My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 411

"You feel like you are acting like a baby brother with your sister. Don't you hate such an identity the most?"

"Isn't Yui sister who likes to spoil her brother the most?"

"That's different."

"But if you don't go, I won't go either."

"Hey, Xiaohe—"

Yes, this is both threatening and acting like a baby, but it is more of exhaustion.

I also know that it is not appropriate to do this, and I want to wait a little longer, but after the concert, I found that I can no longer hold on.

I don't need endless hints, unclear questions and answers, and thoughtful considerations.

Since this is an opportunity, let this opportunity solve all problems, right?

My elder sister said, facing her true inner thoughts.

Senior Xiao Muzhen also said that I hope I will be more emotional.

If the real thoughts are constrained by too many worries, then put aside these worries!

This kind of willful thinking requires cooperation.

However, I know that the other party will agree with my waywardness, because she is Yui Hama Yui, a wayward sister who will tolerate me all the time.

"I see." Sister Yui nodded and said softly, "If Xiaohe persists like this."

"Thank you."

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Chapter 44: Encounter

It would be great if there was nothing to do at that time. After that tiring night was over, Yuihama Yui had always thought so after waking up the next day and knowing the final result.

Enduring the painful effort, in the end it was a result of losing both sides. If nothing was done at the time, then she can still have a relaxed conversation with Heya.

She could have ignored Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai's thoughts. Although she made such a mistake in the competition, she shouldn't be too gentle.

The current embarrassing situation is probably the evil result of my own tenderness.

When he went home to see his brother, he looked normal—not listless, not unkempt, even when he apologized to his parents, he still looked like he was easy to do.

Except, he lost the willingness to take the initiative to talk to himself.

Yui didn't know what Kazuya was thinking. Was he complaining that his nosy business caused him to encounter such a cruel reality?Or is it that he feels that the final result is unsatisfactory and will not be able to give him the advice he gave him?These are completely opposite directions, Yui doesn't know which direction is correct.

However, she also has no way to take the initiative to ask-if it is the latter possibility, it may be okay, but what if it is the former?What if Heya really couldn't forgive himself because of his advice?

Even if the brother who knows that she has always been sensible will not do this with a high probability, as long as the possibility exists, she cannot escape this psychological burden.

Therefore, when she saw the invitation from Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai before Kazuya, she had already made up her mind.

No matter what he thinks, the first thing to do now is to restore the relationship between Heya and Xuecai.

So naturally, what she can do is to persuade and join the birthday party, but she avoids it.

But why did it become like this?

Standing in the mall in a daze, Yuihama Yui showed a deep and helpless wry smile when she looked at Yukina Yukina, who came across again after the New Year.

Yui still didn’t fully understand and insisted on going to Yukana’s birthday party with herself, but, in that case, looking at his brother’s indisputable eyes and the pleading in his words, She naturally agreed.

Since childhood, Yubihama's sister and brother will not refuse people when they really need to make demands of the other party, like Yui, and so too.

If you want to attend a birthday party, the basic etiquette is necessary, and that is to prepare birthday gifts.Only this time, she definitely couldn't call Heya out to prepare a gift, so she didn’t pay attention while making peace-although she herself didn’t know why she didn’t pay attention to it, but she just thought it would be better to do so. Peace of mind.

Therefore, when she saw Xiaomu Shuxuecai again, she suddenly froze like a statue. Except for a moment of panic about her future and sorry for the other party, she found that her previous surplus and sympathy had disappeared.

So Yuihama Yui discovered that only when she felt that she was the dominant party, would she return to sympathize with her opponent, and when she was uncertain about her future, she didn't know what this gentle feeling was.

Maybe Yuihama Yui's gentleness is also fake!She thought this somewhat self-deprecatingly.

Yui carefully looked at the face of Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai, who was blushing, without the familiar double ponytail, although not messy but obviously untied long hair casually draped over his shoulders, and walked quickly. She didn't pay attention to the appearance of the surrounding shops. She was a girl who was shocked and hoped to ease her emotions through rampage.

If Xuecai could walk by her side quickly like this, it would probably be the best.

However, such a thing did not happen, Yui could feel that the moment she saw Yukina, the other party had already seen herself-in such a huge crowd of shopping malls, two absent-minded girls could actually At the same time, seeing the other party immediately, should it be said that this is telepathy between rivals?

"The hot spring trip, is it over?" She approached the other person naturally, without saying hello symbolically, as if there was no need for greetings between good friends, Xuecai asked her naturally.

Is the relationship between yourself and Xuecai really so good?

"Yeah." Yui nodded.

"Although I have said it, I still have to say it again. I still envy you all going to Nagano to soak in the hot springs."

"Actually, it's just so-so," Yui smiled reluctantly. She didn't tell Yukuna about the thrilling thing that happened that night, although she also wanted to know, what happened to Xiaomu Yukuna who didn't show up that night? where.

Suddenly, a strange possibility came to her mind.

"Uh, seniors shouldn't be too envious of us, so he ran to Nagano on an impulse, haha?" she asked tentatively.

"How is it possible!" Xuecai shook her head briskly, "I'm an exam candidate. It's not okay to do this kind of thing with my back at home. In fact, I am a good daughter at home!"

"In fact, he is also a good student in school?" Yui breathed a sigh of relief inexplicably.

She still thinks too much, even if Yukina really wants to go to Nagano to find peace, there are so many hot spring hotels, the possibility that she can choose the same hotel as them is too low.

Really, I'm a little allergic for Xiaohe's business!

"I was planning to go to a concert on a busy schedule a few days ago, but was stopped by my family in the name of'prepare for the exam and don't go out to play'. I quarreled with my family and my mobile phone was confiscated, hey!"

"Huh?" Yui looked at Yukina in surprise.

Seemingly inadvertently, and without any obscurity, Xuecai revealed to herself an amazing fact.

Of course, in Xuecai's view, this is not a fact, but for herself, it may be an important factor in releasing the knot between Xiaohe and Xiaohe.

But is this true?

She looked at Xuecai hesitantly for a long time, but, as always, she couldn't figure out the thoughts of Xuecai Xiaomu.