Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 1

Hougyoku systems of Naruto's: A Yang

My name is the day, I'm going through the Nango World, I wonder why others cross the Yuxi Bo family busy upgrade the eyes, but I have to cross the cataract time ... What?

Also do a competitor with a god? Not enough, what is it? Do you say there is a lucky draw? But what is the thing that is pumped? Do you say that it doesn't matter? This is almost ...

Chapter 1, Japan to the moment

In the evening, the sun is like blood.

Fire-burning clouds, the sky, the bustling village appears to be extraordinarily.

However, at this time, the leaves of the leaves, a little pure white little fart, but sigh on the wooden floor of the porch.

"Potholes! Isn't it just a member of the Threader Club on the Internet? It actually directly took me through the Ninja World, but also became a member of this cataract." Look at the mirror's own light forehead The word "" is imprisoned, and the child is even more powerless.

And actually, a member of the family to a family, this is the rhythm of birds in the cage in the lifetime. For the printers on the forehead, it is more clear that the original traveler is more clear than anyone. In order to protect the blood, the world, the generation of the family and the family, the Shi Shide behalf in the middle of the blood, in order to maintain the white eyes, and the family must be placed from the small head. It is completely controlled by the guests, and he will die for life.

The child is four years old. The name of this world is called the day. The parents are all members of the family, and they have diced the country in the battlefield, and the village sent a split-shaped reel for the village. The Jiajia Award didn't have any below. Since this year, after the family, I have a babysitter who specializes in the orphans in the family. The pension given by the village will start independent life.

It is evil, why not crossing the Unecdo family. As a traveler's moment, the story of the entire nirgo world will be rotated around the writing of the eyes. Month, Tianzhao, Don't God, you must, I'm ethical, I'm going to look back ... I remembered the powerful skills of the original middle and late writing in the back of the sky, and it was deeply weak.

For the day, this "white eye" is one of the three major patches, usually with the bloody family of "the strongest family" of the wood, in the impression of the moment, it seems to have been in the back of the spring, weak to only clean up the mob soy sauce. The original rose is the day of the Japanese genius ninja, but also directly by the ten tail group skill cuttings, becoming the only sacrifice of the twelve son of wood.

"Cut, don't want, no gold fingers still do not work hard, this will not be able to die at any time, can't support the fourth endurance war, and there is only a brushing in the Luyusian Village of Luo Petion. "At the moment, the mood was packed, and he got up to the wooden pile in the middle of the yard. He took a breath, his hands were printed, and the eye-catching torch immediately pulled up, and immediately stretched. Parked hand.

"Two palms!"

"Four palms!"

"Eight palms!"

"16 palm!"

"Thirty-two palms!"

With the crispy jun, I saw the young hands of the young handsome turned into black shadows, and pointed out, it was very rapidly hit on the wooden pile, and the force was almost penetrated, and the whole process is all the process. And there is no more than three seconds. If there is nowday people watch next to it, it will be surprised that the Bar is falling on the ground. Such a small age can refine Chakra is already a rare genius, and the moment can also learn only in the unmanned situation. The soft way to learn can be learned.

"Sure enough, don't you still do, I didn't reach Chakra volume, it seems that I can't play the gossip sixty-four palms."

However, for the current progress, the moment is not very satisfied. From the beginning of the birth, it will follow the truth of the stupid bird, and other children are still learning to walk. He has begun to learn to refine Chakra and Mo Socar to the family's soft way. Although there is no protagonist's golden fingers, there is a little friend of the crushor - the mental force is more powerful than normal people, so it is now far from the normal adult of the newly open-eyed people. And can successfully extract body energy and mental energy for fusion, and start Chakra cultivation.

Since the age is too small, although Chakra can be extracted, it is hindered by physical conditions, his Chakra has always broken the level of unbearable, and naturally makes the high-end Soft Soft Method, which does not have a day to flow. .

Looking at my own pair of congestion and red, the moment is thinking: "It seems that cultivation still has to gradually enter, and the previous time has just bothered the 'cage in the' curse, the brain damage is not completely rehabilitation, or the first return to the house continues to study how to repair the film The operation. "


"Dear member, you are good, congratulations, you get the collapse system provided by the Crossler Club, currently being bound ..."

"What?" I was preparing to go back to the house, I heard a voice from the depths of the soul, and a lot of information continued to enter my mind.

"The system is successfully binding, the current world" Naruto ", dangerous level S-class, dominate the current world to get 1000 points."

The sudden sound made the moment slightly panic, but after calm down, finishing the information flooding into the brain, the moment could not help but ridicule, the golden fingers will still come, although it is four years, but finally gave a surprise. A surprise.

"Excuse me, can you redeem all kinds of anti-sky skills?" It's too late to spit this cottage online game setting, I feel that it is a matter of justice to understand the function of this system before, after all, this is directly related to the moment in this world. Become a protagonist or become a dragon set.


"Can you redeem all kinds of gods?"


"Then you can release all kinds of back palace mission, have you given me a variety of rewards?"


"Do you have any association with the collapse of" Death "?"


"Then why you call this name."

"How do I know, it is probably the author can't think of the name."


The more I asked the heart, the more you sink to the bottom, you just prepared to be quiet as a hanging, but said good golden finger? How to give me a inexplicable pothole system, can't draw, can not exchange skills, what is it? !

"What is the function you have?" The unsatisfactory moment I feel that I still ask the system itself, let it answer it yourself.

"This system is designed to break the boundaries in front of the host, and endlessly evolved next time."

"Well, it sounds very high, but can you do?" The small face of the moment slightly convulsions, this official answer is what.

"Simply, when the condition is satisfied, when the host's ability to meet the bottleneck, this system can help the host to break the current bottleneck and directly evolve into the next realm."

Listening to the system's detailed explanation, it is a bit easy to try, it sounds a bit similar to the collapse of "Death", "The system, then help me evolve the white eye into a revivement eye."

Chapter 2 Crash System

"Sorry, the conditions are insufficient, the host lacks a complete co-wooded wood, and cannot break the current boundary, the evolution failure."

Sure enough, the revivement of the eye is a creation of the trend of the world, and wants to make the white eye into the eye, you must have multiple gathered white eyes or let the blood of the white eyes and the blood of the moon. Born. However, whether it is a huge white eye or the blood of the moon, the blood of the moon is all unable to get it.

"So, what is the ability I have to break the boundary to enter the next stage?" The time of the moment of cultivation is short. At present, there is only two kinds of Chakra and the soft boxing of two, and the moment is the moment. If you want to try this collapse system, you can help you improve these two capabilities.

"Hey! The system has detected that the host chacla volume has reached the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, and congratulates the chart of Chakra to a higher level."

"Hey! The system detects that the host is soft, the gossip has arrived in the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, congratulations to the host to get soft, gossip, gossip, sixty-four palms."

As the sound of the system sounded in the brain in the brain, I only felt a warm current flowing from the body. Just because of the cultivation, I consumed the empty Chakra as if the spring bamboo shoots were so crazy, and no matter whether you were still awkward.

In the moment, I endured this way. !

I didn't dare to confuse the horse jumped to the wooden pile in the middle of the yard, and opened the appearance of the soft boxing and the posture of the soft boxing.

"Soft, gossip, sixty-four palms!"

"Two palms!"

"Four palms!"

"Eight palms!"

"16 palm!"

"Thirty-two palms!"

"Sixty-four palms!"