Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigs Crash System Chapter 11

Next, I started the war assessment, first of all, the fight is the mountain stroke and in the well. On the field, two of the venue continuously strikingly fighting, seeing the skilled body in the mountains soon compressed in the well.

In the heart of the heart: "This mountain stroke is not simple, although it will not use the secret of the mountains in the mountains, but this body surgery and the use of the body are very good. It seems that in addition to me, he is the most It's amazing, it is no wonder that the original is young and gentle, and the old fox is hidden to the roots. "

"This mountain is in the wind!" Soon the battle results came out, I don't know the fire amazing.

"The next game is warned by the day to the war!" After a passion of oil women's oil girl, it was unknown to the squid, and the fire was announced once again.

"To start, Yuxi Bo and the dowpoint between the day." The arguments began to discuss.

"Is it the first place and the second place?" Yuxi Bo and the day between the two famous genius have no doubt more than others' interests.

"Come on! My brother!" This is the day the ringtone is in the next side.

The two came to the middle of the playground and rude to each other.

At the moment, I looked at the opposite war. "" Come on, let me see what makes you so confident today. "

"Hey, you will know soon." Said that Yisi Hostel is loud, and the two eyes are instantaneous as the scarlet color, and one hook in both sides is in the top.

"Oh? I am awakened to write my eyes ..." Seeing Yuxi Hostel blood red monster eyes, the moment is also a difference, the original I am awakened in advance to write my eyes.

Although it is only a write-wheel eye of a single hook, it is enough to make Yuxi Pubai can see more movements, insight and agility greatly improve.

Different white eyes that are biased to the auxiliary investigation, as a bloody limit of the fighting national Unexpea - write round eyes, have stronger combat capabilities.

Write-eyed eyes have a clear grading: single-hook jade, with dynamic vision of far super ordinary eyes, can see through high-speed body surge action; double hook jade's write-wheel eye, you can copy most of the tattoory and body; three The writing of the jade is able to pre-proportion of the opponent's actions and apply illusion to the opponent in advance.

In addition to these ordinary write-wheel eye levels, there is a powerful kaleidoscope written in the eyes of San Tu Yu, and the eternal kaleidoscope writes the wheel eye, and even finally evolved into six cactors.

This is also the reason why you didn't cross the Yishabo family when I was just crossing. Because it was much more powerful than the white eyes, the operational ability of writing and writing was much more powerful.

However, the moment is now with the collapse system and the frozen fruit, and there is no need to go to the writing of people, and in the white eyes, there is also a reincarnation eye, although the evolution of the road is equally ignorant, but the moment is believed There must be an opportunity to make your own white eyes improve.

"It seems that you awakened the writing of the Yishabo family, no wonder you will be so confident." In the face of Unexpecteda, the moment, it is still uncomfortable.

"It's just written in the eyes! I didn't expect to be so small, I woke up the blood of the Yishabo family! It is a genius ..." Obviously, the fade of the moment is different, the teacher does not know that the fire is already shocked.

"Today, let us have two points." Seeing the expression of the moment, Yuxi Pubo did not be irritated, but the calm quickly slammed two hands sword.

I didn't be angry with yourself, facing the sword with my high-speed flying, and the angle of the drill made the moment: "The gods are gods, what kind of battles can stay calm."

"Hey! Hey!"

Just when I just wanted to resist, Yuxi Pubie was suddenly pulled out of two bitterness. Then the first arrived in the hands and flying the sword, and changed the flying trajectory of the hand in the hand, two The sword and two bitterness flew out to the moment.

"Hey! Hey!"

However, if I have an expensive, I haven't had time to make any reactions in the moment, I have been inserted in the sword!

"Ah! Teacher! The guy kills the moment!" Seeing that there are several students next to this scene called it directly.

"Quiet! Look at me!" I didn't know whispered with fire.


I saw the moment in the field of the sword shot into the moment into a piece of wood.

Chapter 16 writes the wheel eye (first more)

"Yes, good avatars, but also the hands of the swords, even if you are, I don't want to get it." I saw the performance of the two people, I don't know if I didn't know the fire.

Seeing that the goal of your shot became wood, Yishuoho directly reacted the direction of the direction, and suddenly, it had already jumped up from the head.

Yu Zhipu is shocked, and there are many sophomate in the moment. Sure enough, Yisi Posch was lifted with his hands, and the amazing Juli came directly to push him away, and his feet were dragged out of the two long gully on the ground.

"Wooden whirlwind!"

This is not finished, after the right leg is blocked, the hands of the moment are directly suede, the body is slammed, and the left leg will take out the left leg.

When you look at the left leg of the moment, you have to kick the cheek. The eyes shine in the eyes of the red, and the eyes are hitting the jade, and the body is quickly sinking, escaping the moment of the moment.

"I said, I have seen your body." Yu Zhishu said, and then taking advantage of the moment of sinking, it turned out to be printed.

"Fire, Feng Xianhuo !!!"

As a peerless genius in the nigs, Unexuso is actually hidden with a arrogant, but I have encountered him more than him, but today he has to defeat the moment to prove that it is true. Genius.

With the writing of a single hook jade, I saw the movement of the hovering whirlwind, and took the opportunity to release another new C-class fire, the phoenix.

"Back to the days!!"

I saw Yisi Hostel to spit out three flames, and the body was quickly retired. In the face of the fire, the moment is not thinking directly to go back to the day, and the whole body acupuncture has released Chakra, rotating in the original ground, and all the three fireballs are all smashed.

As a result, unexpected things happened. After the rotation of the day, the moment found that he was a circle of chanrao in the body, almost invisible silk.

"This is ... when ..." Looks at the fine iron wire of Chanrao, and the moment is surprised.

"If I don't have a mistake, your trick should be the body to release Chakra and then rotate with the body, and put the physical attack and the sick attack all the defensive sickness." The hand does not know When did I hold the thin iron wire, saying to the moment: "After the last time I suffered a loss, I came up with such a way so that you can't use the tickle to continue to defend my attack. "

"It's really a little less ..." I thought about it. It turned out that the phoenix of Yu Zhi's phenquipment was only obedient. The real kill was hidden in the flank of the fire.

"I can't think of it. I will show it back. He immediately can think of such a way to limit my return ..." In the moment, I knew it from the original, and I went back to the sky. The biggest weakness is that it is difficult to successfully be successful by something chanrao, but he really did not expect Yuxi Houches to see him to come up with a way.

"You have been able to make a flash. You have been locked, I can use your hands in the sword and Iriferattack to you." The fizzard is holding the fine iron wire, and it is staring at the moment. .

"Is it? Then you look carefully ..."

I saw a moment of foil Chanrao, and my face revealed a light smile, and the heart was shocked. "Is there any bottom sign?"


The voice just fell, I saw that the moment by the thin iron wire Chanrao turned into a group of smoke, and the immediately realized that it was not bad, turned and turned to stop.

However, from the moment, the moment, has already made a soft boxing, and has been practiced to the Eight Diagrams. It is a soft way to the , even if it is crazy, it is not a clear action.


I want to barely resist, but my body is not coming, and my whole person is flying out.

"It is evil, it is a picture of the shadow." I just wanted to move in the ground, I found that the body didn't feel a trace of Chakra, and I understand that I have been instantaneous.

"You lose,." At the moment, the dust did not exist, standing in front of the melong, "Although your write-eyed eyes beyond ordinary people, even if your eyes can reluctantly see To my move, your body may not be able to react. "

"I lost again, it seems that there is still a lot in the place where I need to cultivate," I have a bitterness in the earth. "

"This game is wins from the day! Please ask the two sides of the knot." Seeing the wins in the field, I don't know the fire.

"Thank you for your advice." "Thank you for your advice."