My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 420

Indeed, I seem to get the inner answer, but how did this answer come from?Misunderstandings, misunderstandings, jealousy, unreasonable explanations, all the worst situations are mixed together, and finally obtained.My sister said: This answer is really unfair to her.

I would like to add one more sentence. Such an answer is too ironic for my sister.

However, this is the reality. Although this result is only due to misunderstanding, it is still reality.

I, who have collapsed once, may not collapse yet—even myself is shocked by my current stable state.

However, maybe a miss is a miss after all.

At this time last year, at the graduation ceremony of the middle school, I secretly vowed that in the three years of middle school, I made countless mistakes and made mistakes. Therefore, I wanted to correct these mistakes in the third grade of high school.

However, looking back this year, I just feel that I seem to have made more mistakes.

The love story of youth is never a comedy.

The truth of life is the worst drama.

The new semester started without warning, and ended without preparation.

When I was standing in the auditorium of the graduation ceremony, I understood the meaning of the so-called third semester—all the meaning of this semester was just with this graduation ceremony.

It was Haruki Kitahara who made the final speech on the graduate student representative. I think he was actually quite lucky, because at the birthday party not long ago, my initial plan was definitely not such petty quarrels and disputes, but Ready to punch him directly.

If I did that, he probably wouldn't be able to speak for this graduate if he was injured?

In the end, I held back it. However, considering the last embarrassment, it would be better to become more impulsive at the beginning. Watching Haruhiro Kitahara finish her speech, the other seniors who are about to graduate stepped up the steps to receive the diploma, I Even thought it was ridiculous.

When the principal reads the names of graduated students, he will also hear familiar names. When Senior Xiao Muzhen took the stage, I quickly glanced at her and then bowed my head.

The impression left to her when we met again after two months was really terrible, right?

Although the embarrassment will always pass, the bad impression will always remain in the other person's heart.

Even if you like it, there is no way to express it.

So, what gave me a sense of confidence in the first place, as long as I attended that birthday party, made a decision, and confessed it again, I could succeed?

Why do you feel such a winning ticket?

Reality taught me a lesson. When you think you have the chance to win, it is actually your most dangerous time. This is what Shit’s first-year high school taught me.

I still need to learn.

Probably so, then, goodbye, first grade.

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Chapter 52: Unfinished

When I left the auditorium and returned to the classroom, I met Yukino Yukoshita, who was standing in front of the teacher's office with a tangled expression on her face.When she saw me, she froze for a while, then turned her head away, as if she didn't want to talk to me.

To be honest, I don't know what to say to Yukinoshita. Since she did this, I am happy to remain silent, lower my head, and pass by her.

However, just as I was about to avoid her, Xuexia's cold voice came over: "Next semester, will you continue to come to the club?"

There is no need to look around pretendingly, knowing that I am the only object of this question, there are no other people in the corridor, and there are not many choices in the Xuexia community.

"Sa, don't know."

"If you don’t participate, then the ministry’s activities may be over. The club requires at least three people to start activities. Next year, Yubihama and I, I mean your sister, both of them are in third grade. There is not much time for activities. It's hard to recruit new ones."

Although that is the case, why have I never heard that the Ministry of Service is a society that allows itself to recruit new people?Didn’t all the members in the office be forced in by the Hiratsuka teacher who found all kinds of problem children?

Speaking of Mr. Hiratsuka, I have to remember the bet that I and her made when I first joined the club.On the eve of the dissolution of the ministry, who was the final winner, Xuexia, or Biqigu?

It should be neither. Maybe Hiratsuka-sensei is. The changes she expected for us have been achieved-but I don’t think she is either because she did not anticipate the emotional entanglements belonging to this society. When principles are affected by feelings, The final conclusion is actually meaningless.

"In short, if you don't want to stay with Yubihama, I'm going to the teacher's office now to return the key to the club room for the teacher."

"I think you don't have to ask for my opinion, right? You stood here before you saw me, isn't it because you have made up your mind?"

"If you make up your mind, I won't stay here for that long, and I won't ask for your suggestions." Xuexia said softly.

I was quite surprised that Yukino under Yukino could say such a thing.

Honestly, he admitted his weakness, his hesitation, and his powerlessness.

Is this the same Xuexia who had to continue to do everything before?

"What's the matter? Did I say these things surprised you?" Xuexia seemed to be aware of my doubts and asked gently, stroking the temple's hair.

"Yeah." I nodded honestly.

"Actually, admitting powerlessness is not a bad thing."

However, that is different from what Xuexiaxue should look like-who is always proud and always believes that he is the final winner, that is Xuexia.

This point has never changed since I met her.Even when she depends on other people, the confidence in the future is always written on her face.

"After all, when you can't rely on other people and always want to solve problems on your own, people will more fully realize their own shortcomings, realize their own shortcomings, and understand that there will always be times when they are powerless." The lower eyes looked straight at me, "Because, there are always things that cannot be solved even if you work hard to the end."

There are always some things that cannot be solved even if you work hard to the end.

Looking at Yukino's expression, I understood her thoughts-that Christmas night, she worked very hard to the end, but the result was not satisfactory.

Feelings are never something that must be rewarded for hard work.

I was suddenly a little ashamed, the one I used to know, who went forward bravely, was so proud that Yukino was shining all over her body. Her edges and corners seemed to be smoothed by me.

I did just try to tell her something that I think is important, but what I want to tell her is really correct?

I told her, and she did what I suggested. Isn’t that equivalent, am I choosing a path that I think is right for her?

In this way, she is still relying on me, isn't she?

"But, in the same way, as long as you insist on it according to your own mood, is that enough?" However, immediately afterwards, Yukino Yukino said.

"Acknowledging failure is not a shameful thing. Pursuing some unrealistic things according to your own heart is actually not wrong. There is no need to regret not getting what you can't get, but before that , Always stick to the path you believe in, right?"

It turns out that it's different!At that moment, I immediately understood this.

In fact, it has long been different!Perhaps, earlier, at that Christmas, when Xuexia Xuena confessed to me according to her own wishes, it was already different. I just wanted her to become more independent, but she, Apart from independence, other decisions were made?

Hasn't she already faced failure calmly and asked for advice calmly?Isn't this all the possibility she has gained by surpassing my opinion?