shouldn't follow him either.

Enjoy your two-person world with Dongma and Sha, and then you are together. At this time, you rush out to chase a boy, don’t you think it’s gay?

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"Heya, why did you leave ahead of time?" Except for being a little embarrassed when chasing people, once Kitahara calms down, he will always have a spring breeze face, so gentle that it always makes people feel that if you lose your temper with the other party, you will appear Especially unreasonable.

"Get out early to catch the tram. I don't like queuing. It's Senior Kitahara. It would be nice to leave Senior Dongma alone? Shouldn't you go somewhere to celebrate?"

"For Dongma, I'm currently chatting with the organizer of the competition. It seems that several music school teachers have been tempted by her, and are now vying to admit her to their school!"

So you really didn't notice or did you not notice-let Dongma and Sa alone deal with these professors who wanted to pull her into the school?With her character, when you go back to help Yuanchang, the scene will be a mess!

But I didn't tell Harun Kitahara to these complaints.

"Well, in a nutshell, please say congratulations to Senior Dongma for me. Her performance is indeed wonderful, and the gold medal deserves her name."

"I think so too," Kitahara Haruki smiled satisfied-as if he had won the prize-but then he left the topic, "I don't want to talk about it, I have something to find."

"What's the matter? I hope to solve it quickly, I said, I don't like squeezing a tram."

"That's it, and do you know where Xiao Muzhen went tonight?"

"Senior Xiao Muzhen? Why does Senior Beiyuan think I know where Senior Xiao Muyan has gone?"

"Hey, I just think Heye and Xiao Muzhen have always had a very good relationship, so you might know where she went tonight?"

"Even if the relationship is good, it is impossible to tell me everything, right?"

——What's more, can the current relationship between me and her be called "good"?

"Really? But didn't you make an appointment with Xiao Muzhen to come to the Dongma concert?"

"Huh? Why?"

"Isn't it?" Kitahara frowned just right. "When I saw you, I thought it should be like this? Your position is next to that of me and Xiao Mu Xiao, I thought it was Xiao Mu Xiao trouble Dong Dong The horse gave you another bundle of red tickets or something."

"Sorry, Senior Kitahara, your brain is too big."

"But isn't your relationship with Xiao Muzhen very good?"

"So I have to tell you the fact that the relationship between me and Senior Xiao Muzhen is awkward, will you be satisfied?"

"Uh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean that." Kitahara Haruki looked surprised—it really looked surprised.

All his behaviors and performances give people a feeling that he is completely not acting or artificial. In many cases, I have to wonder if I was biased against him from the beginning that caused me to look at him. All actions are not pleasing to the eye. If I have no prejudice against him, he should be just an excellent senior who cares about his classmates.

"So, are Heya and Xiao Muzhen arguing now? Can you take the liberty to ask why?"

"The reason is very long and complicated. I can't catch the tram after explaining it, and I don't think I need to explain it to you."

——So in contrast, the patient and polite Kitahara Haruki is much better than me, who is anxious and does not pay attention to the etiquette of seniors and juniors.

"Sorry, if you don't want to say anything, of course it's fine."

"Well, so it should be all right?"

"But it's like this, um, although I think I'm a little bit passionate when I say this, I don't think it should be misunderstood, and Xiao Muzhen should not be able to, I think I should explain clearly," However, Kitahara Haruhiro did not stop. His speech, "I mean, and may also hear some irresponsible spreading between me and Xiao Muxiao in the third grade, but you should understand that there is nothing between me and Xiao Muxiao. We are just normal good friends. Of course, because we are good friends, sometimes I am more concerned about the current situation of Xiao Muzhen, but the rumors of those rumors are not true, and you don’t have to take it seriously."

"So, senior, what do you mean by saying these things."

"Uh, I mean it suddenly occurred to him, if the scandal between me and Xiao Mujian bothers Heya, and then affects the relationship between you and Xiao Muxiao—"

"--So, why should I be bothered by the rumors between Senpai and Xiao Muzhen?"

"Ah, this is just my personal guess, because judging from some of Kazuya's behavior, I think you might like Xiao Muzhen, and of course this is just my guess."

Well, my guess, my thoughts, don’t mind if I say it wrong, it seems careless, it seems polite, it seems to have blocked all the directions of anger, it seems that I did nothing Wrong, once something goes wrong, you can explain "I have reminded you before", "I have apologized to you before", and then you can say these irritating things unscrupulously, really interesting, really interesting Too!

"However, I don’t think the relationship between Heye and Xiao Mutong is too rigid. Isn’t it next month for Xiao Muxiao’s birthday? When attending the birthday party, I apologize to her. I think these conflicts can be resolved. "With a hearty smile, Kitahara Haruki said seriously, as if his seniors cared for their younger generations.

"Really, a birthday party?"

"I think, Kazumi, you should have received the invitation from Xiao Muxiao, right?" He continued this way, unknowingly, but unscrupulously received.

"Senior received it?"

"I did receive it. It is very difficult to consider what gift to give Xiao Muzhen. Xiao Muzhen is not as easy to understand as Dongma, so do you have any comments?"

"Ah, sorry, but I don't know it very well."

I turned around, trying to suppress my anger.

From the beginning to the end, Haruhiro Kitahara seemed to be just sincerely making suggestions or asking questions, but every word he said seemed to stir my grumpy nerves.

"Well, if you have any suggestions, please tell me about it. Of course, if you think better suggestions should be left to yourself as a surprise for Xiao Muzhu, then you don't have to tell me."

"I know."

"If you know what happened to Xiao Muzhen tonight, please tell me too."


"and also--"