My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 424

If you give me another chance to choose, I think I will not hesitate.

"If you were to give Heya another chance at that time, what would you do?" As if hearing my heart's voice, a clear and warm voice rang from behind me.

I know whose voice it was, but I didn't turn my head.

Why is it here?

Shouldn't you be enjoying the pursuit of graduation?

And it’s embarrassing and embarrassing to be caught while recalling the past!And why would you know what I'm thinking?

"If you were given another chance to choose, what would you do?" However, the same question was repeated indomitably.

Hey, can you give people a little psychological preparation?

Although I can guess the reason for the appearance, I have to restrain my emotions, right?

"Or do you need me to sing on stage again to remind you of the feeling at that time?" The voice's master got closer and closer to me.

"No need." I turned around and looked back at Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai.

In fact, it was only a momentary thing to look away, and to realize that one's stubbornness and considerateness with the other party was also a momentary thing.

Looking back, it's not a big deal, right?

Why did you despise yourself to such an extent?

If you have enough confidence in yourself and if you have enough expectations for the future, these difficulties should be overcome?

Indeed, this self-blame is not difficult to overcome.

I looked at Senior Xiao Muzhen. She was smiling, holding her hands behind her back, and leaning forward slightly. The uniform that had been scattered was floating in the air.

I know, what she wants to hear now is not the answer to her question, not my apology, but—

"Now, because, I like you, Senior Xiao Muzhen."

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emmmmm is over, there are still a lot to say, right?


End of this testimonial

In any case, I finally finished the book. In fact, I wrote the testimonials in advance after the book, but I really didn't expect that when I uploaded the last chapter, I would have mixed feelings like this.

White is my second book. When I first opened the book, I wrote it with a mentality that I would rather write slowly but also write well. Looking back, overall I feel that I feel better than Jiao Jiao. There are a lot of things, the most real point is that the plot of this book did not exceed my control. It followed the expected path until the end. It did not repeat the middle-term runaway of the previous year and went to the Zhaili line. Mistakes.

But it must be said that it is outside the scope of expectations, and it will end.It’s not that the finale is going to be the line of snow vegetables, but that there is a little possibility for the dumplings in the finale. This is probably because the two days after the liver burst and I communicated with everyone, I think this book can actually write a cc article, etc. Although this book does not have an if line like Bingjiao, I think it might be possible to write a CC Fanwai. Although it is estimated to be a lifetime series, everyone has also seen that another sick Ayase Fanwai has also finished writing. So, maybe, Probably, we can report hope to the follow-up CC article of white, and the plot should be combined with the linkage of the two works.The main plot is Tuanxue (well, this snow is Xuecai) a second battle, and then you may get sicker characters, such as elder sister ah elder sister ah elder sister (laughs), but this is still a very superficial brain hole period That's it, it's okay to put a satellite anyway.

Then there is the ending. The general format of the ending was determined when I watched the just because ending last month-I feel that Eita and Natsumi still felt like be in the first second, and the next second was unexpected. But the feeling of re-encountering is reasonable, so I wrote the ending based on this method.Well, of course, so I am Natsume.

With reference to the influence of this ending, in fact, the handling of Xuecai in the last episode still feels a bit like Xia Ming, mainly referring to the period in which she was abused, including some hypocritical psychology-of course, Xuecai's character does have this side, including the last The interaction and competition mode of Tuanzi and Xuecai, if the competition mode of Xiaomiya and Natsume did not affect me, it is definitely fake.So when the 45th chapter was released, I was still very nervous, because I felt that if a person had no tendency before, that chapter was a very deducted chapter for the snow vegetables, and then I would worry that the snow vegetables party would be irritated. But it doesn't seem to appear-probably everyone is used to my routine (laugh)?

To get back to the subject, in this final triangle choice, the suspense of party disputes must arise. The author has a greater lead in his heart. Huh (or a certain one?) The heroine will definitely make waves, and the lagging party will definitely perform. It has to work very hard, because the author has a scale in his heart, which is playing balance, but the ending has long been decided.However, if readers or viewers don’t know this, what they see is how hard the lagging side is and how hypocritical the leading side is, so if there is no tendency before, the viewer will easily tend to lose. That side, so when I was watching jb, I felt very familiar with the plot development model of the old thief Kamo Shida. Natsume was not suspicious from the beginning, because in fact, this book is also the same. The end of the snow has long been established in my mind. Now, everything before is just playing a balanced trick.

Well, so this is the end, at least from the beginning I decided to take the snow vegetables line, this has not changed, this is the best.Then the whole book.I remember that I had a lot of complaints from the second half of 2015 to the first half of 2016, which is the year of my senior year. It is probably because my book talks about philosophy, and I have a high opinion of it. Yes, looking at the remarks at that time, it was pretty good, especially in the first half of 2016. At that time, I was afraid that I was too stubborn in Poland, so I talked more nonsense.But seriously, this book still wants to say something, although I didn't understand it at the end, half of it was because I felt that some of the second grades were over-written, and the other half was because it was indeed very late. I think everyone can still feel some of what I mean.

On the whole, if I rate the white, I feel that I am about 65 points-in fact, I have very high requirements for myself, and it would be good if I can pass it. If I think I have 80 points of work, I think I can Go blow it.There are still passing points, and the plot has not collapsed.

The character barely collapsed, and everything that should be written was written out, but it was almost there.Of course, there are still many problems. As I mentioned before, in the writing plot, the non-heroine protagonists are gradually marginalized. At the last moment, Chunge and Dongma used it as important plot NPCs, and then the teacher is losing After the role of the NPC, he was completely beaten into the cold palace, so the group of friends would complain, and I am afraid that he does not have a friend (laughs), but it is actually a pity, because the original outline teacher and Heya still have some opponents, or If you want to play some brainstorming of idea collision, I wrote some plots like this in the early stage. However, basically from the penultimate volume, after the emotional line becomes obvious, I feel that I can’t hold it. I must say something. After all, I It’s not long to write novels and think about plots every day,

Just write and write, just take care of the main line, so some relatively less important roles passers-by, and use them when they are useful.The other is the handling of issuing cards to others at the end. In fact, I have avoided the continual centralized issuance of cards, but if I can, I still hope that the final ending of Yukino and Isshiki can be written more impressively. In short, I just feel that those two parts are still far from the requirements in my heart!

The last question is Xuecai. The mistakes she made since Bingjiao until now have not changed. Like Ayase who is Bingjiao, Xuecai, as the final heroine, is not surprising in terms of ending. After all, the opening game favors MAX. , But because of the liking degree MAX, there is still a lack of enough interactive plot. Originally, I seriously considered designing a plot of snow vegetables for help from the Ministry of Service. Unfortunately, I did not find the right time to insert at the beginning. Later I fell into the emotional line. Self-extrication is even more impossible. Therefore, the entire relationship between Xuecai and Heya is that the two people who open the gear with the degree of liking MAX continue to misunderstand and misunderstand-the misunderstanding is actually just a few words, so I can’t talk. Therefore, it still seems that the plot of Xuecai is a bit weak, which is more reluctant.

But it’s over. The 15-year summer pit has been almost two and a half years. It’s actually quite satisfying to stick to it. It’s been three years since I started writing books, two books are finished, and one is still writing. , A total of more than 300 w words, except that Hosaka, who has the least readers, signed an agreement symbolically, and got about 300 yuan through rewards and monthly passes (probably, because I didn’t count, I didn’t care). I am writing a book with my own interest, and I can stick to it until now. I think it is worth blowing up.In fact, since I went to graduate school, I have been under a lot of pressure, so I can’t write. At the beginning of this semester, I didn’t get a Ph.D. now. Because it is an application system, the pressure will not be as great as that of predecessors. The update can also be more stable, but there is always a problem pressing in front of me, so I have never had the kind of complete relaxation, including the two days when the liver burst was over a few days ago, and the guilt in my heart is particularly strong, but Still stick to it and finish the book, this is actually quite a big achievement.

Actually, I haven’t paid attention to the recommended votes for a long time, and I haven’t paid much attention to the increase or decrease of the collection for a long time, because I look at everyone’s complaints and comments, and then someone in the group discusses the plot with me. In fact, I can recognize those who can discuss or comment on the plot. People, there are only 4 or 50 comment areas in the group. In fact, there are not many, but this is already very happy. Although I rarely reply to comments recently, mainly because I am worried about spoilers in the comment area (although I have been in the group drama Throughout), but I have seen everyone's comments and complaints.So I think that although I am old and do not have the state of codewords back then, I will still stick to codewords.

Finally, there are possible new books. How can I say that everyone will be happy if there are new books, but the content of the new books is estimated to be more troublesome.Obviously not many people read my books, and few people discuss with me, but I guess I’m going to die again. Obviously, the accumulated reader audience now reads my campus bg polyangular love text, or stomach medicine direction or harem direction. , But the next book will indeed change a lot in terms of direction (this feeling is also felt when communicating in the group, maybe it is to put aside most of the previous readers, look to the sky).

But the new book still wants to write the previous Lily article project, Zhan Ji Juesang + muv-luv article.In fact, I have probably written five versions of the first draft and settings of this book, but the key words have basically not changed, Lily Polygon, Fighter, Big Miscellaneous, and group drama.

In fact, I have always wanted to write Baihegui Ranwen. It should be said that this is the original intention of this project. Bailidu is probably at the level of Zhan Ji Zeshang and Yuki Yuna. It is estimated that it will become Jinjiang Wen, Fang Wen daily cute. The type of department is more suitable for manga rather than writing, so I chose the universal Yuridu of Magical Girl Fan;

In terms of machine warfare, to be honest, I am actually not a carrot fan. I still have a hard time setting. The muv chefs seem to be a very picky batch of machine warfare chefs. I am almost certain that if I write it out, I will be singled out for many setting faults-but it is true I think the apocalyptic background provided by the muv series is very suitable for the hard-core Xiang Lily I want to write, and the machine warfare must play with human nature. I still want to try it, and finally I want to write and see. God tears bugs with bare hands, so I am ready to write enthusiastically;

The big miscellaneous means to prepare to add all the characters in the various animations to the text, and make a re-setting based on the original work. It is similar to the original Muv that adds the character of Junwang to play. Now the protagonist team is initially set. The characters are Miku Ko Hyuga (Well, it’s my book guest id, Zhan Ji Ze sing, and the heroine of the book), Hwang Mae Kumiko (Kyobuki), Chitanda Airu (Hyogo), Amami Maiki (Qualidea Code) , Karasuma Chitose (girl number), Asakura Ryoko (Haruhi Suzumiya series), and their related characters will basically be added, and other characters can be added later, depending on the situation;

Although the group portrait drama will be the heroine in the future, it is expected to develop multi-perspective writing, and there will be multiple developments of emotional lines and plot lines.

In short, if someone has the patience to read this, they should know that my next book is one: I have never written it before, it is very difficult, I am not familiar with it, it is very demanding, the goal is very big, and it may be It’s probably my plan for the pinnacle of self-satisfaction that has lost many readers, so I’m probably prepared to perform worse than Hosaka, but if anyone is interested, I can see how far I can die. .The re-examination of the doctoral exam is in March. After that, I will know if I have studied in the second half of the year, so this book is estimated to be released in April. If there is no accident, I will not put it here. I will only go to the opposite customer. Dianniang bans several chapters from time to time, which makes me very uncomfortable. You are still banned from seeing a doctor, and I don't bother to apply for release. That's about it.

Of course, I can add one last sentence. The white CC article can still be expected (the one who is interested in this should be more hhhh than the project upstairs). How long has the wa2 ic and cc been released? I can play according to this time. (laugh).Of course, continue to welcome everyone to join the group discussion: 317867958.

Finally, thank you for your continued support for this book. Although it is a self-entertaining work, if there are no readers, I will not be able to finish the book. I really appreciate the people who followed this book.


Come back and put a wave of publicity on the new book

All in all, a new pit was opened impulsively, the Lily Pit of opportunity, which was mentioned in the final speech.

Don’t let Dianniang go, and completely abandon Dianniang (Bing Jiao was sealed three times, and now she is still sealed, and she is too lazy to appeal. I don’t know how many chapters have been inexplicably banned in the white middle. I want to keep them from reading. After the complaint came back, this ban mechanism was too unfriendly, and I just came back and took a look at the book review area after the conclusion. A few newcomers who found the book after the conclusion were still uncomfortable, and I felt that the reason for not letting go was more justified. ), only on the opposite customer (huanleshuke), the title is "Hold Your Hand at the End of the Day".

If you are a little interested in hard-core lilies, add a collection and fattening. If you are not interested, after all, from all directions, that book is the pinnacle of my death.