My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 419

She has been thinking this since she felt that she could stop communicating with Kitahara Haruhi.

With interest, she was tired of such pretentious conversations.

It's okay to end early, let Xiaohong deal with him casually after coming in, Xuecai still has to go back and continue to rest.

"--For flowers, how about Kitahara-senpai as a gift to the girl she likes better?" But when she walked back, she heard the familiar voice.

Turning her head, she looked at another boy who sprang out of her sight.

Xue Cai's eyes suddenly became wet.

Turns out, is she so easily excited?

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Chapter 51: The Overlay of Misunderstandings

When I ran to the door of Xiao Muzhu’s house, my appearance was definitely not correct, to be precise, I was very embarrassed-because I had not worn a jacket before, I just put my jacket on my body casually, so my clothes were a bit messy and hurried. I ran over and stepped on a few feet of snow on the road, and the legs of my pants were covered with snowflakes.

But as long as the momentum is there.

Staring mercilessly at the senior who was two levels higher than me, I interrupted his attempt to pass the flowers to senior Xiaomuzhu: "For the flowers, how about the predecessor Kitahara, why don't you keep the girl you like better? "

"Heya, have you misunderstood something?" Kitahara Chunxi looked at me with surprise.

Yes, that's almost the case. Kitahara Haruki never makes mistakes, at least from his standpoint and from his perspective, all his actions are reasonable, and this time, of course, it is no exception.

However, this time, I feel that even from his standpoint, won't there be problems?

Kitahara likes winter horses and yarn. I know this very well. He has shown this on many occasions.However, now sending flowers to Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai, whether it is a whim or just a random action, can't it prove that he himself is too frivolous?It's really shameful to act like this.

I thought about the reason why Kitahara Haruki might have done this. Maybe something went wrong with Dongma Kazuya's concert that night. The two had a fight, which made Kitahara feel that he should have no chance at Dongma's side—but If this is the case, he was just dumped by a girl, and he turned his head to pursue another girl, wouldn't he feel a little guilty?

"Of course I didn't misunderstand anything. I think Senior Kitahara misunderstood something. I think if a boy likes a girl, he should act more resolutely, instead of going from side to side. Isn't that true?"

"Oh, Kazuya, calm down." Kitahara Haruki still smiled and shook her hands.

At this level, can you still remain calm?

"——I always thought it was weird before, Kitahara-senior, how can someone who cares about your own reputation like you be indifferent to such a scandal? The question now is——"

"—No, no, Heya, listen to me to explain."

"Although you have already put down the flowers, Senior Kitahara, but—"

"——The bunch of flowers I gave to Xiao Muzhen is just to celebrate her completion of the exam."

During the dispute, Haruhiro Kitahara finally found a chance, he said.

As if being poured with cold water, I suddenly calmed down.

I don't know when, when I just saw Senior Xiao Muzhen who had entered the house, he was also coming to the door, covering his mouth, looking at me with complicated eyes.

This is the first meeting after two months.

Senpai's face looks a little haggard. Is it because of the hard work preparing for the exam?Still, there will be other reasons.

However, this is not so important for the time being.

"The excuse is not such an excuse. At this time, giving flowers to people is just to celebrate the end of the exam. I won't believe it anyway!" I looked at Senior Xiaomushu, hoping that she would be able to pierce Haruno Kitahara's Bad lie.

Everything I do makes sense-as long as Beiyuan's intentions are the same as I thought.

However, the answer I got immediately turned my behavior into a ridiculously affectionate one.

"Yes, I can't believe it either." Senior Xiao Muzhen helped his forehead, "I also think it's a bit weird to send flowers for this matter, but that's what Kitahara-san just explained to me."

"Well, is it so strange to send flowers to celebrate the end of the exam?" Kitahara Haruki behind me said with some embarrassment.

"To be honest, it's easy to be misunderstood."

Yes, it is easy to be misunderstood. You can choose to send a lot of things, but why send flowers?Why send flowers at this sensitive time of Valentine's Day?Isn’t it a deliberate suspicion of walking on the road with such fanfare?

"I'm sorry, Xiao Muzhen, I didn't consider this. And Kazuya, I just misunderstood you." I vaguely heard the voice of Kitahara Haruki apologizing to me.

"I didn't plan to let you give me the flowers before because it's easy to misunderstand. Beiyuan-classmate, don't you understand what I mean?" Senior Xiao Muzhen also seemed to be explaining something.

She seemed to be reprimanding Kitahara.

However, this is not important anymore, because now, the person who looks most like a clown is me.The person who should be attacked most is me.

Yes, it is exactly like a clown, with a sloppy appearance and out-of-date. It only attacks people with imposing manner and quarrels with other guests at the door of the host's birthday party, as if he is the one who is absolutely in charge.

You know, this is a long-lost meeting again!

You know, this is a long absence, hard work after making up your mind!

You know, this is decisive, even some hastily rejected the elder sister's desperate effort!

So in exchange for such a result?

"Xucai, we're here-- er, what's the situation now?" Dazed, I heard the voices of other guests.

Sure enough, it's even more embarrassing!Completely, shameful!Shame-senior Xiao Muzhen, shame me myself-all the determination now looks like a joke.

After running back to Tokyo from Nagano without thinking about it last month, and making a big joke after making a judgment based on his own impulse, this time, it messed up again!

Making decisions based on your own mood is what you want to tell me, right?But why, every time I make a decision based on my mood at that moment, it will become the ending now?

The whole body started to get hot, and the voices of other guests around were talking about my mistakes. Under such an environment, I was embarrassed. Why would I stay?

"Sorry, senior, when I think of it, I still have something to do, so," I hurriedly put my prepared birthday present on the ground, not daring to look at Xiaomu Yuxue Cai, I stepped back, and then, everyone dazzled. In his eyes, he fled.

When I passed the previous cafe, I did not see my sister's shadow by the window.

This humiliation is different from the last humiliation. Last time, if I want, I can still rely on and have objects to complain about. However, this time, I personally rejected Yuihama Yui’s retention of me. After that, what right do I have to look for her comfort again with a shy face?

There is only a thin line between heaven and hell. This is the greatest truth in this world.

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There are fewer and fewer students in the third grade. Fortunately, for this reason, the bad rumors that appeared at Xiaomu's birthday party have not yet spread to the first and second grade classrooms.One month later, with the graduation of the third graders, this matter probably won't spread in Zongwu Gao. This should be the only comfort for me.

When I hurried home, my sister was not at home. I don’t know when she came home that day. Later, did she endure the uncomfortable and attend the birthday party of Mr. Xiao Muzhen or did other things? unknown.Even after eating, we rarely communicate with each other.

The idea that "everything can be resolved after this birthday party" that I thought of when I was communicating with Isshiki before, seems so absurd now.