My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 413

——She still didn't want him to see her selfish side, so she lied.

However, if this lie is exposed, doesn't it show that you are not only a selfish girl, but also a girl who lies to cover up her selfishness?

This seems to be true!

She thought to herself.

Why is this so?After all, when did you make the mistake?Is it from the beginning?At the beginning, the proud Xiaomu Yuyuki rejected Yubihama's plea for forgiveness and asked him to do more.Or next?The self-confident Yui Yui, despite facing Yuihama's public challenge, still chose to stand still and let Yui work hard, feeling that his lead was unshakable.what's next?Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai, who was initially worried, had neither the determination to break the boat nor the courage to continue, and slowly began to choose his so-called "insurance" route, so he didn't go to the concert, so he sent them invitations.Is the result final?Suddenly felt helpless, Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai, faced with a sudden blow, desperately concealing his mistakes, but in the end was exposed by others, and finally became so humble.

Which step was wrong?It seems that every step of her is reasonable, but every step seems to be an end to the final failure.

When facing the person I like, I lost the calmness that I used to deal with other people who confessed to me lightly before. Between hesitation and panic, a lot of opportunities slipped through my fingers.

It turns out that Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai is such a girl!If it is such a girl, compared to the girl who is competing with herself, what kind of capital does she have to compete with the person who dares to move forward?

Failure is taken for granted, right?

She didn't look at Yuihama Yui who was quickly left behind by herself, but continued to run forward.

It was not a confident run, but a run that wanted to get rid of Yui's sight, and wanted to hide herself in a corner where no one knew her.

My birthday—it was also Valentine’s Day. On that day, the invitation sent to Yubihama Kazuya, whether the boy was present or not, was meaningless.

Because, Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai felt that she could already give herself a notice to leave.

I don't blame anyone, but I didn't think about catching it.

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This is the case during the final sprint, and it is normal to have two chapters in a row (laughs).Then, regarding Xuecai’s behavior and mentality, I think that writing this may offend some people, but I hope you’ll be safe and restless. If you are all here, you should finish reading it (Wangtian). I will write it in the summary. It's an explanation...


Chapter 46: Waiting

When the third semester starts, there will always be an absent-minded atmosphere in the school.Most of the seniors in the third grade are preparing for the exams, so there are often people who choose not to come to school at odds and ends and concentrate on reviewing at home. For the first and second grades, the duration of the third semester is too short to be realistic. Coupled with the immediate situation of being upgraded and reclassified, even though he did not leave completely, there is always a bleak sadness about being separated in the class.

I don’t like the system that is divided into classes once a year. On the better, this system allows people to make more friends. On the worse, this system is to make it difficult for a person to pass all kinds of things in the previous year. Groups condensed in activities are disbanded on the spot and run in again. When people adapt to this short-term group placement system, they will slowly become lone rangers, and they don’t care about class affairs even more—after all, no matter you How to contribute to this class, your achievements will become unknown in the second year.

When more and more people become solitary, or pay more attention to clubs instead of classes, the class system under this culture must be problematic.

However, it is the first year after all. Compared to the second and third grades, the first graders who have just entered high school are more likely to be affected by the environment, although it is a bit noisy or small groups. But there will always be some people who have feelings for each other.

So when I just stepped into the door of the classroom and looked at the classmates exchanging classification messages with each other, I subtly developed a sense of disobedience—as if this were a graduating class.

But I quickly put such boring thoughts out of my mind. Unfortunately, my communication activities in the class can only be regarded as mediocre this year, although there are a few people who can speak, But it shouldn't be enough to write a class message.

"Hey, Kazuya, this book for you, help me write a message after the classification!" Although it didn't take long for me to sit down, classmate Yi Huiyayu enthusiastically handed the message book to me.

"Who picked the head of this terrible activity? After the reclassification, it may not be in the same class. It is not boring to prepare for the end of the semester at the beginning of the semester?"

"But this makes sense? After all, this semester is so short, and if you don't pay attention, the semester may be over before everyone thinks about it again."

"When it's over, it's over. It's not that we can't meet again. Why do you want to do something so ritual?"

"You said it too, it's a sense of ritual. Everyone thinks it's interesting-by the way, it's me who made this proposal." Ishiki raised his eyebrows and said.

"Uh-" Well, I should have thought of this fact earlier.

To conceal the embarrassment, I lowered my head and looked at other people’s messages to Isshiki—as Isshiki said, this kind of activity is actually just a ritual activity on a whim. It’s more like exchanging diaries and writing and The happy time the other party spends, there are not too many words such as blessings for the future that the other party should have in a message. In fact, everyone knows that reclassification and final graduation are two different things.

To a certain extent, this kind of message can be regarded as a summary of my study and life in the past year. Thinking of this, my dislike of Isshiki's proposal has also alleviated a lot.

"By the way, does Kazuki still want to put me in a class next semester?" I asked, tilting my head while I was writing on the paper.

"Why are you asking this question?"

"Because it feels like you don’t actually have any friends. If I were in the same class with you, it would make you less lonely? Also, I think it’s interesting to be in the same class with you. I don’t know when you will make it interesting. It’s not good to miss it."

"Judging by your cleverness in inquiring about things, as long as I am in school, you can know what I do, right?"

"There is always a time difference in between!"

"In fact, I hope that my second grade will be more peaceful and more like a normal student, studying normally, participating in club activities, and conducting interpersonal communication."

"--Does it include being in a normal relationship?"

"Hey, what do you mean?"

"Well, just to mention casually, should normal interpersonal relationships include love relationships?" Yishi shook her head, then immediately provoked another topic-as if she had just mentioned that incident accidentally.

"When it comes to club activities, I suddenly feel that it doesn't matter whether I can be assigned to the same class with Heya next semester. I think I should visit the Ministry of Service often!"

"Please don't take it for granted that you can't be alone!"

"Acknowledging the facts is not a bad thing, so your club activities next year will be the activities of the Ministry of Service, right?"

"If nothing happens—"

I paused, indeed, if nothing else.

After the New Year, I was a little bit distressed because of my sister's and Xiaomushu-senior's affairs. The situation in Yukoshita was somewhat forgotten by me. When I mentioned the Ministry of Service again, I would inevitably think of Yukoshita Yukino again.

This is probably an accident, right?

"In fact, I want to start playing systematically again next semester. I'm probably going to talk to Ye Shan about joining the football club. Unfortunately, you are not the manager of the football club anymore. I guess there won't be many opportunities to meet."

"Where is the ministry?"

"It depends on the director's thoughts, doesn't it? Considering that both Xuexia and her sister are in the third grade, the test-prep candidates shouldn't have so much time to help others?"

To be honest, I still didn't think about the way to get along with Yukoshita, and after school, I didn't even think about whether to go to the club or not-if my sister didn't urge me, I would not go there.

It wasn't long before it was Senior Xiao Muzhen's birthday, at least for now, things over there should be more important.

"Sa, but I think Senior Xuexia will stick to the club." Isshiki gave me a meaningful look.

I suddenly remembered that on the day of the Christmas performance, among the crowd who went to sing at the end, Yoshiki was with Yukoshita. With Yoshiki's ability to observe words and colors, it would not be too strange if she could find any clues.

"If the Ministry of Service continues, then I will wait for the next semester to make a decision!"

I insisted on answering.

I entrusted everything to the birthday of Senior Xiao Muzhen.

Although I don't know what the final result is, because I don't know the real answer in my heart right now, but I believe that after that day, everything will be over.

There are not many other reasons, just because I don't want the chaotic situation to continue.