Naruto's Jade Crash System

Huedings Crack System Chapter 7

"Then you can take care of you alone, we have so cute, we will go to the Ninja School I don't know how many girls who want to be fascinated." The day, Mei Ling, I also make fun of the fun, I still reached hands The face of the face.

"I know Mei Ling, I will take care of myself." As a soul of uncle, a young woman, was tilted by a young woman, and the white face was slightly shy red.

"In the Ninja School, I know more, I know, it is also very important to practice as the Ninja team." The bad time has begun to teach him, after all, in his eyes, it is always stuffed, never follow others. Children play a piece, it seems to be so incomprehensible.

"I know I know." I also know that I have never been so lonely with other children, but I will play with the little fart from the Ninja dream all day, I have to practice this time.

This is a happy laughter in the moment and the feat.


In the past two days, I passed, and I quickly arrived in the days of the school of the school.

Today, I have a big morning. After washing clothes, I tie a white bandage on the forehead, and the curse of the "cage bird" is masked, and then organized the submission information and admission notice. went out.

The Wooden Ninja School is not far from the fire office building. It is still a short distance from the day to the family, after all, the entire wooden ninja village is so huge, like Yuxi Bo, the day, Nara, these famous doors The nations are based on the outer edge of the village, and the ninja school that walks from the family to the village center is still spent a lot.

The Ninja School was founded by the second generation of the wood, which was the war, in order to ensure the stability and efficiency of combat capacity and education, specially founded the Ninja School for all the ninja to practice the most basic part, through the Ninja School After the basic study, the ninja will be promoted, and it is divided into different groups to practice with their own teachers, accepting the tasks suitable for their own different grades, and can transport a large number of talents for the village every year.

Based on the understanding of the moment, the wooden ninja school is mainly divided into enrollment - basics - exercises - application - graduation these five stages, as long as the practice of these five stages can be successful, go out to implement the task to become a Unique ninja.

From the way to the Ninja School, I saw a lot of children to register for the ninja school, most of them were accompanied by parents.

It quickly came to a few big words in front of a few white chopped buildings, and a banner was opened in the top of the "Wooden Ninja School". He will open a banner. Welcome everyone to participate in the enrollment ceremony.

The door is open, and the door stands in two, to do the reception work, and the school's playground is full of parents and children who come to school.

Simply submitted his own information and admission to the school, it was a bit curious about four weeks. Unfortunately, in his age of this age, there is not much he is familiar with the face.

I don't know if Yishi Hose has come to registration today?

In the world of "Narutors", Yuxi Pub and Wavewater Watermen are all perfect character characters in the whole work, and their commonality is a strong strength, talent, outstanding appearance and High IQ's combat style.

"If you don't see you today, this figure is really a pity." I thought about it.

"Welcome everyone to participate in the entry of the ninja school today, please quietly, please ask our four generations of eyes."

Just when I thought I thought, the high platform of the playground came up with a green vest, and said loudly and loudly, and the hands under the face was quiet.

The original noisy playground was quiet, and the high platform on the upstairs came out of the white robe, and the yellow-haired young people who were printed behind the four generations.

Huangfa Youth reached out and raised the fire on the head, revealing a young and handsome face of the fight, and exuded a pound of the enemy.

I saw him loudly with the people under the stage: "Congratulations! Congratulations on enrollment! You will become a ninja, I hope you can learn what ..."

This is the legendary golden flash, the fourth generation of the wooden water gates? The protagonist whirlpool elder dad?

Looking at the youth of the high platform, it is hard to imagine how the appearance is amazing in the appearance of the appearance. It is worthy of the youngest rigs in history, one of the best people in the original talent.

Most of the children who stand in the following, most of them are tense excitement and worship, looking at the figure on the high platform. Nangjie is the highest leader of the entire wooden oriented, and each of them is the most important goal as Ninja.

"I can't think of seeing the legendary golden flash. I thought it would be a three-generation rigid shadow that the old man came to the stage." Looking at the story of the passionate speech on the stage, I thought about it.

"If the story is getting angle, people will be born this year, and the chaos of the nine tails will happen this year, but I don't know when it is." The youngest rigs in this history on the high platform. I have no chance to see it again later.

After a paragraph of the parallel entrance, the following will come to the student's division.

"Below is the third class student: Mountain wind, oil women's white, well on pear field, day to ring tone, Nara, Niji, Japan, I don't know the fire, Yushuo ..."

I haven't responded to the third class. After all, my strength has long far more than this stage. Which class is really different. But after I heard the name of Uki Pos, I finally exposed some surprised look on my face.

I didn't expect him to come.

Chapter 11 Unexpected (Sixth)

At the moment, I can't open the white eye. After a year of hardships, I have reached the third stage after a year of hardships, and there is no need for printing to open the white eye. It is not difficult for him.

At the moment, I didn't turn around to see the surrounding circumstances, but the ability to use the white eyes of three hundred and sixty-degree perspectives, and observe the crowd attempted to find out the position of Uzhi.

Finally, through the white eye, he saw a black hair behind him, his face, two gods on his face, his father standing is his father, this generation of Yuxi Boi Changyu Zhibo Fuyue He is also the captain of the Woody Police Guard.

"Really taking the same class, it seems that future days will not be bored." I thought in my heart.

Soon, 30 students in each class, a total of eight classes, and it will be done quickly.

Next, all students are brought to their own class guidelines to their classroom.

Come to the classroom of the third class, wearing a green vest, a black head towel on the head, and a young teacher who has been doing a thousands of his teeth, wrote his name on the blackboard, start with you. Self-introduction.

"Classmates, my name is not aware of fire, the next day is me to serve as your instructor."

It was he, for some impressions in the moment, it is also one of the special endurance of the future wood, the appearance is always a lazy look, at this time, he is still a necked, did not expect his own class The tutor will be him.

"Every classmate is going to be a self-introduction, let everyone know each other." I didn't know that the scenery of the fire began to introduce yourself one by one.

"Hello, my name is the stroke, it is the family of the mountain, my dream is to become a ninja in the dark guard against the wooden leaves, so that you are cool ..." Looking at the sky in the sky, a orange Long hair, a face that is slightly mature than the same age.

In the moment, I remember that this guy was later and the oil girl took root partner, and two of the biggest inheritance of the group, did not expect this guy, and the same.

"Hello, my name is Yushuo, please take care of it ..." I was introduced by Su Zhi Pubai, although the small age is a horrified expression, but in the following student still caused a championship .

"Hey, the guy is Yushuo."

"Ah ... I am so handsome." This is a girl's hands on the chest flow.

"Sliced, what is greenery, little white face ..." The boys next to him are not awkward.

"Hey ... small voice point, I heard that he is the long son of the Yuxi Bo, and the Yuxi Bo is not provoked."

I quickly arrived at the moment, and I also made a self-introduction after I stepped down.

"Hello, I am called the day, I will take care of it later ..."

"It's a handsome guy, I think I am happy ..." Seeing the appearance of the appearance of the stage, several girls under the stage have been fainting.

"What, Yuxi Bo and the day are this small face ..."

"Look at his head and wear a bandage, it should be a family of family ..."

I haven't bond it under the counterpart. After introducing yourself, I will take a picture of the podium.

"Hello, I am calling the day to the ring tone, and the same time is the same as the current moment. My dream is to be a great female nintee like a princess."

This is a lovely girl on the stage, and the white and beautiful face with a red mosquito, and the sound of fine mosquitoes give you self-introduction.

"I don't think of me, there is another day in this class, this sister is very beautiful, how can I not impress in anime ..." Looking at the gorgeous girl on the stage, I thought about it.

"Wow, I didn't expect to have the girl in the class."