Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigs Crack System Chapter 6

At the moment, when the brakes sword, the moment of mobilizing the devil's fruit, the wrist is chopped, and the knife is cut off, the ice cockroach wrist is open from the interruption, and the broken wrist on the disconnected wrist is re-ever. A ice sheet wrist, followed by a normal hand immediately.

"It's amazing, this is the natural demon fruit, it seems that you can immunize most of the normal physics attacks later."

Pinp pinched the new wrist, I didn't even feel the pain, and he understood that this is the power of the devil's fruit. He is now already a ice, even if he put him. Broken, he can also re-condense from the ground of the ice.

Of course, the moment I know that the frozen fruit is still weak, at least the world's high temperature fire, I can't get no injury to the elements. As for other means in the Nango World, there is no other means to attack their own elementalization, and it is also unknown to the moment.

Weak weakness is not terrible, the moment will naturally strengthen their strength, let alone the target that is not standing in the same place. Anyway, elementalization is still a good life-saving base card, which is more than the body, and it is necessary to have a lot of practicality.

In the next moment, the new ability to continue to develop frozen fruits in this creek. The development of the devil fruit is there is no limit. This is very similar to the underlying realm of the unopened chart in the jade system, so the demon can be The level of cultivating to the March of the One Piece is never the goal of the moment. The moment to do now is the constant existence of these own known, and climb the unaccessible top peak.

Chapter 9 after a year (fourth more)

Time .

One year of time will soon lapse from the crazy cultivation of the moment.

In the hill forest where the Ye Yulai is located, a dark hair such as a waterfall, a bickest white teenager is attacking a bronze person fixed to the side of the stream.

"Soft Fighting, Gossip Bai Twenty Eighteen!"

"Two palms!"

"Four palms!"

"Eight palms!"

"16 palm!"

"Thirty-two palms!"

"Sixty-four palms!"

"Twenty-eighth palm !!"

The juvenile's soft boxing is, the more you fight, the double palm is finished, and the water and laxative the ground is madly sprinkled on the copper.

When I hit the last moment, I couldn't see how many palms had been in the past, I saw a blurred vain, and I was poured on the copper.

If someone carefully observes, it will find that the people of the bronze people have sixty-four roads, which have already been blurred by the juvenile's soft punch. It is hard to imagine what such a force is to play in the human body. The effect.

After playing the gossip twenty-eighth, I saw the copper people who were deforming themselves. The teenager did not end. I won't wait to stop and put it out of the right hand to tiger claws, facing my own more than ten meters away. The big tree is empty.

"Drink! Gossip Empty!"

With the young chest of the teenager, an invisible Chakra shock wave hit from the right palm of the juvenile, flipped, the big trees of the ten meters, the adult calf is generally broken.

"Cut, power is too small, when can I play the eighty-dozen sweatstream of the big torch!"

If there is a day next to the family at this time, it will be shocked to get rid of the big teeth. Whether it is soft, the gossip is twenty-eight palms or gossip, it is the top body of the elite in the family. Now I am actually used in a small ghost that looks five or six years old.

The time has passed, although it is only a bit higher than last year, but the growth of strength can only be described in a day.

Through your own crazy practice and the help of the jade system, the moment's current Chakra is already in the unluckled level, and it is immediately touching the bottleneck to break the boundary to endure the boundary by the collapse jade system.

The ability to develop frozen fruits has not fallen, and the power of the devil's fruit is almost quickly reached the level of the One Piece, and the moving skills have been opened for ten.

After all, in the ordinary people, I usually have to happen how many years of bottlenecks will break through the help of the collapse system. It is basically inadvertently blowing ash, those who even have a person's life, just a joke in the collapse system.

The Soft Fighting Method before the moment is also evolved by the collapse of jade system to the realm of Soft Fats and Boss Chapter 28, like the tricks of gossip sixty-four palms, but after the first attack is completed, Quickly applied sixty-four palms again in the original sixty-four main points to prohibit the opponent's Chakra flow.

This set of palm is the secret of the oral pass. It is usually generally only circulating to the day, although it is a whole body, but every increase, there will be improved for ordinary soft boxing speed and power. Sports sentiments are more beneficial.

Now that the Chakra in the moment has not reached the endurance level, but the soft boxing actual speed and power have been ignored to the sun and the day.

However, in this year, the progress is still not only these. I saw a big tree in the world. I had a meatball that bloomed in light blue Chakra rays. I spast it. Press the meatball. On the big tree trunk, the big tree made a sound, and the sound was poured.

That's right, this is now the four-generation eyeliner, the four-generation eyepiece, the golden flashes of the golden flavor, the spiral pill.

The original album has been explained for the cultivation method and principles of the spiral pill. It is naturally no difficulty in the moment, but why should I practice this tissue? First of all, because this is a non-printing, it is very suitable for the hiking of the high-speed battle.

I believe that people who have seen the fire have the impression of the four-generation fire wave windmen is the flying thunder and ginger.

In fact, the four-generation rigs are not only flying the gods and ginger, and his Chakra has three properties of Lei, Feng, the fire will have a lot of mainstream tolerance. For the printing, it is a waste of time, so few other tips.

Although there is no four generations of fire, I will be a Bug's time-space, but I will have a combat system designated by myself, whether it is the ability to quickly launched in vitrogens or frozen fruits. Most of the persons needed to be printed will not fit the moment.

Second, in the moment, I also want to try on the foundation of the spiral pill, injecting my Chakra's nature change, creating my own powerful tattoo, but before Chakra, I didn't reach Chatu, I still have a moment. There is no way to implant the spiral pill into Chakra nature changes.

"The day after tomorrow is the day of registration, the time is not early, I promised Mei Ling aunt, waiting to go to her house to have dinner."

I have seen it uneasy to have an unexpected day. I remembered that I have to go to the next time I have to go, I have a hurry to clean up the bag, so that the episode of the episode summoned five shadows, and assigned the corresponding cultivation task. The command is divided into cultivation here, and yourself will go back in the direction of the village.

Soon, I returned to the day, I just walked to the garden of the day, I have smell the bursts of food came out, I can't help but swallow the water, I found that I have already hungry.

"Mei Ling Auntie!" I came into the courtyard of the beautiful young woman who was busy going to the table.

"You come back, come in and eat, I have done your favorite tempura."

The sound of the entrance to the door was on the dinner table. Zhang Luo said to the beautiful smile on the face, and quickly bowed in the back to eat.

"Okay, then I am welcome ... ah, my uncle is."

Take off the sinaba sandals, walk into the room, I saw the day difference, sitting on the tatami, teased one year old.

"The moment you come, let's take a meal." Seeing the moment after the moment, I also picked up Xiao Ning to come to the dinner table.

"Wow, so cute."

After looked at Xia Ning, I was born, the pure white innocent big eyes were ignorant, and the embarrassing infant, the picture was almost geridized.

"Oh, you are also like this, of course, your present is still very cute ..." Sithed on the dinner, the smile of happiness, watching two lovely children, there are their own lover At yourself, this maybe life she is pursuing.

After people sit, everyone starts a pleasant dinner in the atmosphere.

Chapter 10 Ninja School (fifth more)

After three patrols, the wine passed.

The meals have been almost destroyed, and the water in the bowl is taken. The opening: "Time passes can be really fast, the turn is Ning Ji is one year old, and you are also so big, the day after tomorrow is you enrollment. The day is. "

"Well, the day after tomorrow is going to the Ninja School to register and divide into school." The moment also put down the chopsticks in his hand.

"How, I have no mission after tomorrow, I need to accompany you to school registration." General Suit Ninja School enrollment is a parent to accompany the child, look at this, the parents, the parents, the parents, the parents, the nephew, the day difference Feeling that you need to accompany him to get a drop in his heart.

"No, thank you uncle, I am already ready, I will go alone." From the daily difference and the day to Meiling here, I still feel a rare care and warmth.

But the ethnamer's early adult soul will not be like this world, because of his own tragic, it is confused about this world, like these little things, he will deal with it.