My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 423

However, she was not concerned about this. Sweeping through the ranks of the first grade, she easily found the conspicuous red hair, but Yubihama only lowered his head and did not look in his direction.

It still seems to be pissed, this guy!She smiled softly and went down the stairs.

The follow-up to the birthday party is actually warmer for her.

From hearing Kazunari's angry voice, she was already filled with strange surprises.All the mistakes Heya made may be embarrassing mistakes in his own eyes, but in her opinion, they are just trivial problems.

The important thing is that he is losing his temper for himself, and the important thing is that he has come to him again, regardless of the way.Kazuya’s embarrassment, in her opinion, is also very nostalgic-a long time ago, when she and Yubihama Kazuya were still in an intimate relationship, when faced with her difficulties, Kazuya often This kind of appearance, although the degree is lighter.

Moreover, if he shows up like this, it means that he doesn't care about his appointment that night, whether it is because he believes his explanation, because he pays less attention to this matter than he expected, or because he actually Shang believed in himself more than he thought. In any case, He also believed in himself, cared about himself, didn't despise and despise himself-that's enough.

Although she helped Kitahara Yuka also explained the reason in name, although she had seen the boy run away uncomfortably, she already understood the boy's feelings had been conveyed to her heart.

She didn't stop Heya immediately, nor did she call Heya after that, but it was different from the previous deliberate indifference to him and the test.

Xiaomu Zhaoxueca clearly knows how embarrassing it is for boys that this happened, so she just gave the boys enough time to relax their emotions. When the relief is over, it is the time for this warm harvest.

The campus in the early spring exudes a strong graduation mood.

She wandered in the middle of the campus, feeling this strong feeling.

In fact, she doesn't have too many friends who really want to take a group photo, but there are always many people who come out from various unexpected places and invite themselves to take a group photo together.

Of course, she would also agree to their request, and incidentally also used her mobile phone to take a symbolic photo.

When she graduated, she was also the most prosperous confession. In less than an hour, she had been stopped by an unknown number of boys.

After being rejected by himself, the other party either left calmly or said goodbye in tears.

She also knew that this was just a ceremony, marking the end of their high school.

For those people, the result is not important.

"Now, Xiao Muzhen, I called Dongma, let's take a group photo with the three of us!" This is the voice of Haruki Kitahara—he seems to have never felt that he has crossed the boundary, and, I don’t know. Why, he always seemed to think that he, Kitahara and Dongma and Sa should be quite good friends.

However, it seems to be reluctantly. After all, in the light music club, which she considered to be an attracting and attention-grabbing club from the beginning, their cooperation is quite pleasant-if they are willing to feel that they are friends. , Then it doesn’t hurt to treat them as friends.

He also doesn't like Kitahara, and always thinks that she will like Harunuki Kitahara. If she really likes Haruna Kitahara, what will happen, especially the girl with black straight hair on the other end, who believes in Haruna Kitahara. Very persistent.

But this is just a meaningless speculation after all.

"By the way, when I graduate, I will go to the buttons of the school uniform of the person I like. When is this story passed down?" After the photo was taken, Kitahara asked casually.

"Who knows? Did classmate Kitahara give out the buttons? Or is there anyone who wants to ask for buttons?"

"If I don't, I won't, because I don't have time to fall in love? No one likes me, right?"

"Really?" She chuckled and looked at Dongma Kazuya on the other end. The girl with black straight hair didn't look very good.

It would be nice if I could be more frank, that girl.She nodded slightly and thought.

"But as for Xiao Muzhen, there should be many people who try to ask you for buttons-eh, have your buttons been taken off? Who did you give them?"

"Ah, my buttons!" Xuecai took out the buttons that she had always put in her clothes pocket, shook it, and said, "Because I was worried about the situation that Kitahara-san said, so I started from the end of the graduation ceremony. Take it down, and if someone asks for it, you can tell him that it has been taken away."

"Ah, you deserve to be Xiao Muzheng, you really have been prepared!"

"Well, I have something to say, so let's go first."

"Ok, then Xiao Muyan will take care of your own business first!"

She paced slowly away from the others, smiled and rejected the proposal of the new classmates who wanted to take a photo with her, and started to walk in the direction where there were not many people.

Finally, she stopped at the gate of the gymnasium.

She knows why she wants to come here, because here is the beginning of everything.

The purpose of the buttons, she told Kitahara, is neither right nor right.

Of course, she removed the buttons in advance to prevent others from asking too much, but more often, it was because she had someone she wanted to hand over.

Now, if you were here, I gave you the button, would you accept it?

---------------------------------split line--------------- ----------------------

Spring has already arrived. After my sister left, I suddenly realized that from the cold winter to the spring, it was unexpectedly faster than I thought.A few days ago, I was still in my room looking out the frozen window and watching the snow falling in the sky, but now it is a very comfortable day for my family to go hiking together.

My sister was right. In such weather, just hiding in the classroom and sleeping, it was a bit wasteful. Thinking about this, I stood up, shook my stiff body, and walked out of the classroom.

Only when the school is filled with the full feelings of graduation, I can realize that, unlike my previous rigid judgments of the campus scenery, in fact, many scenery of the school are more likely to induce people than I thought. Feelings.

I still remember the dead tree outside the gymnasium. It was a dead tree at the time, but when spring came, I found a few sprouts on the branches—the tenacity of vitality, which is evident.Standing under that tree, the girl named Sugiura Koharu, after her second hard attempt, failed decently.

For the rest of your life, don't forget the appearance of the girl you made to cry.These are the words left by her tearful face.

Next to the stadium is the football field. When I talked to Yi Shiyu for the first time, a short-haired, energetic but cunning girl surrounded me and asked all kinds of questions. Then, I was still baffled by the situation. At the time, she said her refusal for the first time: Although I am really interested in you, it would be a big mistake if you think that I am interested in you. I just treat you as a normal classmate, so I am very sorry. !

After that, she did not know how many times she "rejected me" in a similar way. If possible, I actually hope that she can continue to refuse, so that we won't have all the sad scenes afterwards.

The football field is facing the office building of the club. In the meeting room of the student union, I accepted the task of the chairman of the city. After that, I recalled the girl Sonoda Umi, who has been behind Xiaochun, admiring him. , A girl who works hard for the predecessors she admires.

If you are still thinking about disguising the object of your girlfriend-I think I should be a good object, right?What kind of mood did she say at that time?If I could reject her at the time, I think the tragedies that follow would not be staged.

Different from classrooms for other club activities, the classrooms of the Ministry of Service are connected to the classrooms for teaching. If there is a reason to be given, it should be because Mr. Hiratsuka thinks that connecting the classrooms of the Ministry of Service closer to the student classrooms would be better. It is conducive to the Ministry of Service to accept commissions-but considering the location of this classroom is too remote, and the reputation of the club has not been very popular, this idea seems very unrealistic.

However, most of the memories of Yubihama's campus life this year were formed in this classroom.Although the final result was far from what was originally expected, when the time for the final decision arrived, thinking of the quarrels and efforts in the classroom, there was still a trace of nostalgia.

There will be a shadow of youth?The common memories and common struggles of the youth associations?

I laughed mockingly.

Really recall, there will be some reluctance?

Of course there will be sentimental sentiments. When Yukino Yukino's thoughts change and Yui Bihama's sentiments deteriorate, that feeling is not very good.

At the end of the memory, there is always a bad self-positioning of the protagonist of the light novel!

Of course, this should not be the end, everything, from the beginning of the stadium to the end of the stadium.

When I saw the temporary stage of the gymnasium again, there was always a feeling of an afterlife—four months have passed since the grand cultural festival!

There are so many things worth remembering, but for me, there is only one most important thing.

If this story can be made simpler, if the story can be made simpler, the song "Wu " by Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai can end after the song is played.

Unfortunately, the awful, self-righteous, and naive Yubi Hama Kazuya must go against his wish and do something more complicated and embarrassing.

——I think that these two actions that have become so embarrassed according to my own mood should be revenge for the choices at that time.