Moreover, it is planned to apply for an advance graduation after going to the Ninja School next year, and strive to become a ninja soon, so you can implement the task to get commission, at least don't worry about money.

Although the personal force in the future is the center of the world, the money does not have concept, but in the daily life of ordinary ninja world, after all, live in the system, everyone's eat is to use money.

Chapter 6, Metekai (first more)

After coming from the endurance store, I was in the moment, I didn't eat it in a afternoon, I have already hungry in my stomach.

Seeing the store in front of the street, one Le Roun four words attracted the eyes of the moment, and the moment has decided nothing to eat at night.

"Good evening, what should I eat?" I just didn't sit down in the store, a very ordinary uncle said hello.

"Amount, give me a poust biblifting rash. Thank you." Climb the high stool, weigh the forefront of ordinary unmodal faces, moment, this uncle is the legendary "Cotta Woody"? This is the store that even the Six Paul's super gods is destroyed.

"Wow, a good cute younger brother, are you the first time." A lotus uncle did not open, a little girl who looked a little bit of a little bit of a few years old from a happy uncle, a pair of big eyes Curious look at it.

"Don't be unreasonable, calamus!" I saw my naughty daughter, a happy uncle screwed a sentence, and she took a smile to the moment: "Please don't see the monster, this is my daughter calamus, please wait a moment I now Let's do it. "

The lauded little girl calamus spit my tongue, I went in to help.

Is this a daughter calamus, a daughter calamus? It seems that I only read the true face of the Kakasi mask, sitting on the stool, holding the chin sideway.

After five minutes, a bowl of hot ramen was on the table, and the moment came back to God, it began to eliminate the ramen in the bowl.

The fork is burned but not greasy, the pig bone soup is full of striped, and the handmade is full. I have a refined taste, the taste is really good, no wonder the protagonist has been so love this big shop.

The time is still less than ten minutes, and the ramen is being eliminated. After paying the money, I will leave the ramen store.


After walking out of a lone, it is no longer earlier, and the moon color gradually begins to become .

Holding the stomach and lazy walking along the street in the direction of the village, it is considered after the meal.

Looking up at the solar on the sky, the thoughts of the moment began to spread.

Such a bright white moon, who can think of this is the container of the six immortigation, and the container is created. I don't know if the big wood family is really living on the moon.

Thirty two decades later, the reincarnation of the big tube of the big campaign, the eyes of the moon, and the unparalleled ability to destroy the sky, and I can't help but go.

Just went to walk around, people around the street began to gradually sparse.

"Hey! Hey! Hey!"

I don't know that I have already attracted the sound of the outside of the village.

I look at the direction of the sound, and the sound discovered that the sound came from a dried practice farm in the distance.

So late, who is still cultivating?

With a curiosity, I walked to the periphery of the practice farm.

In front of the central big tree in the field, a green figure is full of sweat and is hitting on the tree.

Looking at the figure in a green tight dress, every trick can play a strong hurricane, every hitting on the trunk, will sprinkle the leaves of the leaves.

And the mouth is still : "If you can kick your legs today, go to Kaji as tomorrow! If you win, you will run twenty laps around the wood! If you lose, then do it Push-ups 5,000! "

This is ... Akai? !

Although I have long, I have long, I have long, I know that Mart Kay's diligence, but now I really see this scene, I can't help but be shocked, so late, it is still desperately cultivated!

And it's going to know that he usually makes it a strange regulation to yourself: If all are completed, it is eligible to challenge the opponents in your mind. Long-term so self-abuse crazy exercise, even if there is any ordinary person who has nothing, it will become very strong, after all, this is the world of secondary yuan.

I saw such a scene, I thought later, Aku can once beyond Kakasi is absolutely not reasonable. One is a junior talents who are famous for the village during the juniority period. One is the cirrus tail of the juvenile. People who look through the fire have known that the Kakasi junior period is definitely a talented genius ninja. When I graduated from the Ninja School, I have never been broken, I have become a done and can be developed alone in 12 years old. S-class skeleton, the wind is not two.

However, since the sacrifice of the land, then kill Lin Lin, the shackles of the soul make Kakasi's whole people have been in a state of decadent sinking, until the wind biography, the middle of the time, Kasi's The strength only has grown from the endurance to the elite, and the footsteps have been stagnant. The last period was completely transcended by several disciples, and the fourth endurance war is even more behind the protagonist, and the ability of the Yuxi Bao Pickled Watch and the ability to resist. Although the end of the end of the seventh classes, it can come back to Kasi's pair of eyes, but those who have also concealed the pale strength of Kakasi.

Akai, who has no ninja talent, has gradually caught up with the pace of Kakasi, from the hard work of the year year. Although there is always a day to defeat the genius Ninja Kardi, but in the late stage, it is silently to open eight doors, and the strength of the six states is suppressed. Jingen has a countless viewer, but also to be respected by countless readers - - Kay!

Any effort is worthy of being respected. The moment has quietly opened the white eyes, and the glimpse of the glimpse of the glimpse, and every action of Akai is solely observed.

Unlike the rocking of the sun, Akai is another body genre - the just fist of the wooden flow.

Soft fists pay attention to the upper moving action, usually the tricks are tight, and the upper body uses the unique soft punch to in the opponent's body, to destroy the opponent's tendon and internal organs, after all, the ninja world is in the world. It also cultivates the internal organs, usually caused by the injections caused by soft punches. Unless you reach the six levels, or have a camaid between the thousand-handles or to transform the body like a flying segment.

And just fists pay more attention to the next action, the tricks are usually opened, and the attack is generally based on the leg law. It is used to use Chakra to get stronger explosive power and destructive power. The action is prosperous, just a strong, attack the enemy Direct injury to the enemy's surface.

Attacking every move of Akai, no way to let him not cross the Yuxi Wubo family, ourselves do not write the eyes, no instant copying the function of the other action, can only learn from your own ability to learn .

I'm knowing that I am not a body master, I don't blend two different styles of body skills, but I'm learning Aku Ye's just punch, I just hope to give my own soft trick into more changes until I After the strength reached a certain extent, it created a strongest body that belonging to himself.

The Central Akai, the center of the practice farm, continued his unconstabilistic cultivation of the rain, and did not pay attention to the ten meters of rice in this time, and some people were looking at him with white eyes.

At this time, the Aka is just a neutral, and there is no strong skill in the body. The moment is just a shallow study of several woody vicinaries, and the basic body movement of the wood leaf wind wind.

"Time is not early, greedy is not bad, today I will learn these tricks, anyway, I will practice in these few places, I want to learn when I use white eye to peek when I have a chance."

After a peeking about ten minutes, the moment I would like to go back to the day when I go back to the day, I don't want to be too troublesome, I will return to the day, my home.

Going back to the room lying in Chuang, looking at the ceiling, the mind thinking is everything that happened today, or if you can clearly feel the ability of Chakra and the devil's fruit in your body, I really want to think today. It's just a dream.

In this way, I thought about it, I entered my dreams.

No later words overnight.

Chapter 7 Hou Mountain Practice (Second More)

Early morning, when a warm sun shot on the face of the moment, I woke up.

Yesterday, I didn't sleep anymore, perhaps yesterday, there were too many incredible things. I have a dream in the day, and I have a lot of rare dreams in the night. I dreamed that I was defeated and defeated the thousands of hands and Yizhibo spots, I mounted the peak of the endurance, and I dreamed that I didn't feel the same as the day, I died in the fourth endurance battle.

"It seems that there are too many things happening yesterday, and the excitement of too big brain, causing you to sleep."

After Chuang washed, I watched myself in the mirror, and the delicate face and a pair of pure white pupils, and then with a long hair of the black and black, if it was some of the homesmen in our last life, they will sigh: It's a black long straight ...

After combating it, wear a kimono in the black side of the year to the ethnic part. The whole person revealed that a finely crafted elegance is no wonder that Shang Street will recruit so many people. The only beautiful in the beautiful is the moment of flashing, printing a "" word imprint, indicating the status of the moment to a family of family.

In fact, in the last life, I have aesthetically aesthetic the protagonist whirlpool, how to stand again in the second day, how to exaggerate the model, don't say that you kill Matt, why must you hold the orange wonderful sweater? Of course, there are more Radustra's green tights of Akai and Xiao Li, thinking that people are not cold.

When you sure, you will go out and go out after you finish your accession and parcel.

"Today's practice tasks are heavy, first find a suitable place to practice the shadow and learn to climb trees and step on the water."

From the original comics, I know that the three-generation fire is usually used to use the telescope. Through the crystal ball to maintain the public security in each corner of the village in the village. Although now in place is the four-generation shot wave windshield that is just last year, it is difficult to keep him will continue to use this kind of observation of the village.

In the moment, I don't want to have a practice. I have to be exposed to others' eyelids. What's more, I can't reveal in front of others. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain him with someone else. what's going on.

It is a matter of urgency, and it is necessary to find a suitable cultivation, neither use the peeping of others, but also let go of the ability to cultivate various capabilities.