Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 12, Chapter 12

I pulled up the Unecheon on the ground, two people stretched out. Essentials and middle fingers of the right hand, holding together, and the sympathy of the comments, this is the traditional etiquette that the Ninja World has been circulating.

"It's a wonderful confidence! Everyone must learn to learn from the two classmates in the days ..." The teacher did not know the wonderful challenge of the two.

"Wow. They are really too powerful ..." Other students on the side have already seen it.

"I know that my brother is the best!" The most happy thing is to have a little bit of ringtone.

After the ninja school fell again, there was no feeling that this has brought too much accomplishment to himself. After all, he flew from birth, and made more efforts than others, and later there was a collapse system. Enhance the ability, plus yourself is not inferior to the talents of Yuxi, if this will also lose to him, it is not conforming to usual.

After learning from the ninja school, he walked on the street of the return home. He looked at the night of the sky. The white moon did not know when to appear to have a monster red yarn. I didn't know why I didn't know why An uneasy emotion.

"What's wrong with you? My brother?" I saw some feelings in my moment, asked the ring tone.

"Amount ... Nothing ... It may be too tired today." I went back to God to give a smile, I thought: "Probably I have more, ..."


However, in a cave outside the leaves, there is a juncture, and the four generations of fire shadow wind gates are anxiously squatting in the junior, inside his wife whirlpool, Ni Ni is being born, his child - The future protagonist whirlpiece is born.

But no one knows that at this time, the four-generation fire shadow of Yan Yan, and suddenly there is a spiral distortion of sudden space, and a shadow appears above.

That is a black robes, the face with a whirlpool, only showing a monster that has been left-eyed.

"Nine tails? Hey, I will get you soon, then destroy the leaves!" The mask is looking at the direction of the whirlpool, self-speaking.

The space is once again twisted, the mask men disappeared in the original place, as if everything just happened.

Chapter 17 Nine Tail Invasion (Second More)

"Wow ~~~ !!!"

The cry of a baby in the cave sounded that the wave of the waves finally showed a smile, and his son whirls were finally born safely.

Give the Naruto to the three-generation Narling guard, the water gates took the swirls of Jinsina's hand, and the soft voice said: "Hard work, our children finally lived."

"Naruto can live in peace, it is the crystallization of our love ..." lying in the middle of the necropolis, the face of sweat is also finally exposed to a happy smile.

To know that when the person is given birth, Chacra will transfer most of the baby, which is the most vulnerable when the beast is sealed. It is necessary to use only Chatcla to maintain the beast seal, and you have to give birth to children, and Ni Nna has already bleached all physical strength.


However, this short joy has not had time to last, and there is a wave of space in the junior. As two guards are screaming, when the waves have returned to God, they have found a lot of black robe. Mysterious mask, the son who has just been born is in the hands of the mask!

"who are you?!"

After a short man, the mask male finally used the tiger to temporarily took the vortex to Niki, and successfully took the nine tail and was controlled by writing.

In the middle of the bustling of the night, the spatial vortex distorted, the mysterious mask is suddenly appeared here. The mask male after the battlefield is soon arriving at the centers of the wooden leaves.

"Destroy the wooden leaves, psychication !!!"

With the sound of the mask male resent, the hand is pressed on the ground, and the psychic mantra is instantly launched on the ground.


There is no sign, with a destroyed breath, the nine-tailed demon fox appeared in the center of the wooden leaves.

At this time, Yisi Bo family.

"Really, Mom and Dad are going out at this time." Yuxi Hos sat in the family, holding a small Sakuo who is crying, "Don't cry, the brother will stay with you all the time."

During the day, the family of family, in the home.

I just returned to my home, I was sitting in front of the window. After I came back, the kind of uneasy sentiment was more serious, as if I feel that disaster is coming ready to come ...



Suddenly there was a loud noise outside, and when I saw the window outside the window, I turned into the sky! And I heard a huge wild beast in the village.

"This ... will not happen today ?!"

Seeing such a situation, I immediately learned the nine-tailed event that would happen this year, but I didn't expect that it would be today.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! ..."

The sound of the whole village is transmitted outside the house, and the door in the instant is pushed away. The ninja rushed in a green vest is the daily difference.

"Heart! You stay at home and don't run! This is an urgent call of the three generations. I went to the village to evacuate the crowd to the underground refuge." After the difference, I immediately disappeared in the original place, and I left the instant.

"It's really a nine-tailed event. It seems that today is the day of birth." After the arrival, there is not much nervous look at the moment, and the day to the family is far from the center of the village, and the battle is basically also wave. to here.

"But the words come back, Yuxi Bo belt this original crane tail, the growth of Yuxibo spheres is really amazing ..." Looking at the world of fire, it muttered.

At this time, the wooden villages, the kaleidoscope writes the road, the two major space, the two major space, the spatial sickness is short-lived, and the wave wind gate finally rely on the reflection nerves of the frequent people and the second paragraph of the fly thunder. I broke a left hand of the mask and unlocked the contact between the mask men and the nine tails, leaving the surgery of flying thunder.

However, the nine tails in the body of Ninnacid were detached from the mask man, which was dying, and reluctantly stubbornly maintaining the last life with the strong physique of the whirlpool.

"Little Sun ... Do you really want to do it ..."

"I am the four generations of fire in the village. I have to shoulder this responsibility!" The wave of the water gates looked at the nine tails that were in the village, firmly said.

At this time, the Ninja, such as Casci, Akai, and the Ninth, who is driving to the battle, but the father of the day is blushing.

"You are all giving me a good stay here! The ninja of your young generation is not allowed to participate in this battle. This is the order of the three generations of fire." At the evening, he said to the Ninja of the two gossip.

"But! Everyone is fighting, but we don't do anything," "Xi Ran's urgent crickets.

"This is the battle inside the village. You don't need your young generation of ninja intervene. I will naturally have the wars outside the village." Say the evening, "said it will not be the ninja." Too long, but you have to give me the will of the fire after giving birth to him. "

After the sunset, the young ninja, who was in Kaji Akai, finally stayed in the woods.

"Tongling! !"

The three-generation rigs and shadows around the nineth tail were spirited, and the monkey immediately became an unlimited elongation, and the nine tails were directly outside the village.

"Hey !!! The damn man!"

Angry nine-tailed mouth opened, a huge Chakra ball continuously condensed in its mouth, after a few seconds of conjoining, the power of destroying the land was launched.

"Not good! It is a tail beast! That direction is the village!"

I saw the direction of the nine-tailed launch of the beast jade is the woody village. After seeing this scene, all the ninja in the scene will be smashed.

Just at this emergency, a picture appeared on the avatar of Woody Rock, white royal gown, is the four generations of fire shadow!

"Fei Lei Shen" !!! "