My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 410

"——Senior Kitahara, I'm going to miss the tram."

"Uh, all right!"

I didn't look at Haru Kitahara's expression, and accelerated the sprint, leaving him out of sight.

Regardless of whether his mood is caring like what he showed, or a temptation or excitement from the leader, what he did is really adding fire to this unlucky enough night for me.

Moreover, I still missed the tram.

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The Chinese name of the movie mentioned by emmmm is "Fate and Destiny", a movie I like very much when I was in high school, in which the goddess Beckinsale


Chapter 43: Opportunity

It was very late when I returned home in a vague way. I sent a message to my sister to explain the situation tonight, and I quickly lay down on the bed.

There are two modes when I am in a complicated mood. One is tossing and can’t fall asleep, and the other is thinking too much so that I’m too tired to fall asleep immediately. Fortunately, today’s situation is the latter. .

After waking up the next day, I called sister Yui to stop the urge to come back and accompany me almost immediately.

"Actually, you can't do anything when you come back! And if we both ran back from Nagano within a day, my parents' reaction would be unpredictable."

"However, I suggested Xiaohe to go back, if I don't suggest—"

I could hear the cry of the sister on the other end of the phone, and she seemed to blame herself for her actions.

"I was the one who made the final choice, Yui sister did nothing wrong." Of course, I comforted the other person naturally, but I know that such comfort is not very effective.

Fortunately, my sister stayed there in the end, although I know that in the next few days, she may not be able to enjoy the hot springs easily.But I can do nothing. From this perspective, I am sorry for Yui sister.

The days when a person is at home are actually not very decadent. There is no one step out of the door of one’s room—or to go out for dinner, not to be in a daze all day long without knowing why—or to read some books and watch a few games , And there is no irregular work and rest-still normal sleep and wake up.Compared to normal times, I just don't want to think about anything.

I didn't think about why Xiaomu Yuxuecai didn't appear that day--even if it was vaguely discovered, it wasn't a bad thing not to appear objectively.I didn't even think about what kind of mysterious power was at work on me-after all, I have always been an unbeliever.

It's like after a night of thrilling, and finally calm down suddenly, start to feel bored and tired of the endless story, and finally just want a relatively simple and clear ending.

If you want to give a kind of praise to this choice, you can say that you have finally seen it through. If you add a layer of derogatory meaning, it is called self-deprecation.

During these two days, my sister did not contact me, until after returning home, when she saw me, she remained silent.

I know that she, like me, will have a brand new feeling when she calms down after the initial anxiety and shock.

Perhaps, for Yubihama Yui, it is the deepening of guilt.

That night, Yuihama Yui I thought of sitting in a galloping car.Yuihama Yui who tried a little too much seemed to lose his sense of measure suddenly because of this incident.

So a person is unwilling to think, a person does not know how to think, and there is only silence in the final communication.

If there is no accident, this silence is difficult to break.

Of course, this accident came very timely.

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My sister and I sat face to face at the table. On the table were two invitations—an invitation from the birthday party of Mr. Xiao Muzhen, one for me and the other for Yui sister.

One of Haruaki Kitahara's greatest stimulation to me that night is now belatedly appeared in front of me.I don't even know whether it was the invitation that was sent late, or something happened on the road when it arrived at my house late.If I could receive this invitation earlier, maybe I could be more comfortable when facing Beiyuan.

However, because of this time difference, many things and many ideas are different.

"Uh, that, Xiaohe should be there, right?" My sister rubbed her hands vigorously and twisted the red hair on her head from time to time, starting our first conversation these days with some difficulty.

"What will happen if you don't go?"

"I have to go. The previous time was only an accident. This time, it was an invitation from Senior Xiao Muzhen. If there is any accident, I can clarify in person," my sister replied excitedly, but I don't know why, her voice It got lighter and lighter, and finally stopped the suggestion somewhat unconfidently.

"Well, if Xiaohe thinks it's better not to go, I have nothing to say."

The excitement tone was like the tone of persuading me that night in the hot spring pool, but his later performance was completely different from that of Yuihama Yui who persisted in the end.

For her, the suggestion that led to a miserable ending has always been an insurmountable heavy burden.

"Don't talk about my question, sister will go, right?"

"Me? I don't need to go, right?" My sister shook her head like a rattle. "Look, actually, my relationship with Senior Xiao Muzhen is not very good, and when I go to the birthday party there, the main thing is three. Isn’t it someone from the senior Xiao Muzhen? I don’t have many acquaintances in it, which would be very embarrassing. In fact, I think I can completely ignore this invitation. I just think it’s probably because the senior thought invited Xiaohe It would be rude not to invite me, so I gave me one by the way, just to understand her concern, but in the end, it seemed a bit abrupt."

"Is that right?"

"Is that so?"

"Then treat it like this!"

"Well, that's how my business is decided, and then Xiaohe's side, although Xiaohe will decide in the end, but I mean—" My sister hurriedly changed the topic.

Hastily and embarrassedly changed the topic, a little impatient, but some cautiously suggested that I go to the birthday party.

However, this time is different from the one in the hot spring pool. This time, I have enough time to think, not only the time to think about whether to attend the birthday party at the end, but also the meaning of thinking about Yuihama Yui’s behavior. time.

"Then, Yui sister, can you tell me what you think?"

"Didn't my thoughts have been said? Just let Xiaohe go to the birthday party. For Xiaohe—"

"This has many benefits for me, I have heard it, but what I want to ask is that for my sister, if selfishly, without considering my ideas, if you do not consider other people's ideas, you What do you want to do?"

I am slowly approaching an end point.

Yuihama's normal, Yuihama's abnormality, and Yuihama's abnormality relative to abnormality. Without this invitation, perhaps we would deal with these issues in silence until the end of this time. Doubts are slowly forgotten.However, now that the opportunity has arisen, doubts can no longer be left to be forgotten.

"I don't actually have any ideas. I need to have any ideas about this kind of thing. It is my idea to consider Xiaohe's mood." After a while, my sister replied with a grudging smile.

"Is it really?"

"Well, it really is."

I looked at my sister's eyes for a long time, and she seemed to keep her eyes wide open, as if to prove that this was her true thoughts.

"Well, Xiaohe, don't play stare games with me anymore. His eyes are a little sore and tears are coming."

"Well, all right, sorry."

"Then it's so decided, Xiaohe will go to Senior Xiao Muzhen's birthday party, I won't go."

"Of course, I will go." I nodded. "But, I will go with Yui sister."


"I just think it should be done."