My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 417

"Yes, I know this, because we are brothers and sisters who grew up together, so it's impossible not to like each other? So, we know each other best and accept everything about each other best, and we like it the most. No reservations?"

"Hmm, that's it, so—"

Therefore, it is only natural to let this love between sisters and brothers become a love between lovers?She raised her head expectantly, her pupils becoming wet.

"--Well, so, just stop here, isn't it great?"

However, Yubihama Kazuya did not say what she wanted to hear after all.

Just like a long and beautiful dream, until the end, it is developing in the direction that one wants, but at the last moment, the dream wakes up, and the reality is not as satisfactory as one thought.

"Why, do we stop here? If we stop here, is there any difference between us and other brothers and sisters?"

——We are obviously closer and better than the other siblings, and we don’t want to be separated, don’t we?

"I know, we and other siblings are always better."

"Yes, so Xiaohe thought about why we would be better without us. I have already thought about it. The reason why we are better is because--"

"——I actually seriously considered my sister’s thoughts, and I also seriously considered my own feelings." However, it seemed that I did not want her to say that word resolutely. Broke her.

"Time to think is not enough? Actually, you can think harder, right?"

"Yes, it may not be enough," Kazuki smiled lightly, "In fact, I was not sure until the moment just now, but when I saw Senior Kitahara, I really realized that I might lose When I feel like I feel, I feel that my thoughts have been determined."

What is meant by "When I saw Senior Kitahara, my thoughts were already determined"?This is unfair?Obviously, you haven't finished thinking, have you?Obviously, you can think about it more?

"I like Senior Xiao Muyan, I don't want Senior Beiyuan to take away Senior Xiao Muyan, so—"

"--But Xiaohe, this is unfair, quite unfair!"

"Why is it called unfair?"

"Yeah, it's very unfair. You saw Senior Kitahara, that's why you are sure of your own mind, right? You saw Senior Kitahara, so you think you like Senior Omusao more without considering your feelings for me? But, Isn’t this just because Kitahara-senior threatened your connection with Xiaomushu-sen? You only decided your own thoughts because the relationship was threatened. If you think you want to lose Xiaomushu Xuecai, you choose Xiaomushuxue. In terms of food, isn’t that unfair to me?"

"Because, you didn't give me this chance to prove it!" She sobbed lowly, "I am different from Senior Xiao Muzhen. From beginning to end, you didn't give me any chance to connect with other boys, did you? All the people who like me have been driven away by you in advance, haven’t they? So, from the beginning, I couldn’t give you the feeling of'I'm about to lose Yuihama Yui', right?"

The air almost seemed not to continue to flow.

right?There is no way to refute this, she believes it.

After a long time--perhaps just a while later, she heard Heya's helpless voice: "I don't know how to refute it. Maybe, if there is such a possibility, Yui sister, you are right."

That's right, there is no way to refute it. In the quarrel between her and Yubihama Kazuya for so many years, one time finally ended with her victory.

"But, right now, I can still choose Senior Xiao Muzhen-even if I know that your sister is right, even if I know I did it because of the impulse of seeing Senior Kitahara."

Yuihama Yui and Kazuya Yuihama have been arguing and arguing. She has always been the one who speaks with emotion, and Kazaya has always been the one who convinces herself with reason and reason.

It's really unfair!When you won before, you said that you were a reasonable person, but this time, it was obvious that I was more reasonable than you, but you didn't listen to my reason!

What the hell is going on?

"By the way, I can do it too? For small businesses, Hayato, if I am ambiguous with them, if I do something irritating and pitiful--" she murmured.

"——Sister, you can't do it, right?"

She was stunned.

Then, she nodded weakly.

Yes, Yuihama Yui can't do it. If it does, it won't be Yuihama Yui.

"If I can make myself able to do this kind of thing, I will do it, really." She said heavily.

"But, that's probably not my favorite Yui sister, right?"

Do you like it at this time?At this time, saying "My favorite Yui sister?", really, too cunning, right?

"Xiaohe, don't you think you are really cunning?"

Yes, it's too cunning. I clearly rejected me and obviously didn't choose me, but I kept saying, like, like, like the most. Are you not, are you using your feelings to make me succumb?Isn't it that you make me even more unable to give up on you?

"Because, I can't help it," she watched her brother stand up again in silence and put on his coat, "because Yui sister is still my favorite Yui sister, I don't want Yui sister to become That way, so I can't lie to such Yui sister, can I?"

"I like my sister the most, but I can't respond to you only because of your heart." Kazuya said softly, and then walked out.

She stared at the back of Heya leaving, this time, she didn't stop him.

If I like my sister the most, why can't I respond!

She rushed out of the store, looking at the direction Yubihama Kazuya ran.

"Xiaohe, you are a liar, you are a big liar!"

——You clearly said that you won’t lie to me. Only a liar will reject me when he likes me the most, right?

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Chapter Fifty: Misunderstanding

Fengcheng University’s entrance exam was on February 11, so, at least before that, Xiaomu Xuexue didn’t have much room to relax. After that time, she locked herself in the room tightly and made a pair. The appearance of the test-takers preparing for the sprint, I don't know how many things I have reviewed-but a little bit of pressure and a goal, forcing myself to act, is better than doing nothing.

But it all ended on February 11.On the day of the exam, she didn’t notify anyone. Even though she knew that her mother had prepared a congratulatory dinner at home, she still turned off her mobile phone and went to karaoke to sing by herself until her voice was hoarse-when she came home, she blushed The ears are red, and the exhausted look makes people wonder if something accident happened.

——If you are more rebellious, you actually want to drink a little alcohol secretly. That day, listening to your parents’ remarks, "Even after the exam, there must be a student’s self-esteem and a girl’s self-love. Don’t indulge yourself too much." Such preaching, she narrowed her eyes and thought.

But everything is over. She tried her best to finish the exam. Then, she can hide quietly where no one else knows, do nothing, think nothing, and slowly lick her wounds. Right?

When deciding to hold a birthday party, I thought it was a matter of course. The exam is over and I don’t have too much pressure. Invite some people, or friends, or just people you know to celebrate and celebrate yourself. The end of high school life that has not been easy for these three years, right?

But now, this has become a burden!I wanted to cancel the birthday party, but in the end I gave up because I thought it was troublesome to call everyone to explain.

Anyway, she can always cope with the past, Xiao Muzhen Xuecai is already very good at doing these things.

Even if peace comes, she can pretend that nothing happened-probably, and then deal with it.

On the day of my birthday, it started to snow.

When she looked out of the frozen window, she suddenly had a strange idea-the tram was out of service and everyone was unable to come due to various accidents. That would be the best result!

Downstairs, it should be his younger brother who is busy helping him prepare for the birthday party-he clearly told him that there is nothing necessary.But probably because the exam is over, the child wants to find something to do, right?

"Actually, my mother originally proposed to go out together, but sister, you always wanted to have a birthday party, so you cancelled it in the end!" At the beginning, she vaguely remembered Xiaohong's words.