My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 416

"That question can be considered slowly."

"Although you can think slowly, but there is no time for you to think slowly. It must be now, and only now can the answer be given."

"Wait until the problem over there is resolved, right?"

"No, the problem over there is solved, it's not working anymore."

"——I don’t understand what Yui sister you really mean, but you can obviously wait a while —"

"I know, but—"

"--But wait a while, it's actually not a big deal, right?" She interrupted Heya unwillingly. If it weren't in the coffee shop, she might try her best to shout out, but because of the environment, she He could only lower his voice and growl fragilely, trying to convey his strong feelings to the opposite.

However, this still does not seem to work.

"Wait for a while, something terrible will happen." His younger brother frowned irritably and kept rubbing his hands. It could be seen that if it wasn't him who was talking to him, it was his sister. He would not have such a mood to answer her properly.

At this time, Yuihama Yui realized: Probably, he has never had a chance.

Humans are very complicated animals. When thinking about all kinds of emotions and interests, people always look forward and backward, and don’t know how to make decisions. This makes him seem to know how to make decisions. Very indecisive, dilemma.However, humans are actually very simple animals, because when a real immediate crisis occurs and one makes a decision in an instant, humans will naturally make the most direct decisions deep in their hearts.

He is not calm now. If he is calm, he may have more thoughts he shouldn’t have, and he won’t be so impatient to leave. However, it is precisely because he is not calm that Yui can see him. The most true thoughts.

Flutteringly, before she was ready, she realized her failure.

However, only when failure hits, she can realize how unwilling to accept this failure.

"Sorry, old sister, if it's okay--" Kazuya took a deep breath, readjusted his emotions, and said.

Maybe he can only be passed by?He has a legitimate reason to stop Senior Kitahara.If it was Yuihama Yui, if it was Yuihama Yui as an older sister, even if it was Yui Yui a month ago, she would choose to give up and choose to be modest.

Because the reason is too valid, because she has always been such a kind person.

However, this time, she didn't want to be modest.

Because, the current modest, if Xiaohe is allowed to act like this now, she will fail.

This may be ugly, but if she is not willing to accept failure, she has to do it.

When Heya was about to leave, she grabbed her brother's clothes.

Then, in Yubihama Kazuya's surprised gaze, she whispered: "Xiaoto, I don't want you to pass."

"Didn't you say it, that question can be considered slowly later—"

"It has nothing to do with the previous question, I just don't want you to pass it!" She shook her head stubbornly and stared at Heye's eyes seriously.

That's right, all the hints and all the persuasion are just looking for reasons to delay time. The previous surplus and the previous persuasion are just that I have not completely gotten rid of the tolerant position of being a sister. The reason why I wanted to let you go. It’s just because I haven’t realized that there is such a big crisis in the future.

If I had understood Xiaohe's thoughts a long time ago, I would never let Xiaohe away from my side.

So, now, I do.

Regardless of any high-sounding reasons, I just don't want you to choose Yuki Yui in this alternative problem. I just want you to keep watching Yuihama Yui. This is my reason now.

She looked at Yubihama Kazuya's eyes never understanding, slowly became comprehension, and finally became relieved, and then, joyfully discovered that he had put his coat on the chair again.

"Then, just stay a while!" he whispered.


She watched Yubihama Kazuya stirring the coffee in front of him leisurely, without speaking.However, this is fine. If this period of time can be completely passed away by not speaking, then she is also acceptable.

No matter what method is used, as long as Xiaohe can stay here for a while, she will have a chance.

She even began to expect some accidents to happen to her. For example, at this time, a robber broke into the coffee shop. For example, at this time, some nasty youths in society came to harass her.

God, as long as I get through this time, it will be fine.She prayed earnestly deep in her heart.

However, nothing happened. The waiters in the coffee shop were all coming and going, and the daily routine was so peaceful that she felt a little annoying.

At the same time, her brother also spoke

The moment he spoke, she felt that the distance between Yubihama Kazuya and herself began to increase.

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Chapter 49: The Biggest Liar

"Know? Sister Yui, since you became Miss Chief Wu Gao, there have been so many people trying to get your contact information from me. You know, your brother is not actually an easy person to approach. I am a difficult person to get along with, and I have to find out your contact information. This is enough to prove how popular your sister is!" Kazuna said calmly, as if talking about a very ordinary thing.

"Ha, I actually have no idea about this. And I remember that since I returned from a school trip, similar letters should have been reduced a lot, right? I always think it is because everyone's excitement period has passed." She gently He pinched his nose, then a smile appeared.

If there is a chance, she thinks silently-if there is a chance, dialogue is also a very time-consuming way. If you can chat so speculatively that you don't want to leave, then there is still a chance.

"Of course, because I rejected all those people, I rejected them in the coldest, most excessive, and most ruthless way."

"Then Xiaohe is really too much! Although I remember asking you to help reject some people, I never said that I would ask you to reject it in the'coldest, most unrelenting, most ruthless' way." She Vividly imitating his brother's voice.

This will cause Xiaohe to complain, she thought with confidence.

"It's weird that Yui sister imitated my voice!" "I can't help it, I just think Xiaohe's way of speaking is very interesting?" "But if you can't do it, don't imitate it, can you?"

That's right, it's probably like this. They talk about each other and tear each other down, but they have a very pleasant conversation.Stay on this small topic for a long time, without substantively advancing the topic.

However, his brother still disappointed her.

"Yes, the coldest, the most excessive, and the most ruthless. Although I don't know why you want to do this, when they asked me your contact information, I intuitively thought that only this way can make them give up. , To express my disdain for them. It’s not enough to have courage. They are not good enough for Yuihama Yui. From a very young age, I’ve thought so.” Kazuya said softly, like He is expressing his good feelings for himself, but in Yuihama's view, every time he does not catch his topic, every time he moves in a direction that he does not want to move forward.

"What is worthy of, I am not such a good person."

"But, in my heart, Yui sister, you are such a great person! It has been since a very young age."

"Obviously you didn't treat me as a sister when you were young."

"However, this doesn't mean that I don't treat Yui sister as a very important person! Of course you can't just hand over the very important person casually."

"Then we are all the same, I also think Xiaohe is a very important person, and I don't want to hand over Xiaohe casually."

"Yes, we are all the same." A quiet smile appeared on Yubihama's face, but such a smile made her feel a little panic.

"Sister Yui, I like you very much! I really like it, the clumsy Yui sister, the hard-working Yui sister, and the Yui sister who wants to protect me, love every aspect, all of them, because only I You know, all these together make you the real Yui sister."

Well, so, is this a confession?She looked into her brother's eyes, and she couldn't see anything from there.But, in any case, is this a response?

"Yes, I also like it, I also like Xiaohe, hard work, unwilling Xiaohe when failure, fragile Xiaohe, Xiaohe who committed secondary disease, and handsome young man when successful He is my favorite. No one knows more aspects of Xiaohe than I do. Only I know that Xiaohe is a kind of Xiaohe with many aspects. Only I know. When all these together, it is the best. Good Xiaohe."