Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigs Crack System Chapter 3

In the moment, I only felt that this feet seems to be kicked on a steel plate. I haven't had time to react, I found an ankle, the right foot wrist has been caught in the hand, this effort is now unpredictable. At the moment, I immediately reacted, with the right foot of the captured, I once again put the body left, and the right hand made the soft punch with blue Chakra's Xiong's Xiong mouth.

This reaction is soaked, but he is an endurance that he is in a countless battle, caught the left hand of the moment, and the whole person is brought to the high altitude. Turning up and rolled up and resolved the beginning of a soft boxing.

"Now the deglee is really not a small."

In the face of the skilled softness and flexible attacks, the amount of differences have to be hidden before, and then hold this attitude towards children, maybe they will really turn over the ditch.

Suddenly, the eyes of the daily poor were all, and the riped pulse opened the white eyes.

Because he saw the moment after the air rolled down, he put a posture he was familiar with him before and after his arms.

"This is ... is not good!" I feel that an invisible field is shrouded around the body, as if my own move is locked.

"Soft, gossip, sixty-four palms!"

"Two palms!"

"Four palms!"

"Eight palms!"

"16 palm!"

"Thirty-two palms!"

"Sixty-four palms!"

With the crisp, the moment is like only the cheetah, the invisible gossip is covered with two people, and the storm is the same, the attack is continuously in the past.

"It is evil, can't be very good, it is troubled by this to hit!" The daily difference between the shock directly broke the strength, and the hands of the blue Chakra did not meet the gossip of the moment. Four palms.

At the moment, I only feel that every palm of my hard work is like a group of cotton, I can't figure it out, I understand that this is a matter of time, and I will take my own gossip sixty-four palms.

"Oh, this is the strength of endure?" Although it is understood that he is now impossible to fight, but seeing the daily difference, he will take his own gossip sixty-four palms, facing the reality so big. The gap is still a bit depressed.

"It's unbelievable, you really have learned this trick." As everyone has already turned over the sky, how can he be four years old, and he has learned that many adult ninja in this race may not be Can learn.

"Hey, this is what I just learned today. If you are not serious, you will be injured." Seeing the same expression of Xiang, I thought it would give this time. Time to send a child's attitude and smile.

However, good pain.

At the moment, look at your own hands and found that you have been swollen with trotters. Such a small body, using two gossip sixty-four palms a day, this consumption is really overloaded.

"And your white eyes ... I have seen cavity ..." The day did not dare to look at the eyes of the moment. I just wanted to have an action, I found that the end of the body was a bit blocked. Although he just cried I broke out my strength, but I can't prevent it, I still have a palm.

He observed his body with white eyes and found that the body of the body was already killed. Although not in the sixty-four points, it could not be used in Chakra, but there is still a physical activity. Some effects.

The white eyes are unlikely like write-eyed eyes, but there is still a big difference in ability. Generally, it is divided into three stages.

In the first stage, it is the white eye of the family to the family. It has a high-level ability. It uses Chakra to make the ability of the eyes. The degree of space, because the relationship between the "cage bird" curse, the parent-winning angle of the first Xiong of the Phaldon is an extension. The blind spot of going out.

In the second phase, Toushi, using the white eye to see the target's meridian acupuncture and Chakra flow, and even tell who Chakra.

In the third stage, it is possible to enhance your own capabilities, and the ordinary ninja even endure, it is just a hand, foot, and some organ released Chakra. However, there is a white eye to look around the Chakra acupuncture, you can release Chakra from all acupoints, so you can release the gossip's palm to release the full body Chakra's defensive power, no white eyes can't do.

At the moment, it can accurately block the cavity hole, indicating his white eyes, has reached the second stage. This is undoubtedly impossible for a four-year-old child, but the facts are in front of their eyes, and they have done it.

"You have already surpassed the level of general, it is really awkward, but unfortunately, there is a born in our family ..." The daily difference is more complicated.

Chapter 5 Customized Break

Yes, what is the use of talents, it's not only a mantra, and it's a fate. If you are born in the words, perhaps, the glory of the family will show it in your hand.

It is true that he has a hatred of hatred, but does not mean that he doesn't love his own family. In fact, everyone in each day, whether it is a member of the family or a family, everyone has a sense of strong family honor.

"Do not worry, the day is uncle, I believe that as long as you work, the people who are homes can also surpass the guests!"

Although I have long been thinking about how to break this dead curse, I still say that the bloody idiot is like a whirlpool, and the people of the wooden leaves are not listening to this set.

"Haha, you can think so, I will be relieved." Sure enough, after listening to the moment, the daily difference showed a gratified smile: "When you are not early, today's practice is here! Ning period is aunt with you. Still waiting for me at home, you will go home with me, I haven't seen it yet after I was born. "

"Still tomorrow, I have to go to the street to buy something." Although I wanted to see the Ning for the born, the cultivation of the day today, and the tribute of the daily difference has made him fatigue. Open, and wait until you have to go to the street to purchase some endurance.

"Well, then you must come tomorrow, your aunt, aunt, you have been talking about you, don't always take yourself in the home throughout the day, you are just a four-year-old child." Said the wife day to Mei Ling. Usually, this little is particularly loved, usually, often eating at home, usually in the moment is also very careful.

"Okay, I know!" I think of my adult soul bearer in a small-legged body, and I have to pinch the young woman in Mei Ling all day, I feel particularly helpless.

After a rush, the bad night leaves the institution of the moment.

After the arrival is left, the moment to clean up the courtyard and take a shower.

Although the night is coming, but the streets of the leaves are bright, the rest is more than the day, in addition to ordinary residents, the Ninja, which has been returned to the task during the day, also put down the burden, enjoy this rare Quiet.

Tired on the bustling street in the wooden leaves, breathing here fresh air, autumn night wind blows on the face and helps a little tiredness.

Four people look at the people on the street, and the mood of the moment also sedate. "After all, it is a second year world. The size of this village is not more than a big city in the past."

Now is a wooden leaf in 47 years, the last period of the third endurance battle, the victory of the campaign of the Campanius Mountain, the wooden leaves seem to be reheated in a peaceful development period - forced to sign the city, the union, The invasion of the valbity of the crowd, the peak of the wooden leaf is replaced by the endurance - any country has no strength to compete with the wooden leaves.

But the moment of familiar with the plot knows that next year, the protagonists of the nurses will be born next year, and the nine tail invasion of the Hua leaf will also occur, and the 19th generation of fires have caused the invasion of the nine. The huge losses, plus the legendary three endurance, leaving the leaves in the unprecedented force crisis, will make the leaf of the strategic advantage that the leafs have accumulated after the third endurance battle has been basically lost. This also gave some opportunities for some opportunities to invade the wooden leaves, and the country of fire and the country of the cloud will be re-opened, which is a short peace that will be replaced by the war.

Just a few days, I was also faint to listen to the village in the village. The golden flash wave windshield was brought together in the Shenqian Bridge, the rock is tried to cut off the grain and grass of the rock, and the invasion of retreat has taken the victory of this war. . Yisi Bo's Unecy Board has darkens, and the most famous genius ninja, the most famous genius ninja, in the village. Although it was strongly protest, it was claimed that it would be necessary to recover the writing wheel, but this is so fast that the high-rise of the fire is taken. From here, it also brings out one of the legendary careers that followed by the Ninja.

However, all this happened is not related to the moment, no matter how the fire is sweeping, at least in the village is still a peaceful scene. The moment I know that I need to do it now is to improve my strength as soon as possible, in order to have a living capital in the following plots.


On the bustling street, a small figure is slowly walking.

Many passes from the past will bet on the flash, whether it is the day to a national iconic pure white eye, or the exquisite positive too face, caught many passers-by, and it can even hear a few A tender voice of a girl and big mom Kawaii.

The moment is slightly lower, silently accelerating the pace of walking, and his adult's soul is still a bit adapted to do this.

After ten minutes, I went to the door of a tolerant store. There are dozens of wooden leaves in such a similar endurance store, and there are many people who do the ninja dreams in addition to the ninja to implement the task.

"It is the child of the day, what needs to be done." When I saw the moment of entering the door, I recognized the identity of the moment from the pure white eyes.

"Boss, give me 30 hardships and sixty hands in the sword, there is a Chakra test strip, there is still, according to this drawing you help me make a copper person." Said that it took out from the clothes. A paper is handed to the boss, which is a humanoid composition that portraits the body's tendon caval, usually practicing the wooden pile to be smashed today, in order to follow more intensive cultivation, the moment is specially spent in this kind drawing.

"To be so many, grace this graphic is ..." The child who is usually coming to the store is usually a little ghost that I will play the family. I usually buy one or two as a toy, and today this day is here. The child actually wants to buy so much tolerance. After seeing the drawings of the moment, the boss was more surprised.

"Well, this bronze man helps me help me with the real proportion of an adult."

"Do you want to do so, then this price is not cheap."

"This is given to your deposit. After doing well, I will send it to the day to the family, I will come out." Said that the moment took a hundred and two to the boss from the wallet.

At the moment, I also know that such a big bronze person price is definitely not Physical, but in order to make better practice, I have to bite this money. Fortunately, my parents are in my own, I have left some savings. After dieting in the battlefield, there are a lot of pensions for the village, enough to have a lot of life in the next few years.