My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 422

"Well, it should be counted."

"That's really great!"

"Well, it feels a bit light and flirty. I didn't know what to do before. I didn't expect it to be solved so easily. There is always a sense of unreality." I smiled embarrassedly.

"Well, in fact, this kind of thing was originally a matter of changing thoughts," my sister shook her head noncommitantly, "If you look away, everything will be solved."


"So, I think, I should also clarify my affairs with Xiaohe. After all, today is a graduation ceremony. One school year is about to pass. I always feel that I can't delay this year's affairs to next year. This year’s affairs must be made clear this year."

Uh, unexpectedly serious, but there seems to be some truth.

"I thought about it." Seeing that I hadn't spoken, my sister continued to say, "I think I was a little rash."

"A little risky?"

"Ha, I mean, I was a little excited at that time! You know, I've been competing with Senior Xiao Muzhen for a long time about who is Xiao He's sister, and then finally waiting When I thought I had already won, Senior Xiao Muzhen told me that she didn't care if she was Xiaohe's sister. This made me very angry, very angry, so I wanted to continue to fight, and then—"

"——Then it developed into what it is now?"

"In short, the reason for this should be very big, I think." Sister Yui scratched her head and said embarrassedly.

This is a bit of a play. It’s just like Kitahara sending flowers to Ms. Xiaomu’s birthday on her birthday because he wanted to celebrate Ms. Xiaomu’s end of the exam. However, considering that Kitahara really did this, plus his sister’s Sometimes the character is really so irresponsible and momentary. Therefore, such an explanation is barely acceptable.

"In fact, I just feel that I like small peace. It makes sense to think about it? The two of us have always been closer and better than the normal sibling relationship. If it goes beyond the normal sibling relationship, the relationship will probably be Other feelings! In fact, it makes sense. I also like Xiaohe very much. If Xiaohe accepts it, I think it’s good to become another relationship. But since Xiaohe refused, I think, I should re-examine my thoughts."

"Ah, is that so?"

"Well, that's it," I couldn't see the truth hidden in my sister's expression.

However, if it is really what she said, this may be the result of another light problem.

"That's what it means, your sister, Yuihama Yui-san is a person who can advance and retreat, and can accept good results, and can also accept more sad results. Now that it is a sad result, I think we continue Wouldn’t it be okay to be a sister and brother who had a good relationship like that before?"

"If I could go back, of course it would be great!"

"Does Xiaohe worry about not going back?"


"It's okay, it's okay!" My sister blinked her eyes and smiled, "It's just like the conversation you did when you just woke up, isn't it just going back?"

"But when I just woke up, it was because my consciousness was not clear--"

"——Xiaohe!" My sister interrupted me, looking at me with moist eyes.

Then I got it.

This is the sacrifice made by Yui Hihama, the effort she made, the direction she insisted on.She chose so, so she did.

Although she doesn't know the result, although the result may be unsatisfactory, she still wants to hold on to it.

"Try it, even if it's just a try, can you?" She looked into my eyes seriously and said softly.

I know that this is an adventure.

If it was someone else, I would refuse.

However, the person in front of you is Yuihama Yui, my favorite sister.

I never lie to her, I never, nor will I refuse her.

"Okay!" I nodded.

"Then, shake hands! In order to restart the relationship between brother and sister." My sister proactively extended her hand to me.

I also reached out and shook her.

"Then make an appointment!" My sister rubbed her eyes and said with a smile, "By the way, congratulations to Xiaohe for graduation!"


"Graduated from first grade!"

"You can't use the word graduation at the end of the first grade, right?"

"I said yes, you can be considered as a first-year graduate, is that okay?"

"Forget it, I won't fight with you this time."

"That's right," Yuihama Yui blinked his eyes as if suddenly remembered, and continued, "I saw that your school uniform jacket seemed torn, and the second button fell off."

"There will be such a thing?"

"You should feel lucky. You changed your school uniform in the second grade. There will be no impact except not being able to donate this school uniform to the next student in difficulty."

"Those who come to schools like Zongwu High School won't be able to beat students in difficulty."

"Then there is no problem at all."

"Well, to be honest, I'm still very careful when I wear clothes. How can the buttons fall off?"

"Sa, probably because the quality is not good?" My sister tilted her head and said, "Then I'll go first, and I have to say goodbye to the seniors I know. Don't be lazy in the classroom, Xiaohe!"

"If the button of the uniform is broken, I can't wear it neatly. How can I say goodbye to someone!"

"Anyway, there will always be a way!"

I opened my mouth as I watched my sister who ran out in a hurry, and finally didn't say anything.

The willow branches outside the window swayed under the spring breeze, making a rustling sound.

Some things, maybe you don’t have to think too carefully.

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Final Chapter: Beginning of Spring

"Xuecai Xiaomu, congratulations for graduation!" She smiled and received the graduation certificate from the principal. There was a crackling applause and rustling discussion in the audience-obviously, as the winner of the two miss chief Wu Gao The popularity of Xue Cai is not low.