My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 412

"Ah, that's still pretty bad!"

"So I still have to fight. People who are always pressed to read books at home will go crazy. They let me escape today, right?"

"Senior Xiao Muzhen, did you escape from home?"

"Well, it's almost counted as it?"


The context is very smooth, and the logic does not seem to have any problems, as if it had actually happened.

——If it didn't have the appearance of Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai she saw at first.

But she has no room to continue thinking.

Because, shortly afterwards, Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai's next question also came after him.

"By the way, did you receive the invitation for the birthday party? I specially selected the one sent to you after you went to the hot spring to ensure that you can receive it."

"Ah, um, I got it."

"So, will you?"

Yuihama Yui felt the hesitation of Yukina Yukina for the first time since she started talking to herself.

"I will go, of course I will, Xiaohe and I," she blinked, "Does Senior Xiao Muzhen think that Xiaohe will refuse your invitation?"

"Well, because I have always misunderstood," Xue Cai gently twisted her temples, "And, maybe I did a lot of things wrong!"

"Everyone did a lot of wrong things!" Yui replied softly.

The conversation may end here.

Yui felt the aura of the harmony of whitewashing and peace suddenly disappearing.

No matter how harmonious the two are, they will always be unable to maintain a normal mind when it comes to this issue.

"Then, see you on my birthday next month!" Xuecai waved.

"Well, see you then, Senior Xiao Muzhen."

When waving goodbye, Yuihama Yui suddenly felt that she seemed to be able to understand the meaning of the birthday party.

Does Xiaowa know this too?Did he understand when he watched himself firmly make up his mind?

Unexpectedly, Yuihama Yui would be surpassed by his brother in understanding feelings!

She looked at Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai's back, thinking helplessly.


Chapter 45: Lies

In fact, Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai is very good at putting on masks, and she is very good at acting. She doesn't like it that much-although she doesn't have such an annoying role as a good girl, speaking in this capacity.

Therefore, she should be good at lying.

However, the feeling of lying to passersby in order to maintain his own image is completely different from that of Yuihama Yui, who is facing the sister of the person he likes and is also a rival in love.

If Yui can be more careful, and if she can distrust herself a little more, she feels that her pretending to lie in order to lie will also disappear.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Yuihama should believe in herself.

Believe this terrible lie of my own.

She did not go to Nagano—although she had actually thought about it, but this kind of excessive romantic plot seemed too heavy for Yukina Ogi.However, it is true that she did not go to the concert. The reason for this choice is only because she doesn't want to give Yubihama Kazuo room for misunderstanding.

The reason why Yukizuna Yukina didn’t interrupt her contact with Haruki Kitahara during the scandal was just to get Yubihama’s attention, make him dissatisfied, and make him jealous-but when she realized that such contact would make her true She will stop decisively when she forms a kind of watery image.

She didn't care what Dongma and Sa would think, and when Beiyuan kept urging her on the phone, she was even surprised to find that she didn't feel any guilt for Kitahara Haruki. Maybe that boy is really not bad, maybe that boy is really good. He just regards himself as a good friend, but when his use value disappears——

Even Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai didn't know that she would be such an excessive girl at this time.

But, this is all because of like, because of care!

That night, she squinted her eyes and fell asleep peacefully, even thinking about it with some happiness.

The next morning, she got up early and sent Heya and Yui birthday party invitations—yes, this is another lie of Xiaomu Yuxuna. At first, at least she was determined not to participate in Dongma’s music. At the time of the meeting, she decided to invite and also attend her birthday party-and before that, she was going to ignore the boy and make him feel surprised, dissatisfied, and angry.

But she doesn’t want to, and she doesn’t dare to do it anymore. To keep the victory she already has, she doesn’t need to make a thrilling and romantic action like going to Nagano but not necessarily rewarding, but she should at least Seize the opportunity she should seize, that's it.

She also sent the invitation card with a happy mood. When sending the invitation card, she even felt that the banner of victory was waving to her. She felt very happy, so happy. A few days later, she remembered the mistakes she had made before. , And even took the initiative to call Beiyuan back to explain to him his appointment that night.

Kitahara believed his explanation, but then he told himself another thing.

Another thing that caused her to fall into the bottom.

She didn't have the guts to make a romantic action, but she had always made such a choice.If it was the past, it would make her ecstatic.

But now, this will only make her panic.

Yubihama Kazuya's thrilling actions were completely destroyed by her complacency and caution.

She didn’t come out because she was angry with her parents—this is the third lie of Yukina Xiaomu. She only wanted to run out to relax because she was a little overwhelmed by the news, and only then saw Yubihama. Yui.

The girl named Yuihama Yui's complexion is not much better than her own. It is impossible that she who has always cared about her younger brother didn't know the result of Kaya's big adventure.Thinking of all her previous stupid behaviors, Xuecai feels like a clown and feels helpless.

However, even so, she could still realize that if there is a chance to make up for her harm to Heya, it is now.

So, try to get close to Yuihama Yui as much as possible, pretending nothing happened, and pretending to be indifferent as much as possible to reveal the news that Yui would have noticed to the other party, and then try to be kind to him. Are you angry with your behavior?

She thought, she probably achieved her goal.

As long as Yuihama Yui believed her explanation, then Yui would tell Kaya that Yukina definitely did not avoid him deliberately, but made a helpless choice because of family pressure.

Although Yui is her love rival, she is still Kazuya's older sister, and she will tell Kazuya an important thing.

——As long as Yuihama Yui believed her explanation.

This is the third time she has judged this hypothesis today.

The reason why she emphasized this hypothesis so much was because she could not be completely sure about Yui's thoughts, and even more because she knew that if her lies were seen through, her image would continue to slide in an extremely bad direction.

If you openly admit your careful thinking, then maybe it's nothing, but why should you lie?Isn't lying to prove that you have done nothing wrong?

Pushing the pot to his parents was to prove that Yukihama Kazuya's kindness, as well as the kindness in his mind, would not be absent from a friend's concert for no reason because of such selfish reasons.

Maybe she doesn’t care about other people’s judgments of her, but only right and also, this kind of existence is not enough. This boy knows too much about himself, but even though he knows so much, he is in his heart. The image is still very beautiful, isn't it?

So a selfish little Mu Shu Xuecai, he wouldn't like it, right?