Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 10 of Huedings

Worship, not only this Ninja world, is the real society, and this is true.

After they all, they all gave it, the crowds of the onlookers were gradually dissipated.

But from this day, the name of the genius of the moment, but in the village, like the plague, like the plague.

"The day is in the moment, UI Zhi Hou? Oh, it seems that there will be a few great characters in the future."

In the ninja school playground, a old man in the window is smoking the pipe, whispering after collecting his eyes.

Chapter 14, Japan, Sun Foot (Ninth)

Early the next morning, the sky was still slightly bright, and I was woke up by a burst of knockout.


The moment of sleeping is going to the yard, I saw the two days of the family of two days.

"On the day, the owner will ask you to pass." Two family ninja directly opened the door to see the mountain.

"Is the owner of the owner? I suddenly called me in a great morning." I thought about it.

The day of the day, this generation day, the family of the family, is also the twin brother of the day to the daily difference. It is a two brothers who have different points of twins. Just because the daily buddy is born for a few seconds, the arrival is the brother is born late. For a few seconds, my brother became the leader of the family to the family, but the younger brother can only be engraved on the "cage bird" curse, and only the tools that can be driven by the guests.

At the moment, I thought that there was a long-lasting day, and I wanted to start a lot of time to take care of him, I had to sigh the ruling and sorrowful destiny.

"Please wait a moment, I will come right away."

The long call of the day can not be negligently, at least he has no such strength and capital, so it is quickly washed, followed by two days to the housing.

About this time a big summary is summoned to the sunshine, it is probably guessed. It is nothing more than yesterday in the battle of the Ninja School and the Suzhi Pub, caught the gaze of this elderly. After all, the children of our family have even defeated the genius of the Zhiyu family, and have to say that it also gave him the day to the family.

At the beginning of the day, there are two ways to the branch of the branch of the family, and it will come to the Japanese people's house.

After entering, the door to the porch is opened, and the moment to see the main position of the inside hall is closed, and the day of the day is the same as the day, but compared to the time, this man has more calm. The temperament, many years of long status, let the man in front of this man like Yue Ru Mountain's momentum.

"The master of the owner." I got into the door, I rushed to the day.

"Are you a moment, sitting." After listening to the moment, the supered open eyes with a look at the eyes and never seen the nephew.

"Thank you, the master." At the moment, he was graceful, and then sat in front of the sun.

For the daily difference, I can also call a long-awaited uncle, but in the face of the day and sufficient, in front of the rigorous rules, I can only call a monks in the middle of the country, or a family .

It is to know that the day, the family is one of the veteran of joining when the wooden leaves are established. It is usually the ordinary end of the wood, and it is a good time to say a good time.

"We haven't seen it over after you were born, I didn't expect to have so fast that I turned into my eyes." The sufficiency is open, and his face seems to have a pair of expressions.

"Yes, the master." The mouth called is that the heart is : "Usually I am in my head, I have almost unable to go out, or if I have passed to your ears yesterday, it is estimated that you will not And I'm "."

"I heard that when I was in the Ninja School, you and a few Urcho family fight?" The supens is a little bit of frowns. What is the specific passage of the matter yesterday, in fact, he has already been clear, but still deliberately asked.

"It's not fighting, it is a classmate of a few Unexpea, and I have a little bit of bad speaking on our family. I have discreced to them." The answer to the moment of ostrich is dripping.

"I heard that you used it to the day and gossip sixty-four palms yesterday, who taught you?" The sufficiency stared at the eyes of the moment.

"Going back is my own understanding, gossip sixty-four palms are uncle to teach me." The moment replied.

"Loss ..." Sun is murders.

Originally, there is also a sixty-four palms of the gossip in the day, the secrets of the day, but one is to understand the self-contraction, one is the daily difference. For the twin brother of the day, the sufficiency is always a kind of apology, so there is no more saying, just amazed at the heavenly score of this.

It is necessary to know that there is some guidance, return to the day and gossip sixty-four palms are not everyone can learn, and the brakes can be skilled in the use of such a small age, and they also defeated the genius of Unexpea. It is also very gratified while it is said that it is very pleasing.

Although the relationship between a family and the family and the family has always been nervous, the harsh family system will tend all the benefits to the guests, and treating the family as a general. But the family can be talented in the family, and the family will not curb. After all, the people of the family are stronger, and they can't escape the control of the curse.

On the contrary, the stronger the people of the homes, the more powerful, the power center in the village, can also strive for more interests for the family.

"Time is not early, you still have to go to the ninja school, nothing, go first."

The two people who meet have not been too long, basically, is basically a sufficient question.

When I was going to go out, I was still in the same time, I would have emphasized a sentence: "At this moment, although you are still young, you have to shoulder the responsibilities of the day, don't hurt others easily, but it is absolutely can't let Others have read our day to a family. "

This sentence is in an instance of understanding, meaning: your kid is a good thing, and then you can do it with others to do it without your hands, but you need to do it, let them all see the insight to see the festival.

After coming from the day, I went to the Ninja School.

In the next few months, the moment has been studying ninja theory and basic knowledge in the Ninja School, transformed, and the body skills and avutum have been skilled in the moment.

These three are the most practical base forbearance in the Ninja battle, although it is simple, but many times, it can make a person reversed the battle situation on the field.

Since the battle with Uven, this kid seems to be in the moment, and it is necessary to compete with the moment in the ninja school.

Although the results are always in the first, the scorpions are in the second, but they have never give up, although they still can't catch up, but the results are also far from other students in the school.

In the impression of Yuxi, from his birth to now, no one has never been like this, which strongly aroused his goodness, and also gave birth to an admired emotion. Just in such a day of competition, two people have produced a touch of friendship.

Chapter 15 Practical Assessment (Tenth More)

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On this day, the ninja school, the three classrooms, and the moment is quietly sitting in the seat. Close the eyes of Chakra.

At this time, Sudiliary Subiches appeared in front of the moment, said with a quiet tone: "At this moment, I heard that I have to conduct a battle assessment today, you will do my opponent."

He said that he opened his eyes and looked at the confidence in front of him. Something helplessly said: "You still don't accept it, you have to know that we have never won me so far."

The reason why this is this because of these months, whether theory or other actual assessment, the moment is in the first place, and he has never thought that the original personality is quiet. Such a strong good heart.

After listening to the moment, I didn't be discouraged, and the eyes revealed more stronger war: "This time is different, my eyes have seen your body, today I will win you!"

"Well, I also hope that the opponent will be you, otherwise it is too boring." Seeing the battle of the ,, Confidence, he knows that it is absolutely not a non-targeted person.

"Take classmates, you have to challenge my brother. Today's actual assessment doesn't know who is going to arrange who is fighting." At this time, he listened to their dialogue to the ring. " At the moment.

The last entered the stage, which has already made moment to become a recognized talented person in this generation in the day, and the small boy tone is completely a fan of the flash.

At this time, I didn't know how hot in the classroom. I took out a form: "Classmates, today's subjects are actual assessment, everyone is coming to the playground." Said that the leader came out of the classroom, the students in the class also They all followed him out of the classroom.

The Ninja School played, the entire class of people quietly stood in the message waiting for their teachers.

"I assigned a list of the meal." I don't know how to take a form as much as the fire.

"Mountain winds in the well, pear field ... oil women blossoms don't know the fire ... Japan to the battle of Wai Yi Huski ...!"

I heard that I didn't know how to finish the fire, Yishi Houh was watching the moment: "It's great to instantly, it is one of our two groups."

Seeing the red eyes of Uzhi Pubao, I thought in my heart: "It seems that this battle list is also allocated according to strength."