My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 421

"Persist, don't consider the result, regardless of your statement, how do I feel like a sister talking?" I smiled helplessly.

"There are still some differences. At least, I don't think about the result. All my efforts are still striving for the best result, but if I really can't succeed, I should be able to accept it calmly," Xuexia He shook his head and said, "However, if I have to say it, I think I will be affected by Yui. After all, your sister and brother have always had a great influence on me, right?"

"It's speechless."

"Then Yubihama, I'm going to see Hiratsuka-teacher." Yukinoshita nodded, and then knocked on the door of the teacher's office.

"Sorry, wait a minute--" However, I stopped her.

Somewhat embarrassing, myself.

Thinking of the self-persecution of the previous two months, I suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

Can actions carried out in accordance with one's own instincts be completely denied because the results fail?Did Xuexia Xuena tell me this bad judgment long ago?

Acting according to one's own heart is never wrong. Even if you fail, you should not deny your own heart.

The result and the process are of course equally important, but a good result always requires the cooperation of many factors. It is really ridiculous if you deny the success of the process because of the failure of the result and deny the mistake of your starting point!

I even made such a serious mistake.

You taught me a lesson, Xuexia.

Of course, I should have known it a long time ago, and I should have realized it after calming down.

It's just that some are immersed in self-consciousness and haven't gotten rid of it-in a sense, or are some secondary?

"Is there a problem?"

"Well, don't worry about returning the keys," I said with a smile, "Next semester, I think I can try to help you recruit some new club members."

——If necessary, I may also include myself.

"You know that my requirements for members are very harsh, right?" Xuexia was stunned, but then immediately reacted.

"I know." I nodded. "But, you can always find some problem students, right?"

"The Ministry of Service is not a problem children's concentration camp, but since you said so." Xuexia retracted his hand on the door and said softly, "Then I will wait a while!"

"Well, thank you."

"Don't you need to think about saying goodbye to the seniors you know?"

"I will think about it, but maybe I need to think about it again."

"Well, speaking of Cannian, I don't know a senior who needs to say goodbye."

"It's easier? For you."

"Yes, I'm still not good at dealing with social occasions with so many people! I still haven't learned this from your sister."

"Maybe this is a talent skill?"

"It's possible, talent skills." Xuexia lightly smiled.

It was a very comfortable, familiar smile. Once, at the lakeside last summer, Yuihama Kazuya was heartbeat when he witnessed that smile and then began to show off his talents, which led to various stories in the future.

Even now, I think this smile is equally beautiful.

"Then, see you next semester!"

"Well, see you next semester!"

Well, maybe, the first grade of this shit is not over yet.

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Chapter 53: Recovery

The problem that has been troubled for a long time may not be as difficult to solve as imagined, but when the problem that has been troubled for a long time finally comes to an end lightly, there will be a sense of satisfaction of "finally a long breath of relief", and this satisfaction The consequence of feeling is long-lost fatigue.

When I returned to the class, there was no one in the class unexpectedly. I must have said goodbye to the predecessors. When I left, I discovered that the classmates in my class did not have a homecoming department or energy conservationist. , The unexpected, are the abundant cash of school life!

But it’s okay, no one speaks, so I can feel the warm sunshine and the gentle breeze of early spring in my seat beside the bed, and have a good sleep.

I don’t know how long I slept, slightly, I felt a slight itchy, cool sensation on my face, like the gentle touch of the fingers, the gentle touch of the lips, or the unintentional spring breeze Whisk in the middle.I subconsciously touched my face with my hand, trying to knock out this strange obstacle, but he didn't touch anything.

After a while, the itching sensation seemed to return.

I opened my eyes suddenly, and what caught my eyes were a bunch of slender willow leaves and Yuihama Yui who was sitting in front of me holding the leaves, dragging his chin and sweeping my cheeks carelessly.

"Sister Yui, you are very boring, can't you let someone have a good rest at this time?" Subconsciously complained.

"It's Xiaohe, don't you feel a waste of good time when you sleep at this time?"

"Don't worry about it!"

He squatted in a daze, a natural conversation, as if nothing had happened.

——But after all, nothing has happened.I suddenly woke up and looked at Yuihama Yui in front of me, feeling a little at a loss.

It seems that this is not the mode that the two of us should get along with.

Feeling my pressure, the smile on my sister's face stagnated: "Uh, this wakes you up, is Xiaohe very angry?"

"It's not that I'm angry, I just feel--"

——I just feel that the situation of looking at each other awkwardly after Valentine's Day has become this kind of harmonious coexistence mode, which always feels a bit contrary to harmony.

It's like watching a TV series and missing an episode.

No, there may be more than one episode.

"Is this okay?"

"Not bad."

——If you continue to get along like this as if nothing has happened, there is actually nothing wrong with it, but after all, nothing has happened.

When I saw my sister, the resolution made at the time, the excited dialogue, and the final sadness all reappeared before my eyes scene by scene.In particular, we may have stopped all possible existence because of a misunderstanding. This guilt, regret, and complicated mood is not a problem that can be solved by saying "Nothing has happened."

"I just saw Xiaoxue. She told me that the Ministry of Service would continue its activities next semester. She also said that Xiaohe would help Xiaoxue find members."

"Uh, is it such a coincidence?"

"It's okay, so Xiaohe has already settled the matter with Xiaoxue, right?"