The early morning air is quite refreshing, squeezing the bustling crowd, and the moment is going downstream toward the direction of the fire Yan Yan. I'm remember that the wooden marker is behind the hills, which is a flat mountain, and walk away for more than an hour. It can reach the fire temple, and the mountains are Maomidesenlin and the canyon. I will definitely find a good practice.

"Yes, it is here!"

After an hour, I finally found a nice cultivation. This is a valley where the terrain is low, and there is a clear stream in the middle, surrounded by the dense woods. The moment is observed with white eyes. There is no one in the place where the square is one kilometer. It is not that the village is blocked by the woods, nor is it worried about the peeping of others.

"Before the cultivation, you still look at what the property of Chakra is."

At the moment, I took out a check paper from the root bag, holding in the hand, concentrating the spirit to run Chakra to the hand, lost on Chakra test strips.

Soon, I suddenly changed the test strip in my hand. After entering Chakra, the test strip first was soaked, then cut from the middle.

"Is there a change in the nature of water and wind?" After watching the changes in the test strip, "It seems that your own frozen fruit ability can find a slightly reasonable saying ..."

Immediately, I immediately put up the test strip. I tried to concentrate Chakra into the foot. After I feel Chakra after the foot, I slowly walked towards the creek.


It's not a blatant to stop in the water, splashing a face by water.

"It seems that the foundation of climbing the water is not so easy." The moment I think of an anime, and Sasuke is also spenting a week. Master.

I think that I'm trying to try dozens of times. The time gradually arrived at noon, the sun began to move to the central, the burning sun shifted through the gap of the woods, and I went to sweat in an hour.


After finally tried dozens of times, the moment in the moment of chasing Chakra is placed on the water, and there is a feeling of stepping on the real thing.

Attack, put the center of gravity on the feet of the water, and the other feet released Chakra from the foot, stepped on the water.

"There is a lot of Sakura, which is a strong Sakura who has spent a lot of time. I didn't expect that I was so fast, and the day to Chakra control ability is really not covered."

The original animation can be opened from the day, and the Qing Dula will put Chakra into the rigidity of the opponent's soft boxing. You can also release Chakra from the whole body acupuncture. This is not possible. It can be seen that Chakra control capabilities in the day, is still in the endurance.

Successfully stood on the water, trying to walk on the water, there is still a few times to fall into the water, but as long as the feeling of Chakra is useful, the moment begins to be more and more proficient in the water. The gradually begins.

Familiar with the walking of the water, I started to practice the trees on the shore. After skilled, after stepping on the water, facing the simpler climbing tree, I feel that it is even more difficult. The same principle will release Chakra from the bottom of the foot. It is like a suction cup to the trunk. The first time I tried to take a moment. Go to the top of the tree.

So soon, I can learn to use Chakra on the water and climbing trees. On the one hand, the day is proved to tell the family to Chakra control abilities, and on the other hand, it is also very ninja, and it is impossible to know if it is otherwise. Society and this ability will be learned for a day.

"Next, learn about shadow."

From the trunk, a beautiful back is jumping down, and then pulled out a big reel from the clothes after steadily landing.

The image of the shadow is the B-class tester developed by the Second Generation of Wooden Second Generations. You can create the same body as the monoton, and Chakra will give average to each furnish, relatively generally divided into the phantom, and the image of the shadow can be said to be no flaws. This is a kind of tolerance that can make the entity, and the ordinary division is different. This division is entity, can attack, can be applied to various tattoory, and it is subject to attack or active cancellation. The experience that has been experienced will also pass to the body.

"This is probably the only thing that this is the only thing left to me."

The protagonist whirls, the protagonist, is flexible, using this crash-to-cons.

Chapter 8 Learning Moving (Third)

Then, the open reel carefully looked at the content, and the actual operational process and application principle of the shadow were described in detail, and the printed printed required for this.

After reading the content on the scroll, the gesture drawn on the reel starts printing, and run Chakra as described above in the bodies.


After a smoke, there was a person with an exact same number around it, but this "moment" has a soft look on the ground.

"Sure enough, is it simple?"

The cultivation of the shadow is so easy to be so easy, and it is a bit funny to watch it on the ground.

"Come again!"

After the failure of the failed shadow, the hands of the flash are again printed.


In the smoke, I once again took a figure. This time, my body is hurt, and I have a bad thing.

"Failure, come again!"

"Hey!" "Hey!" "Hey!" .........

Time will soon arrive at noon. After dozens of failed works, it was finally in front of the top of a flash in an outdoor appearance.

"I finally succeeded."

Looking at the same shadow in front of himself, I wiped the sweat on my head, and a morning cultivation made the moment of the stomach to protest.

The head shadow is divided into continuing to practice the trees and step on the water, and the moment it will come to the shade of the store, and when I bought it in the morning store.

"The Naruto steals the book of the seal, spent a night, and I have learned the film, I didn't expect cultivation, not so easy." The moment is sitting under the shade of the shade. "

Strictly speaking, it is not a particularly difficult to learn to help, the general, enduring basics will be solemn. Originally, it is an hour to learn, spending an hour. This is a slow progress for an hour.

"Call ~! Eat it, just don't have physical stress exercise, and then study the strength of frozen fruits."

After eating, when you put it, you packed up on the side and stood up from the shade.

After coming to this world, I discovered that many places in this world were different in the world. In anime, I always like to enlarge the world's bright point unlimited, bringing a picture of the reader a bloody sun.

But in fact, after living in this world, the moment is really understanding that this is not a cartoon. There is still a lot of dark face in this world. If you continue to hold the kind of innocent attitude while watching, then continue in this cruelty. The Ninja World survived became a problem.

For example, now the cruel day, the brutal day, the family of family, and now I can only temporarily hit myself in the hands of others. For example, a few years later, Yisibo alleged incident, although it is just a stroke in anime, but now it is in the moment of the wooden leaf to be able to imagine the scene of the blood flow into the river.

These are temporarily experiencing, although they are in the hands of the people, but they will not start without any reason, but the members of the members are more powerful, and the day has more words to the village, and the guests can Enjoy higher interests.

Anyway, it is now desirable to break the mood of the fate of the fate.

"Ice military knife!"

A light drink, the moment to mobilize the strength of the frozen fruit in the body, release a strong cold, the water in the air is frozen quickly, and the sun-clear ice blade is quickly formed in the moment.

"I didn't expect it to succeed."

Looking at the crystal clear ice blade, the moment is a little surprised, the power of the devil is more easily used than what he imagined, as if this frozen ability is part of his body, as long as he thinks, you can use it at any time.

This skill is the skill of the Ice Army. The skill of the Pira King, the neighborhood of the Navy. It is very simple to use the ability to freeze the air in the air, condense the weapon shape, and condense the weapons you want. Ice athletes is a hundred years of ice hardness, and it is more robust than a general iron weapon.

Going to the trunk, a sharp ice knife pulls a deep cut on a deep cut.

"Well, I have a lot of sharpness than the general iron system."

The moment is satisfied with the ice knife in his hand, but he will not easily meet these skills of the Qing, the frozen fruit will definitely develop to a higher realm in his hands, and develop more powerful skills.

Then I immediately cut the knife and smashed my wrist. This is not a moment that I want to be self-disabling, but he wants to try natural demon fruit unique capabilities - elementization.