Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 9

"If you don't care, the glory of the Yishabo family is going to be dull from you today." Looking at the Ugziohe who flew out of himself, the moment of the temple suddenly rose, and opened his eyes and looked at him. Tao.

"You have awakened the white eyes." Seeing the blue bulls on the face of the flash, and the pair as if to see the eyes of his body, Yuxi Pub is surprised.

"It seems that I have to treat it seriously." Feel the strength of the moment, Yisizhiso played the spirit of the twelve points, the hand shaking, the two hands instantly, eight hands, waved, waved, Eight hands flew from all walks of up and down, and the sword flew from the perspective of up and down.

"Good exquisite hand sword."

Several neutral nepheses around the people saw Yisiza's hand thrown out of the sword, and the heart was dark, the throwing of the sword, whether it is a skill or a force, it has been different from himself, and the exact degree is still more than a win .

It is a genius of Yishabo, single is this hand of swords, I believe that it will be difficult to make an experienced underbeet.

Just thinking about the teacher thinking about stopping, it is also shot.

Chapter 13 Talent Name (8th)

I saw a hand in the flash, and the two hand finger gaps also clamped a hand sword, and facing the hands of the hand shot from Sui Zhi. It seems to be free.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! ..."

The eight hand shotted by Unechebu was all in the moment to shoot down and fell to the ground. It is also a homework in the hands of this year.

After all, it was a genius of the Yishabo family. I saw the sword of the hand shot. Yisi Posh did not panic. When he had a backhand, he had taken a bitterness when shooting out his sword. Hit.

"This is a little bit." After smashing the sword, I saw that Yushuo had already stabbed his eyes, and the mouth was smiling. "But you are still far away."

"Wooden whirlwind!"

At the moment, the upper body was sinking. The two legs quickly smashed like a windmill. He directly kicked the bitterness in Uzhi Subchat, and the other is very sinking directly from the bottom to his chin.

In the past year, in addition to cultivating the soft punch and developing frozen fruits every day, there is still a time to practice Akai's body, and the cultivation of just punch has not fallen.


The white eyes of the moment were condensed, and Uzhi Hoseo, who was kicked by his leaf whirlwind, turned into a piece of wood.

"Is it for the body? It is not a god." It was an avigant in the foundation of the ninja, and his eyes did not see when he used it.

Amast has not learned this, after all, he is only a family member of the family, unlike the identity of the family, the identity of the ethnicity, and one of the purposes of the ninja school is Learn three hysteres these foundations.

"Sorry, the glory of Yuxio is not tainted, the fire of the fire!"

In the moment, I feel that there is a breeze behind it. It doesn't have to turn back through the perspective of the white eye. I will directly see my body, and Yisi Pubie has been printed with her hands. She will take a sigh of breath, a huge fireball. Directly spit out from his mouth and shine in an instant.

Seeing this scene, even in the side of the tutor, I have already felt far from the hot temperature of the fireball.

"Wat, I really can make this level of fire, I want to stop."

Several neutral tiers have never thought of the toddler in the ninja school, and they will be able to use this C-class fire. They can only say that Unexpected Board and the Japanese fight have exceeded the general. It is no longer available to it.

"Now I can only celebrate the son of the Yishao family, otherwise we have to eat, but unfortunately this day, a good boy." Several neutrigle teachers also sighed.

This cannot say their forces, after all, one is the long son of the Yuxi Bo, one is the unknown kid of the day, and the two are really uncharacted.

"You still have to be more powerful than I think, but you will come here."

"Back to the days!!"

Just in the surrounding nephew of the teacher, the ethical genius is regrettably, and there is a clear cold drink.

I saw a blue Chakra, which broke out from the faint eye, and then the whole person spurred in the ground, driving the explosive Chakra, forming a spherical Chakra protection cover.

" ~~~"

Yiszhiso spitting the heroism of the long-awaited shock, and there was no trace of retaining, only the remaining flames left and the ground were turned out from the ground, proved what happened. everything of.

"God! What is it!"

"This is the battle of the ninja!"

"Are they really a student with us?"

Eight Diagrams palm · Back to day is the stunt of the secret of a family, and many of the nectaries present, don't know this skill, let alone other ninja students. However, in the flash of the flash, the battle of Yisi Puba, there is an endless body, let the people in the scene are dazzled, and the blood is boiling.

After seeing that he used to use the body, it was blocked from the back of the moment to stop, and after the landing, Yisi Hose was also in the land.


what? ? I heard the moment of cold, I saw it in front of my eyes, and I opened a strange posture before and after my hands, and I opened a strange posture. The Su Zhi Pubo had an unique premonition from the bottom.

not good! ! !

"You have already standing in my gossip field."

Yisizhubo just wanted to avoid, but found that his body seems to be fixed, the movement must not. A layer of intangible fields shrouded two people, although the naked eye could not see, but Yisi Pub is fully able to feel.

"Soft, gossip, sixty-four palms!"

"Two palms!"

"Four palms!"

"Eight palms!"

"16 palm!"

"Thirty-two palms!"

"Sixty-four palms!"

With the sound of a sound in the gossip field, I saw the mood of the ghosts and hit the shadow of Yuxi. The hand was in the hands, and the palm of the palm was hit.

"Uh !!"

Because the moment is very fast, the hands can only see a blurred residue, and the surrounding necrotic teacher wants to stop, Yisi Pubie has been smashed.

"Don't worry, I didn't hurt his internal organs, but his vocal cavity has been blocked by me. You will lift him back to take a day. But you will listen to it, Japan and Yisi Bo Who Strihood, I don't know, but here, in this school, I am stronger than you, this is the truth. "

Looking at the Yisi Pub, I can't move it on the ground, I also collected my hands and said to the two Yishusi teenagers who have already completely gained.

"Amount ..." Yuxi Bao and Yizhipo wild are nodded like two line dolls. The scene just now is frightened.

"Do you have three things to me with me?" He said in three children in the same stunned day, after the battle, the moment did not go to the back of the mountain, or take a shower first. .

"Ah !! It's too powerful!"

"Do you really have a family ?!"

I heard the question of the moment, three days of teenagers also jumped like a waken stone, especially the little girl birthday to the ring, the little face is red, and the look of worship is overplay.