Naruto's Jade Crash System

Huedings Crack System Chapter 8

"Hey ... I don't think about her ..." This is the sound of the moment that I just discussing the moment and Uzhi.

"These children are really early." At the moment, there were some flavors to watch the little ghosts around these.

Soon, thirty students have been introduced. Everyone else knows each other, and tomorrow is the day of formal opening, and the process of entering school today is over.

After coming out of the classroom of the three classes, I walked toward the door of the Ninja School.

"I saw the four generations of fire, Yisi Pos, and there were a few familiar faces. It is not boring today ..."

While walking, I considering waiting for the back of the hills or going home, I will take a meal. Suddenly I have attracted the attention of the play from the playground not far away.

"Our Zhiso is the strongest family of wood, what is your day?"

"Yuxi Bao, I don't allow you to say the day, even if it is the same class, it is too much ..."

In the middle of the playground, the five children in the playground, the fierce quarrel, soon attracted a group of people around the world.

I was lazy to get a lot of children's lively, but the few children's clothes labeled the Japanese emblem of the family and the Emperor's ecstasy, and saw the beauty of the birthday. The ringtone is also holding them in the middle.

"You don't quarrel, everyone is a school classmate ..."

Obviously, the day to the ring of the ringtone, the weak, the sound of the ring, could not be persuaded. Several children's quarrers became more and more fierce, and quickly moved.

"The day to Germany, the day, then I will see how you have the strength of these days." Yu Zhibo Jin and another Unecho child looked at the two days to two days. Child.

"Yuxi Bao, Yuxi Yao Ye, you have to fight, we are not afraid of you ..." I said that two days of young people don't want to show weakness, and I will play with two Yuxio teenagers.

The two families are famous for the name of the wooden leaves. Even a few children who are still not ninja are fighting, they also fight with usual ordinary children, although there is no way to use the sword and suffering, but a trim is a plate, one It is a special training.

Soon the results came out, like the students who just entered the ninja school, they could not be struggled to fight, although the body of the Yishabo family was very powerful, but the results were obvious, and the eyes were still two days. The teenager of the family accounts for the wind.

"Hey, do you just not very powerful? I see the Yuxi Bo family is just like this."

After defeating the two Unescissing teenagers, the day of the day shot the footprints on the body.

"Can this sentence can't be used as not heard ..."

At this moment, a flourishing voice passed into the ear of all people present.

A quiet figure opens the surrounding crowd and went to a few people.

Chapter 12 handles Yuxi Posh (seventh more)

This figure is Yu Zhi Hou.

"It is a meal! The son of the ethnic people." Yu Zhishui in the ground saw the teenager standing in front of him.

"I heard that he is the genius in our family ..." Another Yu Zhibo Yao Ye, who is lying on the ground, also recognizes the identity of Uzhi.

"Wow, is he recently heard the genius of the Yisi Bo family?"

"I have heard that the son of the Yishabo family is not a genius. It is said that he has used tobe yours."

"This has a good show ..."

After seeing Yuxi Pub, the crowd also sent a snoring.

"I didn't want to intervene your things, but you just said that Yu Zhibo is just like this, can I don't hear it?"

The Unexus on the middle of the crowd seems to have a small young and quiet expression, and a pair looks indifferent to the day to Xiaoyu and Day to Germany.

"Yuxi Hose? What genius will not be talented, but it is as big as we like ..."

Seeing the Sui Zhi Hose, the day, the day, Xiaoyu and the day, to the German, and rushing directly to Uz Zhipo.

Two people who have rushed to their own, it seems that I want to solve him like you have just been defeated. The face is not panicked, and the legs playing over the day, instantly bent down, and a punch is on his lower abdomen. I saw the day to bent down the waist.

Then face the fists who waved over the day, and then hold his wrist, and the right leg raised a high leg and kicked the day to the neck, and the day was kicked out when I was kicked out.

Everyone only saw Yisizhipo, but the two feet, the two days of the two days have already fallen on the ground, and a stomach is hanging there, and there is a pain in the neck.

"Wow, it is really powerful, the rumor is true, he is really very powerful."

"It is not a grade with us ..."

"It's evil, and he is not a level ..." Falling on the ground, covering the neck of the neck, looked at the Yisi Pub, standing in front of him.

"He is the genius of the Urcho family that recently talking about in the village? Sure enough, some of the Ninja schools have attracted it over, but they don't stop them immediately.

Now, the third endurance war is an end, subject to the environment of the long-term war. The ninja school has no exclusion between the fight between students. To certain extent, it can promote the actual combatability of students, unless the situation is particularly serious. Some of them will be stopped.

"Today, it is a lesson of you. Yuxi Bo is not you can smear." Yu Zhi Pubi said to the young two days to the teenager, it seems that it seems to think that he only did a negligible Small things.

After that, I would like to turn around, and he is not a person who loves the limelight, but the thoughts that have been infused from the little father to him, the family's glory is more important than the life, so he as the ethnicity of the Yishabo family. I have to stand up, retrieve the face for the family.

Now he just wants to end this farce quickly. This work is not as good as going home in the hands of the sword, but the development of things cannot be as will.

"Yes, I also want to see the greatness of the imperialism, Yisi Posch."

As a light sound rang in the ear, a figure was blocked in front of Uzhi Hou, stopped his way.

Dressed in the black side of the white dress, the hair is scattered in the shoulders on the side of the shoulders, and the delicate handsome face is set with a pair of pure white eyes, although the forehead is white, but does not affect him. Temperament, this is not a moment?

"What is the moment? Why, you also want to fight with me?" Seeing the moment to stop his way, Unexpected His face did not change the change.

For the moment in front of you, the is still very impressive. After all, there are so thirty students in the class, and the day of the exterior and dusty day, he still remembers this name.

"There is no way, if I don't make a hand with you, I am afraid that others will mistakenly think that they represent the level of the day." The mouth of the moment is slightly rising, and the words are turned: "Moreover, I also want to try you. Yischi genius level. "

"Well, then I will let you see the gap between us." Said that Yizhi Pub is a bit impatient, and a flash is directly in the past.

"These people really don't know the so-called, or if the father is asking me to come to Ninja school, I have no time to play this kind of game with you." Yu Zhi's heart thought.

This is the case, don't see that Yu Zhi Pubo is now only five years old, but as the eldest son of the Yishabo family, he accepts the strict elite education of the ethnic father from birth, and he has a far-siene Talent and talent, the basic strength has already exceeded the level of the ninja school, and his home made him to ninja school but the foundation, studying interpersonal relationships, and walking for two years, I have to graduate in advance.

"Do you think I am two levels with them?" Looking at the speed of Unexpei, he was helpless.

Although this speed has already shown the level of endurance, the little ghost that cleans up these ninja schools is not in the words, but the moment is not interested in this strength.

"Show your true strength to show me, I think that Yizhi Bao genius should not stop this." After saying this, the moment is a faster speed, and rushed towards past.


The two figure quickly collided together, the palm of the palms served against the knee hinged in Unecao, and the Yuxi Hou's hand blocked the fist pushed.

It is a picture of the enemy, but it is very fast, and the body of Yisi Pub can't support it.

"What! How can I ..." I feel the greatness of the opposite impact, and the heart is shocked. This is not the level of the ninja school, and it is not a power with the two people just.