Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigs Crack System Chapter 2

At the moment, the flexible arms quickly scored the air, and the palm was so poured on the wooden pile. The unclaimed wooden pile as if the wind and rain were floating, and finally played in the moment. The last hit 32 palm hit in the vain, the woods flew!

"Success!?" At the moment, it was a sour arms. Chakra, which was just promoted, was consumed, and the footstep is unable to sit on the ground. The pale face on the full sweat is the excitement of the hidden. - The original China-Japanese and Japanese, in the middle of the 13-year-old to endure the inspection, it is already shocked, the moment is now four years old. This kind of senior body, what is this? Shocking monster?

For the first time, the cruelty of this genius is like a dog. After the cruel world, the first time I have a true confidence in my future path. Even in the future, the BOSS is facing all kinds of geniuses, there is a system in hand, I believe that I can finally dominate my own destiny, dominate this world!

When the shock of the system is immersed in the system, the sound of the system is once again in the mind.

"Given the host is a member of the Crossler Club, the system automatically comes from the host to cross a lucky draw, and the prizes include secondary trip skills, props, inheritance and items, etc. in addition to the current world."

"Draw? So ok? I didn't expect a free member who registered in the past." Wen said that he was very curious in addition to what the world is now outside the world.

"Will the host now draw a lottery." The system is just falling, and the brain world has risen, and the rapid snow is generally scattered. It is arranged to be a wall, and the wall is densely arranged. Sample secondary world skills and items. At a glance, I have a "Death" of the "Death" of the "Death" of the "Lead" of the "Devil's Tail". "!" The red kit of the red, etc. "The skills and items of hundreds of worlds, regardless of powerful or chicken ribs, there should be all.

"Let's take it now!" There is no more thinking, I still decide to draw now, no matter the powerful or chicken ribs, all with your luck. Your current strength is still very weak, the sooner the lottery is more helpful to yourself.

After saying the lucky draw, the wall in the brain world is reflowed into snowflakes, restores the glory of the college, and finally presents a strange fruit similar to pineapple.

"Hey! Congratulations to host the" One Piece "world of frozen fruit capabilities! Do I ask if I receive capacity?"

Frozen fruit? If you think about it, you will have a powerful image of the "One Piece" in the Brain, the "One Piece".

How to say, objectively, good as a natural demon fruit, the frozen fruit is definitely not weak, the ability to reach the gods of the Youth, must be a common movie level in front of you in front of you. A stronger one grade. However, if it is obviously still not enough if compared with the ability to destroy the earth, it is obvious.

However, it is good to develop the ability to develop the devil fruit. I believe I have the eyes of the crosswhey, and the help of the riser system, the frozen fruit can definitely be stronger than the blue.

"System, help me receive the ability of frozen fruits."

There is always better than being good. After a slight thought, I immediately decided to receive this ability. What is joke, and the natural devil fruit is not.

"Yes, the host has successful ability to receive frozen fruits."

As the sound of the ancient well-not waves sounded, the moment I immediately felt a strange energy poured into my body, and the body seems to be re-cast from the top.

Take carefully to feel this energy, and the moment is discovered that this energy is different from Chakra. Chakra is a mixture of physical energy and mental energy, and this energy is more pure, more like a power of nature. Into my body. I'm knowing that I am now a natural devil's ability.

Extending the right hand, trying to use the ability to use frozen fruits, the feelings of the heart and the coldness of the ice, the whole arm will become a crystal ice arm immediately.

Is this the ability of the devil fruit, it is amazing, it seems to be as simple as using his body, but it is only a beginner that is only a demon fruit ability, and there is still a long way to go.

"Take the system, how is it to receive the ability, not directly give me the devil fruit? I heard that the devil fruit is the most difficult thing in the world, I still want to try it!"

"It's such a host, you just picked the devil's ability, rather than as the devil fruit of the entity item props, so it can only receive the ability and cannot directly get the fruit."

Ok, it turned out to be like this, I have to hit the psychological psychology that I want to taste the demon fruit.

wrong! The moment I suddenly remembered what. The system said that I just received the ability of the frozen fruit, that is, I didn't have eaten the devil fruit, the big weakness of the devil's fruit: afraid of water and sea stones, is it right Do you have any effect?

Chapter 3 Daily Daily

Although there is no sea floor stone, ordinary water does not have seawater so fatal, but the Ninja World will have the ninja, which is everywhere, in case the Ninja that can pass the sea, although I can use frozen fruit to freeze freeze Live, but I will have some constraints for yourself, and the moment you don't want yourself to make your own bath.

I have just a big water cylinder with my flash in the yard, which is full of daily bathing laundry life water, pulling, water flowers, splashing, the whole person jumped into the water cylinder, the water is just to the neck of the moment Immediately, I immediately put out the arm, imagine that I just turned into ice arms, and I just got the devil's ability. I was not very skilled. The frozen force actually frozen the water in the water cylinder in an instant, only showed it. The head of the moment and one arm are outside the ice.

Ok, it is more than, actually put yourself inside, and it is also very weak. Now it is very weak. The frozen ice is not very strong. It is slightly lifted by Chakra hard, and it is broken. Ice cubes and water cylinders. Take out.

Great! The weakness of the devil fruit does not have any effect on himself. At the moment, I feel that there is too much day today, just in the moment of silently digesting everything brought by the system today, the yard came to knock on the door.



After opening the door, I suddenly saw a pure white, and the adult man combed after the brain, but the face of the adult man was in the face, but the face was like a haze.

"Uncle you, how come you?" The day is the day to Ning's father's day. The grandfather of this world is the biological brother of the last master, so according to the generation, the daily day is the moment. uncle. Maybe because of the relationship between the family, the daily difference is quite careful for the birth of the parents, and the moment is often wrapped in the daily poor, and the Soft Fat, the gossip, sixty-four palms. It is the bad time to give a moment.

"Well, just finished the task is coming back, passing by you here to see how you recover." When you talk about the arrival, you walked into the yard of the moment, saw a wolf yard, and scattered everywhere on the ground. The wood, the water cylinder fragmentation, even the broken ice, and the look is a bit wrong. "Are you cultivation, how do you have ice on the ground?"

Although this is a little age, it is different from other children's children, and the impression of this momentous to live clothes is unusual, so it is a bit surprised to see a wolf.

Seeing that the ground is a masterpiece, I also feel a bit embarrassed, I am embarrassed to scratch: "Ah, I have a lot of recovery, so I am practicing soft fists, the weather is too hot, I have a cockroach, haha. "

There is no punishment of him, staring at the imprint on the forehead, the eyes flashed a sadness, touch the head of the powder, Shen Sheng said: "At this, you know, the whole day is like a whole day. Big tree, the guest is a trunk, and our family is branches and leaves. Only everyone is loyal, the day, this big tree can be flourishing. This is the fate of God, no one can change, so When you accept this surgery, don't have a resentment. "

"Well, I know."

That is, but life and death are all controlled by others, and a timed bomb that can be exploded at any time on his head. Who will be willing to accept such fate? Do you not hate such a fate but no power? I have the caching system and the devil fruit, and I can see that you can't see the future, I will change this destiny sooner or later! The heart is not thinking about it.

"Yes, after the New Year, you should go to the ninja school." The amount of differences suddenly recorded, and I said: "I heard that Yizhi Bo had a unique genius, as big as you It is already able to use fire tolerance, it seems to be called Yuxi Pub, you should go to the Ninja School next year. I know that you are very natural from childhood, the day and Yuxi Both is the famous wooden door, you have to be good. Come on, you can't lose to Yishibo. "

Ni? Do you say Yisizhiso? With me the same year? Also do competitors? I wanted to hop in the moment. Uncle, you don't know, people are the people who are read by the readers in the future! 7 years old, graduated from the ninja school, 8 years old, opened the eyes, 10 years old became a neutral, 13 years old became the captain of the captain and the death of the people, the dead of the legendary three endure, one of the big snake pills Only the anti-day character, you stand like this is not too backache, tell me to compete with others, really good, have you think about people's feelings.

"Yes, I will never give up to the day." However, in the heart of the madness, I have to promise the surface on the surface. " It is to know that although the key hatred of the Yishabo family has been pulled out of the shadow, the two ancient name of the two ancient names that only deposit in the wood, the day and the Yuxi Bogi, but it is always very strong.

According to the original plot, the day, the generation, the character, there is no one who has gotten it. You can compete with the Yishusai family. Yushuo's young generation, there is the most powerful illusion ninja Yuxi Woshi, there is a 13-year-old movie-level Unechebra Each of the later Unechebra is helpful. Although the previous performance is flat, it is open to the upgrade, but also awakening the inheritance of the Sixth Cactus has become one of the most powerful existence of the world.

More in the world, Yu Zhibo spheres and? Sucho belt soil in the sky, in summary, the history of Unexpello, too much, and there are too many exciting characters.

On the other hand, the day, in addition to the day, the day, the day, and a hundred years of moving people have never been born. The only genius ninja day, as the first genius ninja, which became a neponolic twelve strong in the wood, and because of the life of the protagonist, died in the fourth endurance battle, became a wooden leaf twelve The only sacrifice of Xiaoqiang.

But no matter what, now I have the existence of my day, all will change. With the brain system and the devil fruit, plus your own efforts, if you can't be a top power, it is not as good as the mug of Sanlu milk powder.

Looking at the moment, the bad face is full of vitality, I feel that I have seen the future of the family, and the tight face finally exposed a smile: "We will open the genius of the white eyes, definitely will not be more than that The little devil is poor. Come, let me see the results of your recent practice. "

The green vest whose day to go to the body was randomly lost on the ground, revealing the black casual clothes inside, reaching out of the palm of the hand.

At the moment, I just got the system to break through Chakra and Soft Method, gossip, sixty-four palms, but also trying to try their own strength and the gap between endure.

Just consumed Chakra, after the toss and speaking gap, it has been resumed, and it has had to be said that the day to the family as the descendants of the immortal, and the recovery ability is still very powerful.

Chapter 4 Soft Dash Quality

"Ah, then I am welcome, be careful not to be hurt! Uncle." The moment is immediately printed to open the white eye, put out the soft boxing.

"I am relieved to attack, my stinky boy, how can I say uncle, how can I be hurt by you?" How to say the bad night, although this is a small talent, it shows amazing talent, but What's more, it is just a four-year-old little ghost, I want to hurt, even if I put water is not possible.

The battle between the two, it hits.


At the moment, I looked at the blue chakra after opening the white eyes. The right hand was handed over to the past.

"The power is good, that is, the speed is almost." The amount of arrivals immediately. I went out the right palm. When I shot, I pushed the soft boxing of the moment.

When the soft punch of the moment was pushed by the line, I felt a giant force to open my right towards the right. The moment is unstable, and it is going to fall on the ground. But there is no panic on the face, and the strength of adulthood is much bigger than yourself, which is expected.

I saw that I turned the body to the right, and I didn't have the next place to go to the flow soft boxing. It is the right leg to kick out my right leg. After the foot, I hit the face.

"The stinky boy ting is flexible." In the face of the flashing kick, the number of times the difference is not changed, the left hand is handed over to the right side of his head, blocking the right leg after the moment, directly, directly The ankle caught in his hand.