My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 415

"Speaking of which, Xiaohe—"


"No, forget it."


This is how many times in the past few days my sister has stirred up the topic in this way and ended in a hurry.The timid, a little embarrassed, want to express it, but don't know how to express it.

Many times, I also tried to tell my sister to tell her what she wanted to say, but I didn't know how to speak.

It’s like asking Yui sister to come with me to the birthday party of Mrs. Omusuo, and making a tough plea here has consumed all my courage to ask my sister. I can’t bear to urge my sister to say what she wants to say. if.

However, today, it may be different, both for me and Yuihama Yui.

"Xiaohe, I have something to tell you." She took a deep breath and said again.

I don't know why, I can feel that this time, Yuihama Yui can hold on to the end.

"Go ahead, I've been listening!"

"Well, a few days ago, to be precise, the day I went to buy gifts for Senior Xiao Muzhen, I met Senior Xiao Muzhen, and then she told me something about the night of the concert."

I listened to my sister intermittently explaining everything to me, about how to run into Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai, about the fact that Xiao Mu Shun's predecessor accidentally told her.

"So, in fact, what I want to say is, hasn't Senior Xiao Muzhen also explained it clearly? What happened that night was just our bad luck, so Xiaohe doesn't need to be frustrated about what happened that night."


I don't know how to describe how I feel when I know this fact, surprised?Relieved?Maybe, it doesn't matter more.

Thinking back, the harm done to me that night was actually just a bloody result that didn't get a weighty result, right?However, without that night, without thinking about my sister's feelings on the tram that night, without arguing with Kitahara Haruki that night, I would not be able to make a final decision like I am now.

"So, I mean, Xiaohe can rest assured, right?"

"rest assured?"

"Well, it was all misunderstandings that night. If you misunderstood, would it be easier to handle now?"

"It's easy now?"

"Yes, it's easier now. Many problems can be solved, right?"

"Solve the problem?"

I still looked at Yui sister in confusion.

And my sister looked at me a little at a loss.

"So, I just think, if Xiaohe is a little impulsive, uh-"

Finally, she said so.

"Something impulsive?"

I have been repeating what my sister said meaninglessly, because I really don't know what she wants to express for a while.

"Xiaohe--" My sister looked at me earnestly, as if begging me not to let her take the initiative to speak out.

But after a while, she still noticed my dazed expression

"That is to say, I think if Xiaohe feels embarrassed, if Xiaohe is just forcing herself to make a decision, Xiaohe can actually not be so anxious!" Finally, my sister gritted her teeth, as if she was exhausted. With average strength, he spoke out.

I looked at my sister blankly, and it took a long time before I understood what she meant.

That's right, that night, I didn't see Senior Xiao Muzhen, it was just an unfortunate accident, and all the things that happened were just an unfortunate accident.So, as long as I take it, nothing happened that night. Yuihama Kazuya did not go back to find Yukizuna Yui, but happily enjoyed a family hot spring trip with Yuihama, without thinking about Yuihama. What is Yui's thoughts, there is no need to doubt whether his feelings have deviated.

Just like everything went back to before the New Year’s visit, at that time, I could go with my sister generously to choose gifts, knock my sister on the head without any scruples and say she was an idiot, and I could jokingly complain. Sister's carelessness.

If this is an accident, if we ignore this accident, in fact, we can live without being so tired.

In the same way, the birthday party in front of me does not need to be regarded as a burden. It is an invitation from Senior Xiao Muzhen. This is a good opportunity to break the ice. Slowly, re-establish intimacy with the person I like. The relationship, then, will come naturally, perhaps a confession, or an end.

Everything can actually be solved without using such a drastic method.

That's how my sister hinted at me.

Yes, during this period of time, I have been emphasizing that I have been prepared for this resolution and made up my mind. However, the more I emphasize this point, the more I can prove that I am not prepared, right?

Do I know who I really like?

Do I know that I should continue to stick to the object I have always liked, or pay attention to my sister's unusual concern?

I don't know. If I know, why should I use this very ritualistic behavior to make up my mind?

If you know, you can speak up at any time, right?

So, just relax a little bit like my sister said, maybe it's okay?

I rubbed my temples, sorted out my thoughts, and looked out the window. Then, I saw the first visitor to Xiao Mu's house besides us.

The boy named Haru Kitahara, holding flowers, is walking slowly towards the door of Xiao Mu's house.

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Chapter 48: Stubbornness

Many things, as long as one step forward, there is no way to stop, Yuihama Yui knows this deeply.

Just as she chose to go one step further in her sister's identity, when she wanted to find a deeper relationship with her younger brother, she could no longer retreat to the feeling of being a sister.

As an older sister, Yuihama Yui can be full of surplus, very tolerant, and more considerate of her younger brother.However, as a favorite object, even if she can be tolerant occasionally, she cannot tolerate when her emotions are truly endangered.

She felt this most profoundly when she realized Heye's gaze.

Following Kazuya's gaze, of course she also saw Haru Kitahara, and of course she also knew how exciting this scene would be for her brother.

Kazuya's attention, who was still immersed in his own problems before, was easily shifted.

"We have to set off." Although Kazuki's words were simple, he almost jumped up from his seat, stood up, and picked up the coat that was draped on the chair.

Therefore, all the efforts made by Yuihama Yui, all the attempts to make Yuihama Kazuya change, seemed useless when the stimulus hit this moment.

"Well, Xiaohe, what about my problem—" She still insisted somewhat unwillingly